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Wml15105 eng


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Wml15105 eng

  1. 1. Washing Machine WML 15105 D ฀ ฀ WML 15085 D ฀ ฀ WML 15065 DAutomatická pračka
  2. 2. 1 Warnings by classifying according to waste directives.General Safety• Never place your machine on a Intended use carpet covered floor. Otherwise, • This product has been designed for lack of airflow from below of your home use. machine may cause electrical parts to • The appliance may only be used for overheat. This may cause problems washing and rinsing of textiles that with your washing machine. are marked accordingly.• If the power cable or mains plug is Safety instructions damaged you must call Authorized • This appliance must be connected to Service for repair. an earthed outlet protected by a fuse• Fit the drain hose into the discharge of suitable capacity. housing securely to prevent any • The supply and draining hoses must water leakage and to allow machine always be securely fastened and to take in and discharge water as remain in an undamaged state. required. It is very important that the • Fit the draining hose to a washbasin water intake and drain hoses are not or bathtub securely before starting up folded, squeezed, or broken when your machine. There may be a risk of the appliance is pushed into place being scalded due to high washing after it is installed or cleaned. temperatures!• Your washing machine is designed • Never open the loading door or to continue operating in the event of remove the filter while there is still a power interruption. Your machine water in the drum. will not resume its program when • Unplug the machine when it is not in the power restores. Press the use. “Start/Pause/Cancel” button for 3 • Never wash down the appliance with seconds to cancel the program (See, a water hose! There is the risk of Canceling a Program) electric shock!• There may be some water in your • Never touch the plug with wet hands. machine when you receive it. This is Do not operate the machine if the from the quality control process and power cord or plug is damaged. is normal. It is not harmful to your • For malfunctions that cannot be machine. solved by information in the operating• Some problems you may encounter manual: may be caused by the infrastructure. • Turn off the machine, unplug it, Press "Start/Pause/Cancel" button turn off the water tap and contact for 3 seconds to cancel the program an authorized service agent. You set in your machine before calling the may refer to your local agent or authorized service. solid waste collection center in yourFirst Use municipality to learn how to dispose• Carry out your first washing process of your machine. without loading your machine and If there are children in your with detergent under “Cottons 90°C” house... program. • Keep children away from the machine• Ensure that the cold and hot water when it is operating. Do not let them connections are made correctly when tamper with the machine. installing your machine. • Close the loading door when you• If the current fuse or circuit breaker is leave the area where the machine is less than 16 Amperes, please have located. a qualified electrician install a 16 Ampere fuse or circuit breaker.• While using with or without a transformer, do not neglect to have the grounding installation laid by a qualified electrician. Our company shall not be liable for any damages that may arise when the machine is used on a line without grounding.• Keep the packaging materials out of reach of children or dispose them 2 - EN
  3. 3. 2 InstallationRemoving packagingreinforcementTilt the machine to remove the packagingreinforcement. Remove the packagingreinforcement by pulling the ribbon.Opening the transportation locks there are rubber seals (4 seals for the Transportation safety bolts must models with double water inlet and be removed before operating the 2 seals for other models) attached washing machine! Otherwise, the to the hoses. These seals should machine will be damaged! be used at the tap and machine1. Loosen all the bolts with a spanner connection ends of the hoses. The until they rotate freely (“C”) plain end of the hose fitted with a2. Remove transportation safety bolts filter must be attached to the tap and by turning them gently. the elbowed end must be attached3. Fit the covers (supplied in the bag to the machine. Tighten the nuts of with the Operation Manual) into the the hose well by hand; never use holes on the rear panel. (“P”) wrenches to tighten the nuts. • Models with a single water inlet should not be connected to the hot water tap. When returning the appliance to its place after maintenance or cleaning, care should be taken not to fold, squeeze or block the Keep the transportation safety bolts hoses. in a safe place to reuse when the washing machine needs to be moved Connecting to the drain again in the future. The water discharge hose can be attached Never move the appliance without to the edge of a washbasin or bathtub. The the transportation safety bolts drain hose should be firmly fitted into the properly fixed in place! drain as to not get out of its housing. Important:Adjusting the feet • The end of the drain hose must be Do not use any tools to loosen the directly connected to the wastewater lock nuts. Otherwise, they can be drain or to the washbasin. damaged. • The hose should be attached to a1. Manually (by hand) loosen the lock height of at least 40 cm, and 100 cm nuts on the feet. at most.2. Adjust them until the machine stands • In case the hose is elevated after level and firmly. laying it on the floor level or close3. Important: Tighten all lock nuts up to the ground (less than 40 cm again. above the ground), water dischargeConnecting to the water supply.Important:• The water supply pressure required to run the machine must be 1-10 bar (0,1 – 1 MPa).• Connect the special hoses supplied becomes more difficult and the with the machine to the water intake laundry may come out wet. valves on the machine. • The hose should be pushed into the• In order to prevent water leakage that drainage for more than 15 cm. If it is may occur at the connection points, too long you may have it shortened. 3 - EN
