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Volunteer work Bariloche


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Spanish Courses and Volunteer programs in Bariloche, Patagonia

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Volunteer work Bariloche

  1. 1. + LA MONTAÑA - SPANISH IN BARILOCH Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina VOLUNTEERWORK
  2. 2. + Volunteer Work n  We have been organizing opportunities in Patagonia for many years as a complement for our Spanish programs. For our students, this has been a great way to improve conversational Spanish. Many people moved by the pleasure of traveling, meeting new people, and seeing new places, joined our projects while making a positive impact in the community. n  Along these years of positive experience, we have found many local non-profit and charity organizations offering educational, environmental, social and scientific projects.  Among these, we have selected a variety of interesting possible volunteer placements, meaningful for the local community. We believe volunteers can be part of the solution. INTRODUCTION Spanish in Bariloche
  3. 3. + Why volunteer in Argentina? Help people & Make an impact Improve your Spanish Learn more about Argentine culture Get work experience & Contacts Have an unforgettable experience Spanish in Bariloche
  4. 4. + Requirements Ø  100% commitment – The projects have minimal resources and locals work very hard to keep them running against all odds. Ø  Intermediate/advanced level of Spanish – You will be sent a pre- arrival test. If your level of Spanish is basic/intermediate, we advise you to take a Spanish course before taking part in a project. Ø  CV and motivation letter – send us your CV and a letter explaining your motivation and preferences. Ø  Interview – the director of each project will interview candidates to determine if they fit into the project. Ø  Pay the program fee – Part of the fee goes towards the project and part of it towards the organization and administration of the volunteer program. $100 for students who participate in Spanish course + Volunteer program, $150 for students participating only in Volunteer program. Spanish in Bariloche
  5. 5. + Important Information n  Length of program – All projects require a minimum stay of four weeks. The recommended volunteer program is 8 weeks and consists of 4 weeks of Spanish course and visiting different projects and 4 weeks of voluntary work in the project chosen. n  Insurance – Make sure you have the necessary insurance that covers you while doing volunteer work in Argentina. n  Guidance – Before you arrive you will be sent pre-arrival information and when you arrive you will be given full details and guidance about your project. n  Project placement– The projects listed on our website are subject to availability. We can coordinate with you by email the project that you will be most suitable for. Spanish in Bariloche
  6. 6. + Type of Projects Social •  Community Center •  Local Hospital Educational •  Teach English to kids •  Cultural center Environmental •  Work in Organic Farm •  Volunteer in National Park Sample Projects* * Projects are subject to availability. Pls check the projects described in our website and email us the type of projects that you are most interested in.
  7. 7. + Course Overview Private Lessons (h/week) Group Classes (h/week) Level Schedule (Mon-Fri) Price 2013 (US$/week) Intensive - 20h All 9am-1pm $195 Intensive 30 10h 20h All 9am-1pm+2h afternoon $395 Private 10-20h - All Flexible $25p/h Semi- private(2stu dents) 10-20h - All Flexible $20p/h Students are distributed in small groups according to their level of Spanish. MAIN COURSES* *These prices are discounted apply for volunteers only. Spanish in Bariloche
  8. 8. + Main Courses ü  Welcome Pack ü  Orientation ü  Spanish Course Materials ü  After class social and academic activities ü  Coffee, tea and snacks ü  Local discounts and benefits ü  Wi-Fi and Computer with Internet access ü  Free Airport Pick up* n  Program: 20h per week n  Levels: Beginner to Advanced n  Max Group Size: 6 n  Schedule: 9am-1pm n  Duration: min 1 week What is included? Intensive Super Intensive n  Program: 20h Group + 10h Private n  Levels: Beginner to Advanced n  Max Group Size: 6 n  Schedule: 9am-1pm + 2h afternoon n  Duration: min 1 week *for courses of two weeks or more Spanish in Bariloche
  9. 9. + After Class Activities •  2pm New Students Orientation LUNES •  2pm City Tour MARTES •  2pm Clase de cocina MIER •  2pm •  Cultural Quest JUEVES •  2pm Juegos de viernes VIERNES Other activities and half-day trips around Bariloche n  Every week we organize several free after class activities to facilitate Spanish learning and introduce students to Bariloche and Latin American culture. They are led by Spanish teachers and Spanish is the only language spoken!
  10. 10. + School Facilities 10 bright classrooms Free Wi-Fi Library TV&Video Rooms Coffee, Snack Area and Kitchen Access to Computers and Internet Central Location Student Services Spanish in Bariloche
  11. 11. + Accommodation n  We have been working with local families and hostels for 10 years and all accommodation options are quality checked by our staff. ✔Family Stay ✔Hostels ✔Apartments n  We can also arrange for students to stay in furnished apartments, hotels or mountain cabins outside the city center. ª We encourage students and volunteers to choose Family Homestay as this allows them to learn more than just a language. They will have the opportunity to share regional home made meals, conversations and experiences with locals, in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. Spanish in Bariloche
