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Spanish Slang for Cool: How to Say Cool in 10 Countries


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Learn the Spanish slang for cool with a list of words and expressions divided by different Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela.

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Spanish Slang for Cool: How to Say Cool in 10 Countries

  2. 2. COOL IN SPANISH • Spanish has equivalents for “cool” and they vary among countries. • The most common Spanish slang words for cool are: bacán, bacano and chévere. • Here are examples from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela.
  3. 3. ARGENTINA 1. bárbaro 2. canchero 3. copado 4. es una masa 5. joya 6. piola 7. sos un fenómeno Use this phrase to compliment another person meaning “You are great!” or “You are cool!” 8. zarpado
  4. 4. 1. a todo cachete 2. bacán 3. buena onda 4. buena tela Means “cool, good vibes” and describes either a situation or a person CHILE
  5. 5. CHILE 5. cachilupi 6. chori 7. cototo or cototudo This word changes its meaning depending on the context: can be “cool, interesting, nice” or the opposite “hard, difficult” 8. descueve 9. entrete 10. filete 11. grosso or groso 12. hevy 13. la cagó Another word with double meanings: 1) awesome, sweet, cool, well done or 2) crap, poorly done. 14. la muerte 15. mortal 16. pulento 17. ¡qué chori! 18. ¡qué top! or topísimo
  6. 6. COLOMBIA 1. bacano 2. chévere 3. chimba 4. chusco 5. cuca 6. culo This word literally means “ass” and is often used in the Caribbean coast of Colombia for “something cool or nice” 7. nota 8. play
  7. 7. COSTA RICA 1. buena nota 2. buenazo* 3. carga 4. chiva* 5. está legal 6. estallada 7. legal 8. militar 9. pichudo 10. pura vida The trademark word for Costa Rica that and used in different ways like “cool, good, excellent, awesome” or even to say “How it’s going?” 11. teja Teja is also commonly used as a denomination for 100. 12. tuanes * Only used in reference to things.
  8. 8. 1. ápero 2. bacán or bacano 3. chulo 4. jevi 5. ratatá DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
  9. 9. MEXICO 1. chido or chida 2. chingón This word can be use in a positive way meaning “cool as shit, awesome as hell” and also to make reference to a guy with great skills. The third meaning is not positive because it can be a sneaky person that waits for someone else to do the job and then takes the credit. 3. conmadre 4. padre, padrídismo or ¡Qué padre! 5. que poca madre This is one of those words that, depending on the context, the meanings are completely opposite: “that’s awesome, cool” or “that sucks, damn” as an expression of disapproval or disappointed. 6. suave
  10. 10. 1. paja 2. bacán 3. chévere 4. maldito PERU
  11. 11. 1. brutal This word can be used in two forms: meaning “cool, awesome” or “too strong, too difficult” 2. chévere 3. fino 4. gufeao or gufiao 5. hevy 6. nítido PUERTO RICO
  12. 12. 1. chulo 2. de puta madre 3. flaman 4. guay 5. mola 6. ¡qué caña! 7. ¡qué pasada! SPAIN
  13. 13. 1. cartelúo Used in reference to things like for example, something that has a good quality, a good shape or looks, it is also applied to any pleasant situation 2. chévere 3. de pinga 4. fino 5. nota or ¡qué nota! VENEZUELA