  4. 4. • The maximum length of the Correct load capacity combined hoses must not be longer Please follow the information in the than 3.2 m. “Program Selection Table”. Washing results will degrade when theElectrical connection machine is overloaded.Connect the machine to an earthed outlet Loading doorprotected by a fuse of suitable capacity. The door locks during program operationImportant: and the Door Locked Symbol (Figure 3-13i)• Connection should comply with lights up. The door can be opened when national regulations. the symbol fades out.• The voltage and the allowed fuse protection are specified in the section Detergents and softeners “Technical Specifications”. Detergent Drawer• The specified voltage must be equal The detergent drawer is composed of three to your mains voltage. compartments:• Connection via extension cords or The detergent dispenser may be in two multi-plugs should not be made. different types according to the model of A damaged power cable must be your machine. replaced by a qualified electrician. The appliance must not be operated – (I) for prewash unless it is repaired! There is the risk – (II) for main wash of electric shock! - (III) siphon – ( ) for softener3 Initial preparations forwashingPreparing clothes for washingLaundry items with metal attachments suchas, bras, belt buckles and metal buttonswill damage the machine. Remove metal Detergent, softener and other cleaningattachments or place the items in a clothing agentsbag, pillow case, or something similar. Add detergent and softener before starting• Sort the laundry according to type the washing program. of fabric, color, and degree of soiling Never open the detergent dispenser drawer and permissible water temperature. while the washing program is running! Always follow the advice on the When using a program without pre-wash, garment labels. no detergent should be put into the pre-• Place small items like infants’ socks wash compartment (Compartment no. I). and nylon stockings, etc. in a laundry bag, pillow case or something similar. Detergent quantity This will also save your laundry from The amount of washing detergent to be getting lost. used depends on the amount of laundry, the• Wash “machine washable” or “hand degree of soiling and water hardness. washable” labeled products only with an appropriate program. • Do not use amounts exceeding• Do not wash colors and whites the quantities recommended on together. New, dark colored cottons the package to avoid problems of may release a lot of dye. Wash them excessive foam, poor rinsing, financial separately. savings and finally, environmental• Use only dyes/color changers and protection. lime removers suitable for machine • Never exceed the (> max <) level wash. Always follow the instructions marking; otherwise, the softener will on the packaging. be wasted without being used.• Wash trousers and delicate clothes • Do not use liquid detergent if you turned inside out. want to wash using the time delay feature. 4 - EN
  5. 5. 4 Selecting a program and operating your machineControl panel 5 3 4 90° 60° 60° 1000 40° 40° 500 30° 30° 3’’ Reset 30° 40° 7 61- Spin Speed Adjustment Knob * 6 - On/Off Button2- Temperature Adjustment Button * 7 - Program Follow-up Indicators3- Start/Pause/Cancel Button 8 - Child-proof Lock Indicator *4- Auxiliary Function Keys5- Program Selection Knob * According to your machine’s model Normally soiled, fade proofTurning the machine on 60˚C colored linens, cottons orYou can prepare the machine for program synthetic clothes and lightlyselection by pressing the “On/Off” button. soiled white linensWhen the “On/Off” button is pressed, the“Ready” light illuminates indicating that the 40˚C- Blended clothes includingdoor is ulocked. Press the “On/Off” button 30°C- synthetics and woolens asagain to shut down the machine. Cold well as delicate clothes. Programs are limited with the highestProgram selection spin speed appropriate for thatSelect the appropriate program from the particular type of cloth.program table and the following washingtemperature table according to type, Main programsamount and degree of soiling of the laundry. Depending on the type of textile, theSelect the desired program with the following main programs are available:program selection button. •Cottons Each of these programs consist of a You can wash your durable clothes with complete washing process, including this program. Your laundry will be washed wash, rinse and, if required, spin with vigorous washing movements during a cycles. longer washing cycle. •Synthetics Normally soiled, white You can wash your less durable clothes on90˚C cottons and linens. this program. Gentler washing movements and a shorter washing cycle is used 5 - EN
