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We offer Spanish classes on Skype with native teachers from Spain. We design
tailor-made and one to one courses, just as you were sitting opposite your teacher.

- Made-to-measure courses, based on the needs and the student´s level of Spanish.
- Flexible timetable to meet the student´s needs (class length: 50 minutes).
- Class reports after each class.
- Extra material and consolidation activities for after the class.
- Free correspondence by email with a native Spanish teacher (with a good command of English) to explain any language questions whenever needed.
- Regular ongoing evaluations to monitor each student's progress.
- First free trial class (15 minutes).

Class programme for individual students:

- Spanish classes for different levels.
- Spanish conversation classes.
- Preparation for Spanish language exams.
- Spanish survival.
- Spanish classes for children and adolescents.
- Spanish for specific purposes.

Class programme for companies:

- Day-to-Day Spanish.
- Travel Spanish.
- General conversation.
- Business classes.
- Tailor-made courses.

SpanishviaSkype, a new way to learn Spanish.
It's convenient, effective and fun!!

If you are a individual student, please contact us at admin@
If you are a company, email us at

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  • Spanish skype classes at the comfort of our home is now possible. This does not only save us time and money but we can do this at the most convenient time we want. I have tried it once at and I will not have second thought to do it all again.
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  • Spanish skype classes sounds interesting at
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  • this is a great presentation. I also do skype spanish lesson at so I can definitely relate.
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Spanish classes on Skype

