Korean greetings and introductions


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This mini-course teaches you how to speak Korean greetings and introductions.

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Korean greetings and introductions

  1. 1. Korean Greetings & Introductions
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Korean Consonants • Korean Double Consonants • Korean Vowels • Korean Diphthongs • Korean Numbers • Vocabulary (part 1) • Dialogues (part 1) • Speaking (part 1) •Vocabulary (part 2) •Dialogues (part 2) •Speaking (part 2) •Vocabulary (part 3) •Dialogues (part 3) •Speaking (part 3)
  3. 3. The Korean alphabet has 14 vowels. They are… ㄱ ㄴ ㄷ ㄹ ㅁ ㅂ ㅅ ㅇ ㅈ ㅊ ㅋ ㅌ ㅍ ㅎ Keep reading to get a FREE Korean alphabet chart with FULL AUDIO!
  4. 4. 5 “Double consonants”… ㄲ ㄸ ㅃ ㅆ ㅉ …and the vowels
  5. 5. The Korean alphabet has 14 vowels. They are… ㅏ ㅑ ㅓ ㅕ ㅗ ㅛ ㅜ ㅠ ㅡ ㅣ ㅐ ㅒ ㅔ ㅖ Learn the Korean Alphabet With Audio! (free)
  6. 6. We’re not finished Yet! Korean also has 7 Diphthongs (2 vowels combined). They are… ㅚ ㅟ ㅢ ㅘ ㅝ ㅙ ㅞ FREE Printable Korean Alphabet Chart Grab it Now!
  7. 7. Korean Numbers Numeral Sino Korean Native Korean 1 일 하나 2 이 둘 3 삼 셋 4 사 넷 5 오 다섯 6 육 여섯 7 칠 일곱 8 팔 여덟 9 구 아홉 10 십 열 Click Here for Video Instruction (free/no login)
  8. 8. Greetings & Introductions (part 1) Vocabulary English Hello You Fine Great Thanks How are you? I Korean 안녕하세요 너 좋은, 건강한 정말 좋은, 기쁜 고맙습니다 잘 지내세요? 나 Can’t pronounce those letters? Click Here
  9. 9. Dialogues (part 1) English Korean A: Hello A: 안녕하세요. B: Hello B: 안녕하세요. A: How are you? A: 어떻게 지내세요? B: I’m fine, thanks. How B: 전 잘 지냅니다. 감 are you? 사해요. 어떻게 지내 세요? A: Great. Thanks. 잘 지내요. 감사합니 다. Get Lots more Korean learning resources
  10. 10. 1.Say “Hello” in Korean…no cheating! 2.Say, “How are you doing?” in Korean. 3.Say, “I’m fine” in Korean. 4.Say, “I’m great” in Korean.
  11. 11. Greetings & Introductions (part 2) Vocabulary English I am 나는, 나는 Nice 반갑 Meet Click Here Korean 만나다 Too 도, 또한
  12. 12. Dialogues (part 2) A: Hello, I’m Ryan. B: Hello, I’m Kim. A: It’s nice to meet you, Kim. B: Thanks, it’s nice to meet you too. A: 안녕하세요, 저는 Ryan 입니다. B: 안녕하세요, 저는 Kim입 니다. A: Kim, 만나서 반가워요. B: 고맙습니다, 저도 당신 을 만나 반갑습니다. FREE Printable Korean Alphabet Chart from SpeakOut! Korean
  13. 13. 1.Say “Hello” and give your name. 2.Tell Mr. Park that it’s nice to meet him. 3.Say, “Thanks, it’s nice to meet you too.”
  14. 14. Greetings & Introductions (part 3) Vocabulary English Korean What Your Name My This 무엇 너의 이름 나의 이것
  15. 15. Dialogues (part 3) English A: What is your name? Korean A: 이름이뭐예? B: My name is Park. B: 제이름은Park입니다 . A: Park, 이쪽은Kevin이 에요. Kevin, 이쪽은 Park입니다. A: Park, this is Kevin. Kevin, this is Park http://www.speakoutkorean.com
  16. 16. 1. Ask someone for their name? 2. Tell someone your name. 3.Introduce Kim and Ted. Learn with videos for FREE!
  17. 17. Click on the picture below to get lots more Korean language learning tools…