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The Marketing Journey: Transforming For Success


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Jay Henderson from IBM Marketing Cloud presents: The role of the marketing department is evolving at a rapid pace, with increasing pressure on teams to drive more revenue and to redefine the customer experience. While many CMOs are struggling to keep up, others are completely transforming the way they are doing business and meeting these challenges head-on. Hear insights from IBM's CMO research; assess where your company stands; and learn where the market leaders are focusing their efforts.

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The Marketing Journey: Transforming For Success

  1. 1. The  Marketing  Journey:    Transforming  For  Success         Jay  Henderson   General  Manager,  IBM  Marketing  Cloud   @jay_henderson  
  2. 2. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud The  danger  and  the  opportunity   2   Bad  marketing?  
  3. 3. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud The  danger  and  the  opportunity   Marketing  so  good  it  feels  like  a  service…   3  
  4. 4. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud For  marketing….email  is….   The  Workhorse   The  Gateway  
  5. 5. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud
  6. 6. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Something  new  is  happening  with  technology…   As  computing  moves  to  the  front  office,  we  are  serving  new  clients.  They   are  looking  for  help  to  change  the  way  they  work  and  lead.   Police  chiefs  fight  crime  with  data   Farmers  track  livestock  through  data   Doctors  deliver  personalized  prescriptions   Marketers  engage  customers  with  personalized  communications    
  7. 7. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud IBM  has  spent  billions  buying,  integrating,  building   marketing  technology  
  8. 8. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud
  9. 9. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Expectations  for  marketing  have  exploded   Customer   Show  me  you     know  me   Give  me  a  consistent   experience  across   channels   Provide  me     relevant  content   Business   Acquire  and     grow  customers   Drive  revenue   Build  brand  loyalty   CMO   Use  data  to     drive  decisions   Be  agile  and  innovative     Deliver  results     that  grow  the  business   faster  
  10. 10. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Technology  has  made  more  possible  but  not  easier   I need my applications to talk to each other. I can’t access a single view of customer data across channels. It is too hard to offer relevant offers and content to my customers. “ ” “ ” ” Getting the right analytics to inform interactions in real time is difficult. ”“ “ It is too hard to provide a consistent experience across channels.“ ”I can’t react to my customers in real time. ”“
  11. 11. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud 5  trends  that  will  drive     marketing  success  
  12. 12. Trend  #1:     The  Right  Content     Is  Critical  to  Breaking   Through  the  Clutter   #sendlikeaboss
  13. 13. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Campaigns  per  month   0   50   100   150   200   250   300   350   400   450   500  
  14. 14. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud of  consumers  won’t  even  open  an  email  if   they  think  it’s  not  relevant  to  them   58% Source: Silverpop, “Are You a Best Friend Brand?” study
  15. 15. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud How  do  you  get  people  to  pay     more  attention     when  everyone’s  sending  more?    
  16. 16. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud • Digital  marketing  is  still  primarily  used  for  generic  push  emails   • Marketing  is  moving  to  delivering  personalized,  behavior-­‐driven   content  that  helps  customers  along  their  customer  journey.     • Continuing  to  push  discounts,  free  shipping  and  new  products  like  they   always  have  has  the  potential  to  reach  a  point  of  diminishing  returns  –   if  it  hasn’t  already.     • Add  more  value  to  the  relationship  by  giving  subscribers  a  compelling   reason  to  open  and  interact  with  the  emails  you  send  
  17. 17. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud oops   Welcome!   Generic  Welcome  Email   First email … “jackets”  
  18. 18. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Welcome!   Onboarding  Email(s)   •  Dynamic  based  on  specific   category  items  browsed   •  3-­‐5  emails  series   •  Top  sellers/recommendations   •  Ends  with  “best  offer”  
  19. 19. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Triggered     Birthday     Email  
  20. 20. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Triggered,  automated  messaged  driven  by  a   contact’s  behaviors  or  demographics  can  run   the  gamut  from  “happy  birthday”  messages  to   browse  abandonment  reminders  to  product   recommendation  emails.     One  of  the  best  ways  to  increase  relevance  is   to  shift  from  a  calendar-­‐driven  approach  to   your  communications  to  one  in  which  each   individual’s  actions  and  attributes  shape  how   you  interact  with  them.         Regardless  of  the  trigger,  they’re  inherently  relevant  since  they’re  based  on  an   attribute  or  behavior  specific  to  the  recipient.
  21. 21. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Birthday   Email  2.0   Dynamic  offer:   •  Loyalty  status   •  LCV   •  New  customer   •  Never  purchased  
  22. 22. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Add  a  little   “white  space”  to   your  messaging   stream.    