  1. 1. A new way to learn Spanish
  2. 2. Our classes We offer tailor-made and one to one Spanish classes over Skype with native teachers from Spain  Made-to-measure courses, based on the needs and the student´s level of Spanish.  Flexible timetable to meet the student´s needs (class length: 50 minutes).  Class reports after each class.  Extra material and consolidation activities for after the class.  Free correspondence by email with a native Spanish teacher.  Regular ongoing evaluations to monitor each students progress.  First free trial class (15 minutes).
  3. 3. What do we do in class?
  4. 4. What do we do in class? Skype chat (our whiteboard ) Class report Class reports after each class Throughout each class, the teacher will be listening carefully in order to correct any mistakes. The tutor will first send the feedback during class and after every lesson, he/she will also email a class report, pointing out all these issues highlighted in class. This will allow the student to review his lesson and keep track of his progress.
  5. 5. What do you need to start? 1. A computer with webcam. 2. Broadband Internet connection. 3. Download the Skype programme ( and open an account. 4. Contact us to check possible class times and choose what suits you best. 5. Pay for the classes via Pay Pal or bank transfer. You´re ready to start your first class!
  6. 6. Class programme  Spanish classes for different levels.  Preparation for Spanish language exams (DELE). 50 minutes class  Spanish for specific purposes.Individual students  Spanish survival.  Spanish classes for children and adolescents. 40 minutes class  Spanish conversation classes. 30 minutes class  Day-to-Day Spanish. 30 minutes class  Travel Spanish. 60 minutes class Companies  General conversation.  Business classes. 90 minutes class  Tailor-made courses. 120 minutes class
  8. 8. Class programmeIndividual students nt levelsSpanish classes for differe The aim is for the student to acquire communicative competence so that s/he can understand, express her/himself and interact appropriately in various real-life situations. In order to achieve this we shall work on the following aspects:  Developing listening skills.  Developing oral communication, with special emphasis on pronunciation and fluency.  Developing reading comprehension.  Grammar structures and the most common idiomatic expressions in Spanish.  Developing useful and functional vocabulary.
  9. 9. Class programmeIndividual students tion classesSpanish conversa  These classes are by far the best way to improve your real spoken Spanish and listening abilities.  Our Spanish conversation classes are made for each student individually.  These classes motivate students through role-plays, problem-solving tasks and content-based activities.  Students practice key language functions.  Numerous authentic documents, photographs, illustrations, and readings throughout the text provide points of departure for discussion, debate and cross-cultural comparison.
  10. 10. Class programmeIndividual studentsSpanish survival This course is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of the Spanish language when they need to travel to a Spanish speaking destination. By the end of this course, the student will learn to:  Introduce yourself and introduce others.  Talk on the phone.  Inquire about buying items from a convenience store.  Make hotel reservations. Check in/out.  Check in at the airport.  Order at a restaurant.  Ask for and give directions.
  11. 11. Class programmeIndividual students ic purposesSpanish for specif  Spanish Business We simulate meetings, negotiations, telephone calls, interviews and presentations, so the student can practice the language needed for all sorts of business scenarios.    Spanish for Job Interviews We teach how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of presentation; how to prepare job interviews; how to talk about professional experience, academic qualifications and professional achievements and how to answer specific questions relating to work.  Spanish for Tourism Students can be either university students of travel & tourism, hotelier, travel guide, travel consultants and others related that prepare for future jobs or professionals that want to improve their Spanish skills to be used in their present and future jobs.  Medical Spanish It is oriented towards improving students basic vocabulary related to healthcare, so that they can communicate respectfully and effectively with Spanish speaking colleagues, patients and their families in the course of their daily work.
  12. 12. Class programmeIndividual students E LE examsPreparation for D We prepare our students for the six levels of the Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE):  A1: Beginner  A2: Elementary – Lower Intermediate  B1: Intermediate - Upper Intermediate  B2: Advanced – Upper Advanced  C1: Superior  C2: Proficiency SpanishviaSkype has a study programme that includes reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking; all of which are sections in the exam to obtain the DELE certificate. Moreover the student can work with practice exams, just like the official ones.
  13. 13. Class programmeIndividual students dolescents for children and aSpanish classes  Children between the age of 6 and 12 The child will learn language structures, vocabulary, and common expressions while having fun, so combining methodology with fun activities.  Teenagers between the age of 12 and 17 SpanishviaSkype has a study programme that includes a special course based on the linguistic competences needed to pass the DELE B1 for schools exam. This course prepares school children to understand and react in everyday situations and communicate their wishes and needs using basic language. It is made up of 3 main areas: o Group 1: Reading Comprehension and writing. o Group 2: Grammar and vocabulary. o Group 3: Listening Comprehension and oral interaction.
  15. 15. Class programmeCompany courses ishDay to day Span This program is perfect for employees who are moving to a Spanish speaking destination to work and they need to handle in different daily situations. This course covers a variety of very practical topics from daily life:  Ordering in a restaurant.  Going to the doctor.  Going to the bank.  Shopping.  Casual conversations with friends/co-workers.  Telephone and e-mail communications.  School: conversing with teachers.  Transportation: buses, subway, trains…  Cultural differences and the Spanish culture.
  16. 16. Class programmeCompany coursesTravel Spanish With this program, employees will improve their conversation skills, so that they feel more confident when traveling to a Spanish speaking country. This course covers a variety of very practical topics when traveling:  Hotel reservations.  Making a plane/car reservation.  Traveling abroad.  Cultural differences.  Shopping.  Ordering in a restaurant.  Tipping.  Transportation: Buses, subway, trains.
  17. 17. Class programmeCompany courses ationGeneral convers These classes are the best way to improve your employees’s real spoken Spanish and listening abilities. Our conversation classes easily motivates professionals to use language creatively through role-plays, conversation starters, problem-solving tasks, and content-based activities. Throughout, your employees practice key language functions such as persuading, obtaining information, responding to requests, expressing preferences and giving commands. Your employees will choose the discussion topics: oPractice their own work related presentation. oTalk about current events. oDiscuss articles from Spanish newspapers and magazines…
  18. 18. Class programmeCompany coursesBusiness classes Spanish is becoming more important everyday in business and our 1-to-1 Spanish Business classes can help your employees with career advancement, business meetings, presentations and any other Business Spanish needs they have. Professionals will practice the language needed for all sorts of business scenarios: Leading a business meeting. Giving presentations and negotiating. Writing correspondence (business letters & reports). Making appointments. Discussing business over the telephone. Making polite requests and dealing with complaints. Taking messages. Day-to-day socializing in the office.
  19. 19. Class programmeCompany courses rsesTailor-made cou Some professionals are so short of time or have such pressing needs, that no course is suitable. This programme is designed precisely to their own unique requirements. All our individual tuition programmes include a detailed needs analysis leading to a carefully tailored training programme ensuring that we maintain complete focus on specifically identified areas of need. Professionals choose these programmes for a wide variety of reasons:  Preparation for an important presentation.  Increasing confidence for an Spanish-language conference, seminar or meeting.  Priority focus on specific areas of weakness or of interest.  Increasing overall level of confidence in all aspects of Spanish language use.  A need to ensure total focus on personal needs.
  20. 20. How do we work? 1 . We offer free trial classes to Human Resources representatives and managers . In this way, they can see how effective learning Spanish with us can be and they can also ask us for any specific requirement. This trial class/consultation is 25-minute long and free of charge. 2 . We test your employees . We test each employee to determine his/her current knowledge of Spanish and determine the target to be attained. 3. We establish the right course program for each employee . Staff in different roles in your organization will have different language learning needs, that’s why we work together with your company to define the goal for each employee. 4 . Employees access to our scheduling system to make classes reservations . The class times are flexible for their convenience and adapted to suit their business agendas. 5 . We offer a regular reporting service on the status of each employee . Every month/quarter your company will receive reports on the status of each employee.
  21. 21. Why choose us? We give your company 15 reasons to choose SpanishviaSkype to teach Spanish to your employees 1. Lessons arranged at your employee’s convenience.  2. Learning in the comfort of one’s office or home. 3. Tailor-made courses. 4. Ongoing Counseling. 5. The professionals learn at their own pace.  6. Track progress. 7. Action-oriented approach. 8. Fully qualified and certified trainers. 9. Reschedule lessons with only 12 hours notice. 10. Class material. 11. User friendly tool. 12. Effective methodology. 13. Free Trial Class. 14. Social media (SpanishviaSkype Blog, Facebook, Twitter). 15. Competitive pricing.
  22. 22. CONTACT Are you a individual Elena García student? Are you a Miguel Ángel Jiménez company? Check out our methodology and fees at our website