  6. 6. compared to the “Cottons” program. It isrecommended for your synthetic clothes Spin Speed selection(such as shirts, blouses, synthetic/cotton You can have your clothes spun at theblended garments, etc.). For curtains and maximum rpm selection on your machinelace, the “Synthetic 40” program with pre- by using the selection knob in modelswash and anti-creasing functions selected is equipped with an rpm selection knob. Inrecommended. order to protect your clothes, your machine•Delicates will not spin above 800 rpm on syntheticYou can wash your delicate clothes programs and 600 rpm on woolenson this program. It has more sensitive program. Furthermore, if you want to skipwashing movements and does not make the spin cycle and take your clothes out,intermediate spinning compared to turn the rpm selection knob to “no spin”“Synthetic” program. position.•Woolens In machines not equipped with a spin speedYou can wash your machine-washable selection knob, the machine will spin in thewoolen garments on this program. Wash maximum possible rpm in the default settingby selecting the proper temperature of the selected program.according to the labels of your clothes.It is recommended to use appropriatedetergents for woolens.•Hand WashYou can wash your woolen/delicate clothesthat bear “not machine- washable” labelsfor which hand wash is recommended onthis program. It washes the laundry withvery tender washing movements withoutdamaging your clothes.Additional programsFor special cases, there are also extraprograms available: Additional programs may differ according to the model of your machine.• SuperThis program washes for a longer periodat 40°C and gives the same result as the"Cottons 60°C" program, thus it savesenergy. It is suitable for clothes for whichyou cannot use the "Cotton 60°C" program.• MiniThis program is used to quickly wash (30minutes) a small amount of lightly soiledcotton garments.Special programsFor specific applications, you can select anyof the following programs:• RinseThis program is used when you want torinse or starch separately.• Pump + SpinThis program spins with maximum possiblerpm in the default setting after the waterdrains from the machine. You should use a lower spin speed for delicate laundries. 6 - EN
  7. 7. Program selection and consumption table Programme Duration (~min) Energy Consumption (kWh) Water Consumption (l) Spin speed reduction Max. Load (kg) Programme Rinse Hold Rinse Plus Prewash No Heat No SpinCottons 90 5 133 45 1.65 • • • • • •Cottons 60** 5 140 45 0.95 • • • • • •Cottons 40 5 142 45 0.69 • • • • • •Super 40 5 182 45 0.78 • • •Synthetics 60 2.5 113 52 0.92 • • • • • •Synthetics 40 2.5 104 52 0.56 • • • • • •Synthetics 30 2.5 95 52 0.30 • • • • • •Delicate 30 2 77 45 0.36 • • • • •Woollens 40 1.5 70 45 0.36 • • • • •Hand wash 30 1 45 32 0.21 • • •Mini 30 2.5 30 43 0.17 • • •• : Selectable* : Automatically selected, not cancellable.**: Energy Label programme (EN 60456)Water and power consumption and programme duration may differ from the tableshown, subject to changes in water pressure, water hardness and temperature, ambienttemperature, type and amount of laundry, selection of auxiliary functions, and fluctuations inthe supply voltage. The auxiliary functions in the table may differ according to the model of your machine. 7 - EN
  8. 8. Auxiliary functions Reducing SpeedAuxiliary function selection keys You may use the speed reduction buttonSelect the required auxiliary functions before whenever you wish to spin your clothesstarting the program. below the maximum spin speed. When Auxiliary function buttons may differ speed reduction button is pressed, spin according to the model of your speed will be at the minimum rpm given on machine. the panel. No spinAuxiliary function selection You may use this program if you do notIf an auxiliary function that should not be want to spin your clothes at the end ofselected together with a previously selected cottons, synthetics, woolen or delicatefunction is chosen, the first selected programs.function will be cancelled and the last Cold Washingauxiliary function selection will remain active. If you wish to wash your clothes in coldFor example: If you want to select pre-wash water, you can use this program.first and then quick wash, pre-wash will becancelled and quick wash will remain active. Starting the ProgramAuxiliary function that is not compatible Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button to startwith the program cannot be selected. (see the program. “Start/Pause/Cancel” button“Program Selection Table”) will light up to indicate that the program has started. The door is locked and the “Lid”Pre-wash light fades.A pre-wash is only worthwhile for heavilysoiled laundry. Without pre-wash you save Progressing a programenergy, water, detergent and time. Pre- Progress of a running program is shownwash without detergent is recommended for through the program follow-up indicator. Atlace and curtains. the beginning of every program step, theRinse Plus relevant indicator lamp will light up and lightWith this function, you can increase the of the completed step will turn off.number of current rinsing steps. Thus, If the machine is not spinning, thesensitive skins’ risk of being affected by the program may be in rinse hold moderemainder detergent on the clothes will be or the automatic spin correctiondecreased. system has been activated becauseRinse hold of excessive unbalanced distributionIf you do not want to unload your clothes of laundry in the machine.immediately after the cotton, synthetics,woolen and delicate fabrics program, you Changing the selections after themay release your clothes inside the machinein the last rinsing water by pressing the rinse program has startedhold button in order to prevent your clothes You can use this feature after your machinebecome wrinkled. After this process you has started to wash different textile groupsmay spin your laundry by pressing “Start/ in the same batch of clothes under higherPause/Cancel” button or you may end the or lower temperatures. You must cancelprogram by pressing “Start/Pause/Cancel” the ongoing program in order to change thebutton for 3 sec. washing program.