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Unlocking Value in Device Data Using Spark: Spark Summit East talk by John Landry


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HP ships millions of PCs, Printers, and other devices every year to customers in all market segments. More customers are seeking services provided with our products enabling new opportunities for HP to create services from the data we can collect from our devices. Every device we ship is an IoT endpoint with powerful CPU to capture rich data. Insights from this data are used internally to improve our products and focus on customer needs.

In this presentation, John will focus on HP’s journey to enabling Big Data analytics from within a large enterprise environment. He will review the challenges and how HP decided on AWS, Apache Spark and Databricks as the foundation for their entry into Big Data Analytics. John will also review how HP uses Spark to build analytic services from the data they generate from their devices.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Unlocking Value in Device Data Using Spark: Spark Summit East talk by John Landry

  1. 1. HP Big Data Unlocking Value in Device Data using Spark John Landry - February, 2017 1
  2. 2. Agenda 2 HP Inc. History1 HP Big Data Opportunities and Pain2 HP Big Data Platform3 HP Big Data enabled Services4 HP and Big Data 20175
  3. 3. History of HP Inc. 3 1939 2002 2015 HP Inc.
  4. 4. Business Opportunities 4 Product Improvement Cost Avoidance User Profiling Business Optimization Customer Services Big Data HP Touchpoint Manager HP Workspace HP DAAS HP Jet Admin HP Instant Ink HP 3D Print
  5. 5. Big Data Pain Points for HP Business Groups HP 2014 - 2016 Flexibility Repeatability Scalability Accessibility Velocity Performance Latency Geolocation New Data Metadata Automation Security
  6. 6. Biggest Challenge: COST $$$$ HP company split – November 2015
  7. 7. “What we have is a data glut.” Vernor Vinge, professor of mathematics,computer scientist,and science fiction author 7
  8. 8. HP Big Data Platform HP Big Data Platform HP Global Function Data HP Security and Privacy Governance Redshift Athena Kinesis Quick sights Tableau Qlik Cost Avoidance Improving Products Customer Profiling Optimize Business New Service Offerings Personal Systems Print 3D Designed for Analytics Accumulate Analyze Act
  9. 9. Why … 9 Adhoc Analytics Business Analytic Requests Analytics POC Crowd Sourcing S3 Secure Data Access NotebooksCollaboration Scala, Python, R, SQL Interactive Standard Container GitHub Integration Secure Usage Dev OPs Development ProductMonitoring - Device Management - Automated Support - Device As A Service - Business Optimization Services ProductMonitoring - Quality Alerts - Usage Profiling - User Feedback - Business Optimization
  10. 10. Example HP Big Data Instance 10 Ingestion (Kinesis) Services DB (Redshift) Printers Data Repository (S3) Other Data HP Data PC Devices Ingest Parquet AnalyticsServices Streaming Analytics MessagingQ Events HP Services Managed Services, Customers, Partners, Internal Data Science Spark DEV DEV SQL HPAPI Host Redshift, Athena, QuickSights
  11. 11. HP Big Data enabled Services 11 Smart Device Service Instant Ink Workspace
  12. 12. HP Big Data Platform – Key points 12 MillionsofDevices Internet ofThings New Data Sources HP Operational Geolocation Secure Unlimited Accessible LeadingTechnology Common Platform Scalable Elastic Affordable Open Source Built on Services Growth Prescriptive Predictive Descriptive Automated Services Flexible Fast Accumulate ActAnalyze
  13. 13. HP Big Data 2017 13 HP is invested into Big Dataanalyticsto better serve our customerswith betterproducts and new services HP has strategicallyselected Spark with Databricks as our Big Data platform HP has partnered with Databricks to reduce the timeto market anddevelopmentcosts of delivering a Spark solution for Big Data
  14. 14. built for the ways you work 14