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Measuring Buzz Event, PPT #2
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Steve Harris, Clearspring

  1. 1. Steve Harris October 2, 2008
  2. 2. Consumer behavior online has changed •Generation S: users of blogs, social networking and start pages •581M users* (67% of Internet users) Worldwide were on Social Networks in June (up 25% from last June). •The average US Social Network visitor spent 231 minutes/month on social networks in August.* They want to customize, personalize and socialize their Internet time. *Source: comScore
  3. 3. Widgets Spread Buzz Across the Social Web 82% of the total U.S. Internet audience view a Web widget in June. - comScore, 6/08 Post from NFL to Facebook
  4. 4. Case Study – Introduction • Widget inserted into the media campaign for a movie release. • Promoted through: • Studio movie site, movie’s MySpace & Facebook pages • Clearspring’s Widget Promotion Channel • Online media plan as a SnaggableAd. • Contest to incentivize grabs and shares. • Countdown clock to movie release. • Exclusive movie content.
  5. 5. Audience Extension •Audience Extension of 46,644%. • was the largest driver of Widget Views, contributing 83% of the total Widget Views through two promotional campaigns. • The widget had a strong off-domain presence, with 98.18% of the non- Widget Views still coming from off- domain. Audience As a measure of additional brand/product exposure beyond your website, Extension this captures the boost in views due to widget syndication (“widgetization”)
  6. 6. Viral Lift • Viral Lift of 838% • Corresponds to 89.33% of the installs coming from off- domain. • was the largest source of grabs after the One Click implementation/ promotion. • Accounted for 75% of all grabs; 47% of the total for the widget) came in three days during the MyYearbook promotion. As a measure of viral expansion, this captures the boost in spreading of widgets from off-domain Viral Lift sources such as personal pages and blogs
  7. 7. Daily Install Utilization • Represents the average number of available daily installs that are active in a day. • This widget has had a successful One Click implementation which drove down the average age.
  8. 8. Daily Install Utilization Velocity Ratio • This “velocity” represents the ratio between the weekly and cumulative utilizations at a specific time. • The dying widget has the lowest velocity, as its installs are not being viewed as time passes. • The sports widget gets a boost as its season begins and renews interest in the content. • The earlier campaign with the One Click got a great boost as new placements were being added and viewed.