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Spain Startup Pitches 1


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Presentations from spotbros, idoctus, daby deli, nanogap, genasys, agile contents @Spain_Startup & Investor Summit (follow us on Twitter)

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Spain Startup Pitches 1

  1. 1. Startup PitchesModera: Paris de l’Etraz
  2. 2. Fernando CalvoSPOTBROS
  3. 3. Luis CanizoIDOCTUS
  4. 4. mHealth:Join the revolution!!Spain Start-Up and Investor SummitMadrid, June 7, 2012 ®Medicina en la palma de tu mano
  5. 5. You need mHealth in your portfolio! ~10% GDP in healthcare… and growing $720M global health app market (70x growth in 2011) $23B global mHealth market size by 2017 6
  6. 6. iDoctus: A clear business model… A new digital marketing channel for pharma  Low cost  High effectiveness  Enhanced reach  Customer insights 7
  7. 7. …already proven in other markets America Asia Europe 8
  8. 8. An attractive investment case…  Large revenue potential, even with modest penetration  Scalable business model, high cash flow generation potential  Resilient to crisis environment  Quick internatio- nalization roadmap 9
  9. 9. …and substantial social impact70% of physicians avoid 10% reduction in adverseone or mode adversereactions/week reactions: >1,000M€On average, physicianssave 110min/week by ~5% productivityusing Epocrates apps improvement 10
  10. 10. A great multifunctional team 11
  11. 11. Backed by leading medical associations 12
  12. 12. Soon at your fingertips! March  Pre-launch communication/PR (off-line media, social media) April  Pilot test at Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid  Announcement of commercial agreements with leading medical associations May  Launch of private beta  Pilot test at Centro Médico Teknon, Barcelona June  Commercial launch (app available in Apple’s app store) 13
  13. 13. iDoctus: Medicine at your fingertips 14
  14. 14. For additional information,please ®Medicina en la palma de tu mano
  15. 15. Jose Maria GarciaBABYDELI
  16. 16. Tatiana LópezNANOGAP
  17. 17. Spain Startup & Investor SummitJune 7th , Madrid
  18. 18. TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE FILM OPPORTUNITIES Opportunity Market Pain Indium is scarce Transparent conductive films Expensive coating process ITO replacement$1 billion market by 2017 Brittle Status ITO not ideal for lighting, $300MM current flexible displays and • Samples purchased by addressable market photovoltaics numerous global market leaders The Solution • Non-dilutive funding for Vs. Competition research NANOGAP silver Nanofibers Cost and price • One active customer advantage Inexpensive coating forecasting >$4MM/year process Patent filed High conductivity Silver Nanofibers widely considered best ITO High transparency alternative Flexible 21
  19. 19. TEAM• Arturo Lopez, Technical Director – Founder NANOMAG Research Group• Tatiana Lopez, Managing Director – NANOGAP Founder, MBA, ESADE Business School• Allen Reid, Commercial Director – Formerly at Elementis and NanoCentral• Darren Bianchi, President NANOGAP USA – Former President at Radiant Color, Former President at Dane Group, Founder at Brilliant Group 22
  20. 20. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTSWe just raised 1,6M € New Investment New investor: 1 M€ Production capacity expansion Existing investors: 0,6 M€ R&D (IP portfolio) Taking over our actual investors 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 Income 10,000,000 EBIT 5,000,000 0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 23 -5,000,000
  21. 21. CONCLUSIONS Our products will be the building blocks of this centuries most technological advanced products• Why we will succeed: • Demonstrated Product Effectiveness • Demonstrated Commercial Demand • Strong IP Protection • High growth markets targeted 24
  22. 22. Tatiana López del Rí +34657802160
  23. 23. INTRODUCTION• One technology Short• Novel Nanomaterials for: Term – Electronics – Materials Long – Security Termn – Therapeutics/Diagnostics• Launched in ‘06, Revenue Since ’08• R&D Services; Product Sales ; & Licensing Agreements• Need to Expand to Meet Demand 26
  24. 24. PRINTED ELECTRONICS OPPORTUNITIES Opportunity Market Pain Conductive inks Technical hurdles:Printed electronics Stability of ink$3.6 billion market by 2016 Low temperature Status sintering $300 MM current Cost addressable market • Many customer trials underway • Selling samples The Solution Vs. Competition • Chosen supplier forNANOGAP’s stable European funded Crowded space research program inks Patent filedLow temp, print on paper/plastic Success depend on technical performance High conductivity 27
