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The Power of Video in Hiring the Right People


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Spark Hire, the leading online video interviewing platform, delivers “The Power of Video in Hiring the Right People” webinar. This webinar discusses the incredible benefits of using video interviews in the hiring process. Employers can learn from this webinar how to save time and money while looking for the best candidates and how to use one-way or live video interviews to supplement or improve upon their current hiring practices, among other things.

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The Power of Video in Hiring the Right People

  1. 1. The Power of Video in Hiring the Right People  Webinar Presentation  Speaker: Josh Tolan  Topic: Video in the Hiring Process  Date: May 8, 2012  Time: 2 pm EST / 11 am PST Presented by
  2. 2. Introduction The Million Dollar Question  As a hiring authority, how do you find the best and brightest employees? How do you ensure you are filling the position with the right person? How do you achieve these goals in an efficient manner?
  3. 3. Introduction The Answer is Video  According to a report by the Aberdeen Group, the use of video in the hiring process increased by 320% from 2010 to 2011.  Why? It works!
  4. 4. Introduction Learning Objectives Learn about using video to supplement or improve upon your current practices Find out how you can save time and money while finding the best candidates Discover different ways to use video in your hiring process
  5. 5. Introduction Let’s Start With The Problem  The traditional hiring process is full of headaches from:  Time Wasted  Money Spent  Scheduling Arrangements
  6. 6. The Traditional Hiring Process It takes too long.  On average:  Recruiters spend about 15 hours per week sourcing for candidates  Phone and first round interviews last 30 minutes  It takes 45 days to fill a position
  7. 7. The Traditional Hiring Process It costs a lot of money.  Expensive job posts, advertising, and database searches  Estimate loss of time, wages, and productivity by employees conducting interviews Factor in travel and accommodation expenses
  8. 8. The Traditional Hiring Process Scheduling is a pain. You have to coordinate multiple schedules: yours, your staff’s and the candidate’s Passive candidates may be more difficult to coordinate with You have to deal with cancellations, late and early arrivals, and no-shows Cramming multiple interviews into one day can be counterproductive
  9. 9. Why Video? Video Enhances Paper  Most employers cite communication skills as the most important skill for a candidate to possess  Studies have shown that people form first impressions based 55% on body language  With video, you can immediately identify candidates that possess the communication skills, professionalism and candor needed for your open position
  10. 10. Why Video? Video Saves Time and Money  Interviewing online reduces 67% of travel costs associated with hiring  Interview 10 candidates via video interviewing in the time it takes to interview 1 candidate via phone  Getting through the process quickly saves you time and money
  11. 11. Why Video? Video is Convenient  Eliminates scheduling conflicts  Available for playback at your convenience  Promotes collaboration
  12. 12. How to Use Video? Profile Videos  Self-directed 60 second video recorded by applicants  Immediately gain insight on a candidate’s personality and communication skills  Helps narrow the pool of candidates
  13. 13. How to Use Video? One-Way Video Interviews  Known on Spark Hire as Spotlight Interviews  Send text-based interview questions to multiple candidates at once  Receive video recorded responses to your questions  Playback the interviews at your convenience
  14. 14. How to Use Video? Live Online Interviews  Connect face to face in a split-screen interview via webcam  Interview is recorded on Spark Hire and available for playback  Cloud-based so there is no desktop software to download or screen names to remember
  15. 15. Recap Let’s Review Learn about using video to supplement or improve upon your current practices Find out how you can save time and money while finding the best candidates Discover different ways to use video in your hiring process
  16. 16. Questions? Let’s Answer Some Questions.
  17. 17. Questions? Q: How is a profile video better than a traditional resume? - Sarah • Video is not better than a paper resume alone - it’s not meant to replace the traditional resume. • It is a way for candidates to enhance the paper resume and for employers to see skills not shown on a paper resume like communication skills. • Considering how highly important communication skills are in the workplace, video profiles give a better idea of how candidates communicate earlier in the hiring process.
  18. 18. Questions? Q: For what type of position is video interviewing best suited for? - Jason • From what I’ve seen employers are using video interviewing for all types of positions. • Some companies are using it to interview entry-level candidates just coming out of college who might be out of the area or even studying overseas. • Students studying abroad have interviewed for internships while still out of the country. • Companies also using it for executive level positions to cut down on the cost of travel. • With no money spent on flying someone in, they can cut down or completely eliminate the cost of travel.
  19. 19. Questions? Q: What advice do you have for employers who worry about video as a way to discriminate against candidates? – Michael • Discrimination is always an issue but the truth is that video is completely compliant. • If you abide by the company’s current policy and act as if the video screen is an in-person screen. • Video is simply a tool and it’s a tool used to improve hiring efficiency. How companies use that tool is strictly up to them. If there’s a problem it lies within the staff, not video itself. • So if your staff is going to discriminate while using video there’s nothing to stop them from discriminating in person.
  20. 20. Questions? Q: How do candidates feel about participating in video interviews? - Rachel • Typically they feel great. The feedback from candidates has been very positive. They love being able to interview from home. • Feedback is especially strong from passive candidates who already have jobs and might not be able to do an interview in the middle of the day with employers. • Video allows candidates to schedule the interview around their lives. • Candidates also have costs related to interviewing which are cut when using video.
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