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Soft Skill Training in Chennai, T Nagar, Guindy


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Spark Academy offers end to end Soft Skills Training in Chennai for both students and working professionals.

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Soft Skill Training in Chennai, T Nagar, Guindy

  1. 1. S p a r k T r a i n i n g A c a d e m y , C h e n n a i | K o c h i 2015 Soft Skill Training Contents The document provides the soft skills training contents By Spark Training Academy Spark Training Academy
  2. 2. Part 1: Module 1: Self-Management & Cleanliness 1. Self-Control 2. Trustworthiness 3. Conscientiousness 4. Adaptability 5. Achievement Orientation 6. Initiative 7. Personal Grooming – Dressing, Cleanliness Behavior Module 2: Etiquettes & Behavior 1. General Etiquettes a. Personal Manners When Meeting New Friends b. Telephone Courtesy c. Personal Relations d. Table Manners e. Greeting & Handshakes f. Appropriate Office Dressing Module 3: Interpersonal Skills Module 4: Effective Communicative Skills Module 5: Personality Development
  3. 3. Part 2: Module 1: Team Work & Team Spirit Module 2: Value of Time & Time Management Module 3: Stress Management Part 3: Module 1: English Communication Module 2: Accent & Voice Improvement Module 3: Written Communication Skills Module 4: Interviewing Skills Module 5: Presenting Skills Module 6: Business & Corporate Etiquettes Module 7: Crisis Management