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Why learning Spanish is so important


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Why learning Spanish is so important

  1. 1. WHY LEARNING SPANISH IS SO IMPORTANT Learning Spanish now can be very important for a some reasons that we will show you in this slides.How to speak Spanishhttp://speakinglatino
  2. 2. WHY LEARN A FOREIGNLANGUAGE Learning a foreign language, like Spanish, is becoming much more og a necessity in this society. Learning Spanish is easier and more enjoyable than ever with audio courses, study abroad, and intensive language courses where you can meet tons of new people and also learn a new language.How to speak Spanishhttp://speakinglatino
  3. 3.  More than 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide. By learning Spanish, you will be better able to communicate with Spanish speakers who do not speak English. Whether you travel abroad or within the United States; for example: Florida, California, Texas (States that has a lot of Spanish speakers in their territory). You will likely run into more than one situation that will require you to know at least basic Spanish. How to speak Spanish http://speakinglatino
  4. 4. SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRIESINCLUDE How to speak Spanish http://speakinglatino
  5. 5. SPANISH SPEAKERS IN THE US More than 33 million people in the US speak Spanish. That makes the US fifth on the list of countries with the most Spanish-speaking people. Spanish is also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world behind Chinese, English and Hindustani. More than 1000 Spanish-speaking immigrants come to the United States every day. How to speak Spanish http://speakinglatino
  6. 6. ADVANTAGES OF KNOWING SPANISH Knowing Spanish enhances your resume. Employers love applicants that have fluency (or even moderate fluency) in a foreign language. Having the ability to speak Spanish will give you a much more valuable position at the company were you work on and even much more valuable if no one else speaks Spanish How to speak Spanish http://speakinglatino
  7. 7. MORE & MORE ADVANTAGES Also some job offers are can now state outside their business, posts saying: “Must speak English and Spanish”. Most colleges require that undergraduate students to be able to read and comprehend at least one foreign language. If you love to travel you will have to speak Spanish at some point, because even if English is spoken throughout the world, you will find that one place where they do not speak English. How to speak Spanish http://speakinglatino
  8. 8. EVEN MORE… Spanish is also a romance language, which means if you are in France or Italy, for example, you will have an easier time deciphering the language because they are very similar. Learn a foreign language actually is proven to keep you memory sharp, as we grow older, our memory tends to fade.How to speak Spanishhttp://speakinglatino
  9. 9. IS IT ENOUGH? There are a lot of reasons why people should learn Spanish first than any other foreign language, you may also have a few on your own. Whatever the reason, you will find that learning Spanish is not only fun, but enriches your experiences, whether at work or while traveling How to speak Spanish http://speakinglatino
  10. 10. THE ENDHow to speak Spanishhttp://speakinglatino