Promotional writing: Is Your Copy Dateable?


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Promotional writing: Is Your Copy Dateable?

  1. 1. Image by niemster used with Creative Commons license @favouritethings Is your copy dateable?
  2. 2. Promotion Copy v Online Dating• Figure out what makes you different from everyone else, and use it to your advantage.• Stay away from generic adjectives and focus more on proper nouns and stories.• If youre going to be wordy, have something interesting to say.• Be proud of who you are and wear it confidently in your language and tone.• Stay consistently positive and confident without seeming annoying and arrogant.• Dont give anyone a reason to say no to you.• Use specifics.• Be sincere and honest.• Write like you talk.• Show your personality.• No spelling mistakes.You should have fun writing your profile marketing copy. If you have fun writing it, thereader will likely have fun reading it. **stolen from eHarmony, formatted with the help of
  3. 3. In The Next Room or the vibrator play by Sara Ruhl Hysteria never felt so good. Or History is a cheeky fella. It’s the late 19th century, and Dr. Givings has invented a shocking new electrical device to treat women with "hysteria". As his patients begin to blossom with the new treatment, the lonely Mrs. Givings cant help but wonder...what is happening in the next room?A provocative, funny, touching and marvelously entertaining story about a young doctor and his wife. Dr.Givings is obsessed with the marvels of technology and what they can do for his patients. His wife is only abystander in her husbands world - listening at the door from the next room as he treats his female patients.Dr. Givings is not sure exactly how the vibrators help the women he treats - but they do keep coming back.The only woman whose problem is not helped by the doctor is his own wife who longs to connect with him -but not electrically. Nominated for 3 Tony Awards! “In The Next Room is ‘wet yourself’ awesome in the best of ways!” - Mandy Buy your tickets to this scandalous, period comedy at or call 911.
  4. 4. Image from kristinmckee used under Creative Commons licence Don’t be a Clone Everyone knows you are "nice, smart, fun, and sweet” and who doesnt enjoy travel, movies, music and friends?
  5. 5. Image by chrisjohnbeckett used with Creative Common license So now what? @favourithings
  6. 6. Writing for Press Writing for Promotion Goal: Get published Goal: Get people to come to your event/pay attention to you It’s the logistical details that make you different KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! It’s the emotional detailsThink from a journalist’s that make it differentperspective: why should they care That you convey Write like you read what is Write like you talk new, different, ex In third person citing In first person Informational A call to action
  7. 7.