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Media Relations for Startups in Five Easy Steps. This PPT outlines the five steps to a successful do-it-yourself PR program, especially written for tech startups.

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Pr for startups ppt final

  1. 1. Media Relations for Startups In 5 Easy Steps
  2. 2. Step 1: Define Media Targets • Which media are you trying to reach? • Identify the journalists, editors, wire writers and bloggers that cover your industry • Prioritize your top 10-20 • Research the background of each target • What they cover • Their typical story angles • How often they write about your industry • Have they covered your product or company previously?
  3. 3. Step 2: Determine Timing • Research publishing schedules • How often does each of your targets publish? • Do they follow an editorial calendar? (If so, editorial calendars can usually be found inside a media outlet’s online media kit) • Respect the schedules of your targets (For example, if an outlet publishes every Monday – you probably need to reach out early in the preceding week)
  4. 4. Step 3: Build Relationships • Here’s how to build beneficial relationships with your “wishlist” of reporters: • Research and understand their backgrounds • Read everything they write • Comment on their articles, when appropriate • Follow them on social media • Reach out personally and offer non-self-serving information and story ideas
  5. 5. Step 4: Pitch • Don’t rely on a press release to capture media attention • Instead, send a pitch to explain why your news should matter to each individual target • There are two kinds of pitches: • A product or announcement pitch that links to a formal press release • An Introductory or proactive pitch that offers up your experts to comment on industry news or trends
  6. 6. Pitching: In Detail Timeliness Relevance Third-Party Validation • Ideally, your pitch will include these three elements: • Timeliness: Does your pitch tie into the news cycle or contain a sense of urgency? • Relevance: Will your targets consider the content of your pitch newsworthy and relevant to their respective fields? • Third-Party Validation: Can you offer up a customer or analyst who can back up your
  7. 7. Step 5: Follow Up • Don’t harass, but do follow up • If you still don’t get a response – diagnose your pitch • Could the title be improved? • Did you meet the three components of timeliness, relevance and validation? • Were your targets distracted by other industry news? • Recognize that it’s not unusual to be ignored • Perseverance is critical for a successful media relations program, and it may take several pitches before you get a response
  8. 8. Need More Information? • Download our “Starter Guide: Do-It-Yourself Media Relations” (
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