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Spain Startup Pitches 3


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Presentations from notikumi, digital legends, palo biofarma, pancracio @Spain_Startup & Investor Summit (follow us on Twitter)

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Spain Startup Pitches 3

  1. 1. Presentación de las Startups Modera: Paris de l’Etraz
  2. 2. Javier CamposDavid CanósNOTIKUMI
  3. 3. Xavier CarrilloDIGITAL LEGENDS
  4. 4. Company OverviewSpain Startup & Investor Summit Madrid, 2012
  5. 5. DLE trusted by industry leaders “What they have been able to accomplish in 2 weeks makes you forget that you are watching it on a mobile device and think you are watching it on a game console” Scott Forstall, SVP iOS iPhone, Apple Keynote “Digital Legends was able to push the limits in the development of Icebreaker ” Torsten Reil, CEO, Natural Motion on Icebreaker 21
  6. 6. Karisma: The most-advanced 3D game development environment for multi-platform mobile devices Comprehensive development environment including libraries, tools, game engine and diagnostics Completely OS and device agnostic: Supporting all relevant mobile platforms, connected TVs as well as Flash11 and browser (Chrome) Native performance for all popular mobile/portable platforms (iPhone/iPad, Android, Symbian, WinMo, Linux, Meego, B ADA and PSP) Most agile in industry in supporting new devices and graphics technology (e.g. OpenGL 2.0) Young code base (4 years) with zero legacy unlike competitors: 100% optimized for mobileSystematically 18 months ahead of closest competitors, very few competitors worldwide with access to similar high- performance technology required to deliver high-end 3D games 22
  7. 7. Strong underlying KPIs confirm DLE’s ability to create successful games Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010) Icebreaker (2011) Total downloads since launch  Nearly 2 Million downloads in 7 Total downloads since launch  Over 200,000 paid (in Million) months (in Million) downloads in under a month  Consistently in top 10 adventure since launch games, #1 globally for all apps in  Ranked 8 in USA, top 10 in 14 Christmas 2010 countries  To be pushed by key US carriers  #2 for sports games on (Xperia PLAY) in 2011 AppStore in June 2011  iPad version (launched June 2011)  Rated 4+ of 5 on iTunes already #1 in most key markets  Featured App (chosen by (UK, Germany) Apple) in over 60 countries  Featured App (chosen by Apple) in over 60 countries Weeks since launch Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (2010) Kroll (2008) Key figures (DLE) Total installs since launch  Game played by close to 2,5  Close to 850,000 players (in Million)  #1 in Japanese AppStore top 5 Million gamers  Nearly 10 Million players  #1 in Japan and UK, #2 in in most European countries USA, top 10 in major  Featured App (chosen by  One #1 game world wide European countries, #1 in Apple) in over 60 countries  Three #1 games in Japan Samsung Bada store  First OpenGLES 2.0 title  Five top 25 games in USA  Multi-platform success story:  Samsung Bada #1 free Across all platforms incl. downloads  15 awards and nominations iPhone, iPad, Bada, Android  PocketGamer Silver, IMGA and Xperia PLAY People’s Choice Awards  iPad App of the week in June 2011 23es based on publically available sources. All data per H1 2011
  8. 8. Explosive recent top line growth confirms major markettraction – growth to accelerate going forward Revenue and EBITDA 2009-2014F (in € Million) Achievements Revenues EBITDA  10 Million players Very high revenue growth  Endorsed and trusted  by industry leaders Best-in-class multi-platform  technology platform Top ranked in various  App Stores 2009 2010 2011 2012F 2013F 2014F 2015F 24
  9. 9. Key value considerations Part of a $11 billion mobile gaming market opportunity Proprietary state-of-the-art technology Riding on top of key trends: mobile, 3D, multiplayer, multi-platform, multi- screen, virtual goods, gamification Competitive advantage in addressing all platforms with the best 3D performance High-end games validated by customers, hardware vendors such as Apple, AMD and Intel. as well as publishers such as EA, Disney and Natural Motion Highly skilled management with experienced R&D team Unique expertise and know-how to pioneer the development of games for new generation devices like tablets, gaming handhelds and TV Set-top Boxes 25
  10. 10. THANK YOU! Xavier Carrillo-Costa 26
  11. 11. Julio CastroPALO BIOFARMA
  12. 12. New medicines based on the Coffee Pharmacology Company Presentation Spain Startup & Investor Summit - Madrid 6-8 June 2012
  13. 13. Adenosine Receptors: The Basis of the Caffeine PharmacologyHyperactivity Diuretic CAFFEINEAntiarrythmic Bronchodilation
  14. 14. Adenosine Receptors: The Basis of the Caffeine Pharmacology Caffeine exert a strong bronch0dilatory effects in humans: Potential new therapies for asthmaHyperactivity (A2a receptors)People consuming highCaffeine levels daily showsless risk to developNeurodegenerative CAFFEINEDiseases: Potential newtherapiest for Parkinson andAlzheimer Diseases Bronchodilation (A1 receptors)
  15. 15. Pipeline Status at the proposed next financing round and Exit 2012 2013 2014 Phase Ia Phase I Phase IIa completed completed completedPBF-509:PD Treatment Phase I Phase IIa IND Filed completed completedPBF-680:Asthma Treatment Financing Round of 5Mio € seeked in two tranches: Company Exit 2,5 Mio. € 2013 to support Phase I clinical trials Company Value: 2,5 Mio. € 2014 to support Phase IIa clinical trials 150 Mio.€
  16. 16. Excellent Market Potential RECENT DEALSProjects involving adenosine receptors modulators originated over 50 deals and over $300Billions investment from the Pharmaceutical companies in the last three years e.g:- Vernalis/ Biogen deal on A2a antagonists for PD (15 Mio € upfront after Phase I)- Synosia/Roche deal on A2a antagonists for PD (40 Mio € upfront after Phase IIa)- Merck acquisition of Novacardia on A1 antagonist (350 Mio USD) TARGET INDICATION MARKET The therapeutic indications targeted by our programs represent high unmet medical needs with an excellent market potential: Estimated Peak Sales (in Mio €) PBF-680 (Asthma): 3000 PBF-509 (Parkinsons Disease): 600
  17. 17. The TeamManagement• Julio Castro, PhD (CEO): – PhD in Chemistry at the University of Konstanz, Germany (1998) – > 10 years of pharmaceutical research experience (Bayer, Almirall and Oryzon Genomics)• Juan Camacho, PhD (CSO) – PhD in Chemistry at the University of Jena, Germany (1997) – > 10 years of pharmaceutical research experience (IBML, Jenapharm)• Nahomi Castro, PhD (Clinical Project Leader) – PhD in Biology at the University of Frankfurt, Germany (2000) – > 5 years of experience leading preclinical and clinical programs (Adavancell, Salutis)• Jose Maria Echarri: (Board Member/Interim CFO) – Graduated in economy and enterprise administration at the University of Barcelona – Former CFO of Oryzon Genomics – CEO of Inveready
  18. 18. All the elements of a successful Biotech Specialized Bio-investorsA well defined A well trained and exit strategy well advised team PALOBIOFARMA Attractive Market A solid IP Potential A diversified promising Pipeline of competitive products
  19. 19. Pedro ÁlvarezPANCRACIO