Free Ways To Get Self Storage Tenants Online


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Free Ways To Get Self Storage Tenants Online

  1. 1. You Have a Website…Now What? Perception vs. Reality Having a website I will conquer is just the start.the internet once my website is Getting traffic is built. People not easy & can bewill flood to it in expensive. the masses. Requires constant monitoring & iteration.
  2. 2. But Wait! There’s Good News Free ways to get traffic (today’s topic)  Local search business listings  Business directories  Online classifieds  Social Media Paid ways to get traffic  Search engine marketing aka SEM (PPC, banners, etc) Free ways to get traffic (today’s topic)  Search engine optimization aka SEO (not always paid) Local search business listings Business directories  Online aggregators (,, Online classifieds,,,
  3. 3. Local Search Matters What is local search? A function in search engines and other sites that allows users to find what they want based on where they’re looking.  Why should you case?  Storage is local!  People use it (millions)  Simple (and free) to set up
  4. 4. Create/claim your Google Listing (account required) Fill out basic fields  Choose up to 5 categories  Add additional details  Verify via mail or phone
  5. 5. List on on Other Search Engines List Other Search Engines  Yahoo  Create a yahoo account   Fill out information (enhanced listing $9.95/mo)  Bing  Create a windows live ID   Fill out information
  6. 6. Best Practices Content is king  Make sure to get reviews  Add detailed descriptions about your facility  Fill out as much information as possible Be consistent  Make get traffic (today’s topic) Free ways to sure all addresses & phone # are correct Local search business listings  Match directories Business the information to your OWN website Online classifieds  Be explicit (but not spammy)
  7. 7. Local Listing Matter What are business listing?  Onlinecity guides that help consumers find information about business, dinning, entertaining & more. • Why should you care?  Why should you care?  Supplemental traffic (SEO) – Supplemental traffic (SEO)  People use reviews – People use reviews  Many listings have poor – Many listing have poor info info
  8. 8. Create/Claim Your Listing Check to see if your business is listed If there is no listing, make one If your facility shows up, claim it
  9. 9. Add Basic Information
  10. 10. Finish the Details Confirm Address  Create login info  Add business information
  11. 11. Best Practices Be proactive!  Get customers to leave you reviews  Respond promptly to negative reviews  Fill out as much info as possible (add photos)  Test different offers Add yourself on other directories   (
  12. 12. Online Classifieds Matter What are online classifieds?  Similar to newspaper classifieds ads, online classifieds are short, written ads that are grouped into categories by region.  What should you case?  Specificsections for storage  People use it (millions)  Simple (and free) to set up
  13. 13. Section Dedicated forfor Storage Section Dedicated Storage Locate andclick on the “parking/storage” in “housing” category at top center.
  14. 14. So Many Storage Ads This is where your ad will show up. To post an ad, click “post” in the upper right hand corner.
  15. 15. Select Your Category First, select “I am offering housing  • Second, select Second, select “parking & “paring & storage” storage”
  16. 16. Let’s Write an Ad  Click “Continue” when finished
  17. 17. Last Steps Accept Terms Confirm content Fill out captcha code Email verification Done!
  18. 18. Best Practices Craigslist  Create an account to post ads faster  Wait 48 hours to post your next ad (don’t spam)  Test different content & promotions Post on other classifieds  Similarprocess for most  & ($ for links on kijiji)  Always read follow terms of services
  19. 19. Social Media (part 1: Twitter)   Own your name!  Community  Promotions  Outreach  Advice
  20. 20. Social Media (Part 2: FaceBook)   Own your name!  Community  Promotions  Outreach  Advice  Social tools  Get Fans  “Like” 
  21. 21. In Summation Local search/ads are important  Sign up for every site you can - be everywhere  With the explosive growth of mobile, local search is the way things are moving Be Proactive & Authentic  Fill out everything and be explicit  Reach out, engage with customers, get reviews Be careful  Ranking factors are constantly changing and rules are getting more strict  Don’t be spammy! Don’t be spammy! Don’t be spammy!
  22. 22. Thank You! Q/A Mario Feghali & Chuck Gordon, 512-705-6208Did I mention, don’t be spammy?