• In the machines equipped with spin For example, press and hold the “Start/ speed selection knob or button, you Pause/Cancel” button for 3 seconds to can spin by selecting the desired “Cancel” the program in order to select spin speed and press "Start/Pause/ “Cottons 40” program instead of “Cottons Cancel" button. 60” program. Select the “Cottons 40”• As for machines not equipped with a program by rotating the program knob. spin speed selection knob, you can Press "Start/Pause/Cancel" button to start end the program without a spin cycle the program. by pressing the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button and draining the water. If you Switching the machine to standby wish your clothes be spun, you can mode spin them by selecting “pump+spin” Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button program. momentarily to switch your machine to the standby mode. Auxiliary functions can be 8 - EN
  9. 9. cancelled or selected in accordance with 5 Maintenance and cleaningthe step the program is at. The door can beopened if the water level is suitable. Laundry Detergent Drawermay be added / taken out by opening the Remove any powder residue buildup in thedoor. drawer. To do this; 1. Press the dotted point on the siphon in the softener compartment and pullChild-proof lock towards you until the compartment isYou can protect the appliance from being removed from the machine.tampered by children by means of the child-proof lock. In this case, no change can bemade in the running program.The machine is switched to child-lock bypressing the 1st and 2nd auxiliary functionsfrom the left for 3 sec. 1st auxiliary functionlight will flash continuously. To deactivatethe child-proof lock, press the same buttonsfor 3 sec. If more than a normal amount of water and softener mixture starts toEnding the program through gather in the softener compartment, the siphon must be cleaned.canceling 2. Wash the dispenser drawer and theIn order to cancel the selected program, siphon with plenty of lukewarm waterpress the "Start/Pause/Cancel" button for 3 in a washbasin.seconds. The machine starts to discharge 3. Replace the drawer into its housingthe water. “Wash” and “Program Finished” after cleaning. Check if the siphon islights will light up. "Start/Pause/Cancel" and in its original location.“Wash” lights will go off after dischargingprocess is over and the “Lid” light will startflashing. “Lid” lamp will light up continuously Inlet water filterswhen the door is unlocked. There is a filter at the end of each water intake valve at the back side of the machineIf the program is cancelled in the middle and also at the end of each water intakeof the process, “Wash” and “Program hose where they are connected to the tap.Finished” lights will light up. The machine These filters prevent the foreign substancescan drain all the water or can take in water and dirt in the water to enter into thefor 3 times at most to cool down the clothes machine. Filters should be cleaned as theyand complete draining process. When the get dirty.water discharging process is completed,the “Wash” light will go off, the “ProgramFinished” light will light up and the “Lid”light will continuously flash until the door isunlocked.End of programThe “Program Finished” lamp on theprogram follow-up indicator will light upwhen the program comes to an end. The lidis unlocked 2 minutes later, the “Program • Close the taps.Finished” and “Lid” lamps will light up • Remove the nuts of the water intakecontinuously. The machine is now ready for hoses to clean the surfaces of thea second cycle. filters on the water intake valves withIf any key is pressed when the machine is an appropriate the end of the program or if the position • If the filters are very dirty, you canof the selection knob is changed, the pull them out by means of pliers and“Program Finished” light will go off and only clean them.the “Lid” lamp will remain as lit. If the door • Take out the filters on the flat ends ofis still locked, the “Lid” light will continue the water intake hoses together withflashing until the door is unlocked. the gaskets and clean thoroughlyPress the “On/Off” button to shut down the under streaming water.machine. • Replace the gaskets and filters 9 - EN