  25. 25. OTHER OPPORTUNITIES• One product and one technology• Short term: – Electronics• Mid term: – Antimicrobial – Security• Long term – Bitechnology – Therapeutics 28
  26. 26. MARKETING & SALES PLAN• Pipeline of several hundred qualified contacts• Over 80 of these companies working with samples• Leads acquired through: – Exhibiting at nano and industry specific events – Speaking at international conferences – Google ad campaigns / website – Contacts and networking 29
  27. 27. Alberto GómezGENASYS
  28. 28. Hernán EscapusioAGILE CONTENTS
  29. 29. Multimedia solutions forcontent production and audience connection
  30. 30. Future
  31. 31. Telecom& Media
  32. 32. Growth& Margins
  33. 33. Content &Audience
  34. 34. Media & Brands
  35. 35. Editorial capacity to generate, manage and distribute in anagile and flexible way contents in multiple formats. Efficientproduction models and less operative cost. Inform Entertain Train Oriented to content and in connection with the audience
  36. 36. Results + audience + advertising revenues + brand loyalty + production efficiencyOver 300 million pages viewed is leader among audiovisual websites. 24 minutes average visit time. per month aaverageaverageconnection time Leader customers inMedia, Editorial, Education and Banking +productivity/+audience Cost optimization AGILE implementation Olympic Games New income channels
  37. 37. Some of our clients
  38. 38. Overview – ECM, WCM and OVPP “Content is the linchpin of a global company” MARKET SIZE “Enterprise Content Management (ECM) are the set of strategies, methods and tools used for the capture, management, storage, conservation and distribution of content related to information processes in any organization.” ECM OVP 350 M $USD “Web Content Management (WCM) is a specialized tool designed to 4.000 M $USD WCM1.200 M $USD global management web content.” “Online Video Platform (OVPP) is the set of specialized tools in the management and publishing of video content online.” + digital audience OVP (+30%) + devices WCM GROWTH (+15%) + video ECMSource: Gartner + content (+12%) AGILE AIMS TO BE AMONG THE TOP 12 2015 WCM WORLDWIDE (30 M $USD)
  39. 39. Revenue apportionmentThe company hasincreased the importanceof selling licencesand SaaS product From the date of our investment this type of product has been boosted because of its greater scalability and strategic value  Revenues in services remain major given the importance of historical customers Expansion to Latin America is now possible thanks to this new approach Opening of new vertical business and market access for corporate ECM
  40. 40. AGILE CONTENTS StructureShareholding With more than 10 years of experience, AGILE CONTENTS’ founders lead around 50 professionals linked to product development and more than 200 indirect professionals especialized in AGILE technology. Advisory Prestigious Advisory Council Founder Council The Advisory Council, with minority shareholders , comprises former executives partners from ALCATEL, SONY, AT-KERNAY, “la Caixa”, Santander, AGBAR, among others VCs Investment Funds With an investment round of about 6 million USD for the development of Latin America expansion in 2010-2011, the company has got a shareholder base committed with future development International Expansion. Agile contents With an international growth 2010- 2010-2014 2014, Agile Contents aims to be located among the 10 main technology providers in Digital Media in the World
  41. 41. International consolidation Geographic diversification is allowing us to resume growth, reduce risk and ensure a framework for product investment with a higher volume of customers
  42. 42. Why Agile? – Brand perception and references Leadership in Spain and LATAM 6th of top 10 MEDIA in Spain 2nd of top 3 BANKING in SpainWCM Report. AGILECONTENTS is the onlycompany in Spain andLATAM recommended inthe Web ContentManagement market 2nd of top 5 MEDIA in Argentina 2nd of top 6 MEDIA in Brazil 2nd of top 10 MEDIA in Colombia
  43. 43. Market consolidation Since investment in late 2009, there has been a consolidation in OVP and CMS markets2009 2011 + + +
  44. 44. Organic Growth and M&A International consolidationM&A 2011-2012: Navita Portal Acquisition (4Q11) - BR MktTV Acquisition (2Q12) – BR Local investor in AGILE BR (4MM€ branch valuation) M&A targets (CO, MX) for 2012-2013Growth scenario 2012 (*) 2013 2014 2015Resizing 5-6 MM USD Organic growth >30% 30-40 MM USD (1.5-2 MM EBITDA) + strategic M&A 25-35% EbitdaMarket coverage All LATAM & Emergent Focus (Turkey US-EU SaaS Global Spanish US & north Africa) + BRIC coverageProduct strategy Media & Brand + Telco & media video + MM Brand communication & offering consolitation providers Mutimedia Authoring top player