  23. 23. Trend  #2:     Marketing  is  on  the   move…and  going  Mobile   #sendlikeaboss
  24. 24. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud over   30%     of  the  holiday   purchases   come  from   mobile  devices   over     50%    of  emails  are   opened  on   mobile  devices     over   50%     of  holiday   shopping  traffic   comes  from   mobile  devices   Mobile  continues  its  steady  march  to  ubiquity….  
  25. 25. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Don’t  forget,  mobile  is  a  device,  not  a  single  channel   Customer   Mobile  Email   e   Mobile  Applica3ons   Mobile  Websites   Mobile  Display  &  Search   DISPLAY   Mobile  Messaging   (SMS,  Push  No>fica>ons,  Wallet/ Passbook)  
  26. 26. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud The  email  you  imagine  in  your  head   The  mobile  strategy  you  didn’t  know  you  had:     mobile  email  and  mobile  websites  
  27. 27. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Richest   experience;  links   and  images  on  by   default.   Rich  graphics;  user   may  need  to  side-­‐ scroll  to  view  full   message.   Shows  text  part  of   HTML  as  well  as   URLs  for  links  and   images.   HTML  supported,  but   images-­‐off  under  default   settings.     Blackberry  Android  iPhone   Windows  Mobile  6   Rendering  will  vary  wildly  across  devices  
  28. 28. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Mobile  is  not  all  thumbs,  fingers  too   21.7%   9.13%   8.5%   3.7%   4.7%   24.6%   13.4%   18.0%   9.2%   12.3%   United Kingdom United States Australia France Germany Percentage of Sales By Device/Platform Retail, November-December 2014
  29. 29. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud • separate  tablet  site   • navigation  is  simple   • buttons  are  huge   • support  for  finger-­‐swipe   Tablet  optimisation  could  mean  a  different   customer  experience….  
  30. 30. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud lines  spaced   appropriately  for  a   touchscreen   Or  tablet  optimisation  could  mean  small  tweaks…..  
  31. 31. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Client  success  story  -­‐-­‐  Bridgevine    
  32. 32. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Client  success  story  -­‐-­‐  Bridgevine     •  Bridgevine  was  challenged  with  prospective   customers  not  calling  into  the  call  center  to   schedule  an  installation  appointment     •  Implemented  an  automated  email  and  SMS   campaign   •  If  a  prospect  completes  the  form  but  doesn’t   immediately  schedule  an  appointment,  the   individual  is  automatically  placed  into  an   automated  re-­‐touch  program  
  33. 33. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Client  success  story  -­‐-­‐  Bridgevine     •  Automated  SMS  and  email  messages   continue  to  be  sent  for  up  to  three   days,  unless  it  becomes  a  conversion   •  If  the  prospect  in  the  program  calls  to   schedule  an  installation  appointment,   they  are  automatically  removed  from   the  automated  program  
  34. 34. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Client  success  story  -­‐-­‐  Bridgevine     •  The  program  has  resulted  in  a  300   percent  increase  in  conversions,  with   a  call-­‐back  rate  of  33  percent.     •  More  than  30  percent  of  the  prospects   who  provided  their  email  addresses   also  opted  in  to  the  SMS  program.  
  35. 35. Trend  #3:     Marketing  Must  Evolve  to   Enable  Cross-­‐Channel   Experiences   #sendlikeaboss
  36. 36. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud of  consumers  today  are  using  social,  local  and  mobile   technologies  to  do  some  combination  of  browsing,   researching  and  buying  products.     80%
  37. 37. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud How  the  customers  behave   Customers  and   Prospects   Online   Email   Mobile   Call  center   Social     Kiosk,  ATM   Point  of  sale   Postal  mail  
  38. 38. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Marketer   One  person     behind  all  the   channels,  guiding     the  dialogue     and  relationship   What  the  customer  expects   Customers  and   Prospects   Online   Email   Mobile   Call  center   Social     Kiosk,  ATM   Point  of  sale   Postal  mail  
  39. 39. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud What  customer  often  experiences   Customers  and   Prospects   Online   Email   Mobile   Call  center   Social     Kiosk,  ATM   Point  of  sale   Postal  mail   agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech agenda strategy data tech Marketing
  40. 40. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud of  companies  rate  their  multichannel   customer  experience  as  “OK,”  “Poor”  or   “Very  Poor.”     73%
  41. 41. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Post  messages  to  brand  social  network  pages     (to  coordinate  with  other  channels  like  email)   41
  42. 42. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Facilitate  social  advocacy  through  Share  to  Social   buttons  in  email  and  webpages   42 Social  sharing  links   embedded  in  email  