  12. 12. +Accommodation n  Live with an Argentine family n  Shared or Private Room n  Breakfast and Dinner n  Towels and Sheets n  Weekly cleaning n  Walking distance from school n  Shared Living Space n  Weekly Cost for volunteers: $235 for shared room, $265 for private room n  Dormitory Style Rooms n  Max 4 people per room n  Breakfast Included n  Towels and sheets n  Weekly cleaning n  Wi-Fi n  Shared kitchen and common area n  Walking distance from school n  Weekly Cost for Volunteers: $140 ✔ Family Stay ✔ Hostels Spanish in Bariloche
  13. 13. + Location ª Prime location in a quiet spot in the heart of the city, near internet cafes, banks &ATM’s, Pharmacias, bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels, public transportation and services. Elflein 251, 2nd Floor Bariloche, Rio Negro Argentina 8400 §  13.5 km from San Carlos de Bariloche Airport. §  2.2 km from the Bus Terminal. §  We recommend students to use a Remis (Private car) or schedule an Airport Pick up with us. ARRIVING AT LA MONTAÑA Free Airport Pick Up* For courses 2 weeks or more Spanish in Bariloche
  15. 15. +San Carlos de Bariloche n  Location: Situated in the foothills of the Andes, in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park, Rio Negro Province, Patagonia. n  Population: 120,000 permanent habitants. n  893m elevation, cool climate, 4 seasons: pleasant summers (Dec - February) and white winters (June- Aug). QUICK FACTS: § The biggest ski resort in South America and a heaven for all sports enthusiasts and travelers. NAHUEL HUAPI LAKE BARILOCHE Spanish in Bariloche
  16. 16. + Our Top 5’s from Endless Things to Do SPORTS n  Ski & Snowboard n  Trekking n  Mountain Biking n  Kayak n  Yoga GREATVIEWS n  Cerro Otto n  Cerro Campanario n  Refugio Frey n  Circuito Chico n  Cerro Catedral ADVENTURES n  Rafting n  Rock Climbing n  Kite and Wind Surf n  Canopy n  Horse Riding DAY TRIPS n  Isla Victoria/Bosque de Arrayanes n  Los Siete Lagos n  El Tronador n  El Bolsón n  Villa Angostura LOCAL FOOD n  Chocolate artesanal n  Empanadas n  Cordero Patagónico n  Picada con cerveza n  Alfajores y helados GETAWAYS n  Ruta 40 n  Puerto Montt n  Puerto Madryn n  Glaciar Perito Moreno n  Volcán Villarrica Spanish in Bariloche
  17. 17. + Arriving to Bariloche n  From Buenos Aires: o  By Plane: 2h flight o  Airlines: LAN, Aerolineas Argentinas/Austral o  By car or Bus: 1650 km o  20h in comfortable buses n  Distance to other cities in Argentina: o  Mendoza - 1287km o  Córdoba - 1588 o  Puerto Madryn- 960km o  El Bolsón – 131km n  Distance to cities in Chile: o  Santiago - 1140 km o  Osorno - 250km, 4h bus/car o  Puerto Montt - 390km, 6h bus/car o  Pucón – 353km, 4.5h bus/car BARILOCHE Spanish in Bariloche
  18. 18. + BARILOCHE Secretaría Municipal de Turismo: Centro Cívico. (10 min walk from school) Online Info: USEFUL INFORMATION Public transportation: Easy access to all bus lines Inter City: 10% off for our students Airport: BRC Safety: - The schools is located in a very safe area.There are two Police Stations nearby:Tiscornia 6 (5 min walk from school); Centro Civico (8 min walk from school) Shopping:Traditional chocolaterías, cafeterias, breweries, bars, restaurants, artisanal stores, supermarkets and mountain gear stores are located mostly around Mitre and Moreno Streets, minutes away from our school. Hospital Privado Regional - 20 de Febrero 598, (5 min walk from school) San Carlos Emergencias - Av. Bustillo 1.000 (15 minutes walk from school) Pharmacies – the nearest well stocked Pharmacy is 2 min walk from school Spanish in Bariloche Post Office: Correo Argentino, Moreno 175, (0294) 4423100,, (2 min walk from school)
  19. 19. + Price List INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE PRICE ($US) 1 week $195 2 weeks $390 3 weeks $570 4 weeks $750 5 weeks $935 6 weeks $1120 7 weeks $1300 8 weeks $1475 SUPER INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE PRICE ($US) 1 week $395 2 weeks $790 3 weeks $1170 4 weeks $1590 5 weeks $1935 6 weeks $2320 7 weeks $2700 8 weeks $3075 MAIN COURSES Spanish in Bariloche *Volunteers get discounts on course fees and accommodation.
  20. 20. +Price List PACKAGE PRICE ($US) 2 WEEKS INTENSIVE + ACCOMMODATION $890 4WEEKS INTENSIVE + ACCOMMODATION $1690 8WEEKS INTENSIVE + ACCOMMODATION $3275 4WEEKS SUPER INTENSIVE +ACCOMMODATION $2590 8 WEEKS SUPER INTENSIVE +ACCOMMODATION $5075 ª These packages include first week stay in Hostel and Family Homestay for the rest of the course. SPANISH & ACCOMMODATION PACKAGES Spanish in Bariloche *We are flexible about arranging different combinations. *Volunteers get discounts on course fees and accommodation.
  21. 21. n  La Montaña and Spanish in Bariloche – the two leading Spanish schools in Patagonia are now partnering to maximize the quality of the academic and cultural experience of each and every student. “ At our Spanish school,the philosophy of tailor-made,one-to-one courses is applied to small group classes” Verónica Leone,Director and Founder of Spanish in Bariloche. About Us n  Founded July 2002 n  Specialized in tailor-made courses n  College Credits n  Founder of AACELE n  Founded November 2002 n  Specialized in group courses n  Extensive social & cultural activities Spanish in Bariloche La Montaña ✚
  22. 22. + Who we are: Verónica Leone - Director and Founder. Teaching and leading Spanish immersion programs since 2002. Our Teachers: è Highly qualified, native speakers teachers. Specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our Team and Teachers Victoria Soler Excursions & trips Mariya Nesheva Marketing and Social Media Mariano Morazzani Adm. and Commercial Consultant Spanish in Bariloche
  23. 23. + Get in Touch: La Montaña Spanish School 251 Elflein, 2do Piso, San Carlos de Bariloche, 8400 Rio Negro, Argentina La Montaña Spanish School @LaMontanaBRC @SpanishinBRC +54 294 4524212