Past JEE Paper Analysis - JEE Mains 2013 Math Section


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This presentation is provides a brief analysis and overview of the JEE Mains 2013 Math section. Understand which topics to devote more time to and what to expect from the JEE Mains 2014 Math section.

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Past JEE Paper Analysis - JEE Mains 2013 Math Section

  1. 1. JEE Mains 2013 Analysis Math Section
  2. 2. Importance of this analysis Mathematics is like a nightmare for a lot of students. Some students even doubt themselves whether they will be able to clear the cutoff or not. But remember that you can’t be an engineer if you fear mathematics. Mathematics is one of the most interesting and beautiful subjects an engineer has to deal with. Once you know how to approach maths it can give you the edge to score a good rank as maths generally has a low cutoff. The next few slides contain some important points from last year’s JEE Mains mathematics section so as to equip you with the trends prevailing currently. This will definitely refine your preparation and last minute study approach.
  3. 3. Overall Analysis JEE mains (previously called AIEEE) 2013 mathematics section was of 120 marks. Each question carried four marks for each correct and negative marking of one mark for each wrong answer. Some Key Features of JEE Mains 2013 Maths section: 1. Paper was easy compared to AIEEE 2012 paper. 2. Only 10% of the paper could be categorized as ‘tough’. 3. Covered almost every topic: Paper was well balanced as it covered every concept. 4. Concepts: Students with proper understanding of concept scored quite comfortably. 5. 11th and 12th Portion: Marks were equally distributed in 11th (64) and 12th (56). 6. Two questions, one from vector and one three dimensional geometry, were repeated from last to last year paper. 7. Some non-IIT topics were also significant. 8. Maths was the easiest compared to Physics and Chemistry
  4. 4. Major Topic Analysis ● ● ● ● ● Algebra as a whole is very big so it’s obvious for it to make 40% of the paper, but algebra of 11th is more important. Calculus is the second most important. One of the main reason why integral calculus is more important is that it has applications in every engineering field. Integral calculus is very interesting and easy. Once integration is learned topics such as area under curve and differential equations are just easy to cover. Coordinate geometry was well covered in-terms of marks and it is justified as portion-wise it is large too. So my advice is to choose which topics to go for in between coordinate geometry itself. There is not much to analyse about the paper as it had followed the basic trend covering each topic and concept and also kept its share equal in both 11th and 12th. So right thing is to cover that topics well which you have already covered, not to pick anything new, at least before your revision is done. After your revision, cover new topics in accordance weightage ratio.
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  6. 6. Sub-Topic Analysis One can quickly grasp the situation from the chart shown but let’s see some of the highlights and comparisons to make the picture more clear: 1. Straight line should be given equivalent time in comparison to circle and parabola. 2. Ellipse and hyperbola are not asked deeply so going beyond tangents and normals in detail is not a smart thing. 3. Mathematical reasoning and statistics (not part of JEE Advanced syllabus) also had a good share. 4. Complete algebra was covered but no topic had more than 4 marks. So if you missed out on one or two topics, then don’t worry too much. 5. Paper was uniform covering all concepts. So if you are covering some topic well enough but not others, then hear the alarm ringing! 6. Definite integral should be done as thoroughly as it is important from the JEE Advanced point of view also. 7. Vectors and three dimensional geometry has weightage so don’t take them causally. 8. The mark distribution was more or less uniform with most sub-topics receiving 4 marks.
  7. 7. Topic Wise Analysis Algebra 11th Coordinate Geometry Algebra 12th Differential Calculus Integral Calculus Vector and Three dimensional geometry General Mathematics
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