  43. 43. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud …and  more   New     Media   Social     Media   Social  +   Mobile   Website   Email   PPC   ?   Warning!  things  change…especially  emerging   marketing  channels  
  44. 44. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud marketing  is  great  about   reserving   discretionary   budget  to  try  new  things         Today’s  situation  
  45. 45. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud disconnect  between     funding  with  discretionary  spend   strategically  nurturing     new  channels     Today’s  problem  
  46. 46. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud shift  efforts  in     emerging  channels    from     ad-­‐hoc  and  one-­‐off     to  a  strategic  and  structured   process     Tomorrow’s  solution  
  47. 47. Trend  #4:     Marketers  must  strategically   manage  a  portfolio  of   marketing  technologies   #sendlikeaboss
  48. 48. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud IBM  has  spent  billions  buying,  integrating,  building   marketing  technology  
  49. 49. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud At  the  same  time  many  small  companies  emerged,   creating  a  polarized  landscape  
  50. 50. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Creating  a  mess…   Customer Database Files Files Files Web Analytics Provider Website Behavioral Targeting Product & Content Recos Customer Insight Tool Predictive Analytics Email Service Provider Data warehouse Files Marketing Finance Mgmt Digital Asset MgmtCall Center / Inbound Decisioning Marketing Operations Management Lead Management SMS Marketing Files Local Marketing Mobile Push Notifications Mobile Marketing Files Files Files Social Marketing App/Widget Creation Campaign Management Files Contact Optimization Transactions Search Bid Management SEO Files Marketing Mix Modeling
  51. 51. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Using  Pace  Layering  to  frame  technology  investments   Furniture   Walls   Foundation   Ambiguous  &   Highly  Flexible  Built  to  Change   Modest   Expectations   Understood  Tightly   Controlled  High  Integrity  Built  to  Last  
  52. 52. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Using  Pace  Layering  to  frame  technology  investments   Systems  of  Innovation   Systems  of  Differentiation   Systems  of  Record   Ambiguous  &   Highly  Flexible  Built  to  Change   Modest   Expectations   Understood  Tightly   Controlled  High  Integrity  Built  to  Last  
  53. 53. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Five  big  implications  for  marketing  technology….   1.  Foundation  of  integrated  capabilities…   2.  A  modular  solution  with  multiple  entry  points  so  you  can  buy   and  adopt  what  you  need  and  expand  over  time  if  you  want   3.  An  open  solution,  so  you  can  integrate  it  with  your  existing   infrastructure  (which  might  include  competitive  solutions)   4.  …with  an  ecosystem  of  additional  capabilities,  out  of  the   box  integrations,  and  certified  partners   5.  A  platform  with  connective  tissue  and  unifying  constructs  
  54. 54. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Collaborating  to  design  customer  journeys  across   departments,    channels,  and  execution  tools  
  55. 55. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Analyze  customer  journeys  across  channels,  &  execution  tools   ©  IBM  
  56. 56. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Audience syndication between a publisher and destination Event syndication between publishers and destination Point  and  click  data  connections  in  the  hands  of  marketers  
  57. 57. Trend  #5:     Marketers  must  cultivate  the   right  culture   #sendlikeaboss
  58. 58. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Balance  technical  and  creative  talents   technical   Creative   +   Mix  together  the  art  of  marketing  and     the  discipline  of  science…  
  59. 59. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Work  with  IT  not  around  IT   Ownership  and  flexibility:   §  IT  really  should  own  solu>on  architecture,  but…   –  IT  needs  to  earn  credibility  with  marke>ng  (know  the   business  needs)   –  IT  needs  to  be  sensi>ve  to  the  need  for  significant  change   §  IT’s  choice:   Be  100%  standards-­‐driven/ inflexible  and  influence  50%   of  marke>ng  technology   design   Be  20%  flexible  and   influence  100%  of   marke>ng  technology   design   OR  
  60. 60. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud High  performing  marketers  work  better  with  IT   Overall, marketing and IT work well together. Marketing and IT at high- performing companies, however, work more effectively . High Performers 51% 41% Lower Performers Q. How well does marketing collaborate with IT?
  61. 61. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Digital     Marketers   Traditional   Marketers   Break  down  the  marketing  silos   (and  create  bridges)  
  62. 62. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud …finally…   Accept mistakes and learn from them, be agile enough to iterate and improve
  63. 63. #sendlikeabossIBM Marketing Cloud Marketing  so  good…it  feels  like  a  service….   The  Workhorse   The  Gateway  
  64. 64. Jay  Henderson     @jay_henderson