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Survey Says! Consumer Data Insight to Improve Your Online Marketing


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Learn the who, why and how of consumer surveys. Use the information collected to advance your marketing and financial goals. Presented by Mario Feghali, Co-Founder and COO of

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Survey Says! Consumer Data Insight to Improve Your Online Marketing

  1. 1. Survey Says! Consumer Data Insightto Improve Your Online MarketingMario Feghali, SpareFoot
  2. 2. Agenda• Why are surveys important?• Our surveys:– Consumer demographics– Why consumers need self-storage– How consumers research self-storage– Mobile– Consumer behavior– Prices and promotions/deals• Takeaways
  3. 3. Consumer Surveys• Why are surveys important?– Help you understand your customers and betteryour business• How we collect data:– Automated surveys go out once a week (everyTuesday) to everyone who moved in over the lastweek– Survey Gizmo: customizable• How it can help you:– Publish the data in different ways: cite it in blogposts, trade showpresentations, quarterlies, newsletters, emailmarketing– Can be used in your marketing collateral and forinteresting social media fodder (generate interest)Note: These are averages, each location varies
  4. 4. Who, Why, How?
  5. 5. How Old Are Our Customers?A. 18-24 years oldB. 25-34 years oldC. 35-44 years oldD. 45-54 years oldE. 55-64 years oldF. 65+ years old…
  6. 6. How Old Are Our Customers?13%28%17%23%15%4%18-24 years old25-34 years old35-44 years old45-54 years old55-64 years old65+ years oldStorage trends tend to mirror life changes andcan offer valuable insight into social patterns
  7. 7. Why Do Customers Need Storage?A. MovingB. Student between housing or study abroadC. Military deploymentD. Off-season vehicleE. Home remodel or renovationF. Wine collectionG. Family reasonsH. Other…
  8. 8. Why Do Customers Need Storage?62.38%4.18%1.02%2.96%6.05%0.85%1.53%21.02%MovingStudent betweenhousing or study abroadMilitary deploymentOff-season vehicleHome remodel orrenovationWine collectionFamily reasonsOtherThe majority of customers look for storage whenthey are moving
  9. 9. How Do Customers Research Storage?A. ComputerB. Mobile or tabletC. Friends and familyD. Called facilitiesE. Visited facilitiesF. Print resourceG. Other…
  10. 10. 52411885122 10134 170100200300400500600Computer Mobile orTabletFriendsandFamilyCalledFacilitiesVisitedFacilitiesPrintResourceOtherHow Do Customers Research Storage?More customers are using mobile devices to search.Make sure you’re mobile-friendly.22% of SpareFoot AdNetwork customers used a mobileor tablet device to research self-storage facilities.Also, could be more than one that they used.
  11. 11. 69.35%12.48%11.69%4.58%1.58% 0.16% 0.16%1 Source2 Sources3 Sources4 Sources5 Sources6 Sources7 SourcesHow Many Sources Did CustomersUse to Research Storage?The majority of customers only use 1 source toresearch storage
  12. 12. What Types of Websites Did CustomersUse to Find Storage?A. Search enginesB. Storage directoriesC. Review sitesD. Local directories…
  13. 13. 57%31%6%6%Search enginesStorage directoriesReview sitesLocal directoriesWhat Types of Websites DidCustomers Use to Find Storage?Make sure you’re everywhere: Google Places, search engine optimization(SEO), social networks, third party websites, your own website75% of search traffic clicks on thefirst five results
  14. 14. Mobile
  15. 15. Would Customers Download a Free Mobile App withSpecial Features for a Storage Website?28.84%14.57%20.23%36.36%YesYes - only if I neededstorage, and I wouldkeep it beyond thatYes - only if I neededstorage, and I woulddelete it after thatNoA mobile app for your storage website could make reservingeasier for potential customers
  16. 16. Where Did Customers Use aSmartphone to Research Storage?A. WorkB. HomeC. Friend or relative’s houseD. Public spaceE. Hotel roomF. In transit…
  17. 17. Where Did Customers Use aSmartphone to Research Storage?10.11%50.79%3.72%2.66%2.13%30.59%WorkHomeFriend or relativeshousePublic spaceHotel roomIn transitCustomers are using their phones more and more for research, and notnecessarily just in transit. Make your website as mobile-friendly aspossible to stand out from the competition.
  18. 18. What Do They Care About?
  19. 19. What Do New Customers Ask AboutFirst?64.06%25.00%10.94%Truck rentalSelf-storageBoth at the same time40.98% rent a truckduring the movingprocess.Most new customers have never even used self-storage before.
  20. 20. When Did Customers Reserve a Truck?34.19%30.83%34.98%Before storageAfter storageOn the same day
  21. 21. Do Customers Know What Unit SizeThey Need?86.60%13.40%Booked the right sizeBooked a larger unit atmove-in4% of AdNetwork customers plan on renting their unitfor only one month.
  22. 22. How Do Customers Choose StorageUnits?A. By priceB. Free truck dealsC. AmenitiesD. AvailabilityE. LocationF. ReviewsG. PhotosH. Special features and services…
  23. 23. How Customers Choose Storage Units35.20%64.80%Chose lowest price at size neededChose based on amenities, freetruckdeals, availability, location, reviews, photos, special features andservices, etc.Price is not the most important deciding factor forstorage-seeking customers
  24. 24. Prices & Promotions
  25. 25. How Prices Have Changed Since Last Year58%15%27%No change in pricesDiscounted pricesRaised prices
  26. 26. Did the Customer Ask for AdditionalDeals or Promotions During Move-In?34.65%65.35%YesNo
  27. 27. Did the Customer Receive an AdditionalDeal or Promotion?68.18%31.82%YesNoThe most common deal or discount customers said theyreceived was free month(s) of storage, 39% of the time
  28. 28. Takeaways• Surveys to previous and existing customerscan help you better understand customersand refine your business for the future• Anyone should be able to contribute surveyquestions• Incentivize survey responses with “prizes”like a random gift card drawing• Survey Gizmo is a convenient tool that letsyou customize and sends you survey reports• Questions?