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Spark Summit Presentation by Anjul Bhambhri

Keynote at Spark Summit East

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Spark Summit Presentation by Anjul Bhambhri

  1. 1. Apache Spark: The Analytics Operating System Anjul Bhambhri Vice President, IBM Big Data Engineering
  2. 2. Deep Blue SQL RISC DNA Transistor Magnetic Tape Linux PC Fortran DRAM Mainframe Watson Floppy Disk UPC Punch Card IBM: 100 years of (supporting) innovation
  3. 3. The Analytics Operating System Apache Spark
  4. 4. Enhance it! Offer it! Leverage it! Spark Technology Center @ SF On-prem and on the cloud Inside our products At IBM, We Love Spark! IBM Cloud Data Services now featuring Spark is open for data
  5. 5. IBM is Building on Apache Spark • IBM Analytics • IBM Commerce • IBM Watson • IBM Research • IBM Cloud Quarks from IBM Announced Feb 2016 • Open-source platform for building IoT applications • Light-weight & embeddable • Integrates with Spark
  6. 6. • Lambda Architecture and Spark enable efficient batch and streaming analytics • Visualization at every step of data discovery enables better self service The Weather Company clusters running hot:  ~30 billion API requests per day  ~120 million active mobile users  #3 most active mobile user base  Billions of events per day (1.3M/sec)  ~360 PB of traffic daily  Need to keep data forever The use case: Efficient batch + streaming analysis Self-serve data science BI / visualization tool support An IBM Business Spark for daily weather
  7. 7. Spark in Health Care Health Care Data Lakes  Improve how healthcare is delivered  Collect and combine data from dozens of sources  Clinical, Operational, Financial  Inside and outside your enterprise Benefits  Better medical outcomes for patients  Control cost and improve quality SystemML on Spark  Predictive Risk Modeling  Right patient intervention relating to adverse health events
  8. 8. Spark in Telecom The challenge:  Improve customer satisfaction rates  Multiple channels for customer interactions  Very large data volumes The need:  Create a 360 degree view of a customer  Stitch all interactions across channels – “Customer Experience Journey”  Classify interaction sentiment and take necessary actions • Spark Streaming brings all the data together • Spark Core is used to process and transform text and voice data • Spark MLLib algorithms stitch interactions on a journey and score “sentiment” • Spark SQL drives interactive queries via visual dashboards PUB / SUB MQTT / WebSockets / Flume / Kafka ` ` ` Journey Dashboards Interaction & Journey Data Voice & Text Dat a
  9. 9. Apache Spark: The Analytics Operating System THANK YOU!