  10. 10. carefully to their places and tighten the hose nuts by hand.Draining any remaining water andcleaning the pump filterYour product is equipped with a filtersystem which ensures a cleaner water • Place a large container at the end ofdischarge that extends pump life by the hose. Drain the water off into thepreventing solid items such as buttons, container by pulling out the plug atcoins and fabric fibers from clogging the the end of the hose. If the amount ofpump propeller during discharge of the water to be drained off is greater thanwashing water. the volume of the container, replace• If your machine fails to drain the the plug, pour the water out, then water, the pump filter may be resume the draining process. clogged. You may have to clean • After draining process is completed, it every 2 years or whenever it is replace the plug into the end of the plugged. Water must be drained off hose and fit the hose back into its to clean the pump filter. place.In addition, water may have to be drainedoff completely in the following cases: If your product is not supplied with an• before transporting the machine (e.g. emergency drain hose, do the following as when moving house) shown in the figure below:• when there is the danger of frostIn order to clean the dirty filter anddischarge the water;1- Unplug the machine to cut off the supplypower. There may be water at 90°C in the machine. Therefore, the filter must • Place a large container in front of the be cleaned only after the inside water filter to receive water flowing from the is cooled down to avoid hazard of filter. scalding. • Loosen pump filter (anticlockwise) until water starts to flow out of it.2- Open the filter cap. The filter cap may be Direct the flowing water into thecomposed of one or two pieces according container you have placed in front ofto the model of your machine. the filter. You can use a piece of clothIf it is composed of two pieces, press the to absorb any spilled on the filter cap downwards and pull the • When there is no water left, turn thepiece out towards yourself. pump filter until it is completely looseIf it is composed of one piece, hold it from and remove it.both sides and open it by pulling out. • Clean any residues inside the filter as well as fibers, if any, around the propeller region. • If your product has a water jet feature, be sure to fit the filter into its housing in the pump. Never force the filter while replacing it into its housing. Fit the filter fully into its housing; otherwise, water may leak from the3- An emergency drain hose is supplied filter cap.with some of our models. Others are notsupplied with this item. 4- Close the filter cap. Close the two-piece filter cap of yourIf your product is supplied with an product by pushing the tab on it.emergency drain hose, do the following as Close the one-piece filter cap of yourshown in the figure below: product by fitting the tabs on the bottom• Pull out the pump outlet hose from its into their positions and pushing the upper housing. part of it. 10 - EN
  11. 11. 6 Solution suggestions for problemsProblem Cause Explanation / Suggestion Machine may haveProgram cannot switched to self Reset your machine by pressing “Start/be started or protection mode due to Pause/Cancel” button for 3 seconds. (see,selected. an infrastructure problem Canceling a Program) (such as line voltage, water pressure, etc.).There is water Be sure the seals of the water inlet hosescoming from There might be problems are securely fitted.the bottom of with hoses or the pump Tightly attach the drain hose to the tap.the machine. filter. Make sure that the pump filter is completely closed.Machinestopped Machine can stop It will resume operating when the voltage isshortly after temporarily due to lowthe program voltage. back to the normal level.started. The automatic spin correction system might have been activated due to the unbalancedIt continuously distribution of the laundry in the drum. The laundry in the drum may be clusteredspins. There may be an imbalance (bundled laundry in a bag). Laundry shouldRemaining time of laundry in the machine. be rearranged and re-spun.does not count No spinning is performed when the laundrydown. is not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any damage to the machine and to its environment. In the case of a paused countdown while taking in The machine will wait until there is a water: sufficient amount of water to avoid poor Timer will not countdown until the machine is filled washing results due to lack of water. Then with the correct amount of the timer will start to count down. water. In the case of a paused countdown at the heating step:It continuously Time will not countwashes.Remaining time down until the selecteddoes not count temperature for the program is reacheddown. The automatic spin correction system might have been activated due to the unbalanced distribution of the laundry in the drum. In the case of a paused countdown at the spinning The laundry in the drum may be clustered step: (bundled laundry in a bag). Laundry should There may be an imbalance be rearranged and re-spun. of laundry in the machine. No spinning is performed when the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any damage to the machine and to its environment. 11 - EN
  12. 12. 7 SpecificationsModels WML 15105 D WML 15085 D WML 15065 DMaximum dry laundry capacity (kg) 5 5 5Height (cm) 84 84 84Width (cm) 60 60 60Depth (cm) 45 45 45Net Weight (kg) 60 60 60Electricity (V/Hz.) 230 V / 50hz 230 V / 50hz 230 V / 50hzTotal Current (A) 10 10 10Total Power (W) 2200 2200 2200Spinning cycle (rpm max.) 1000 800 600Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of theproduct. Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly.Values stated on the machine labels or in the documentation accompanying it are obtainedin laboratory in accordance with the relevant standards. Depending on operational andenvironmental conditions of the appliance, values may vary. This appliance’s packaging material is recyclable. Help recycle it and protect the environment by dropping it off in the municipal receptacles provided for this purpose. Your appliance also contains a great amount of recyclable material. It is marked with this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste. This way, the appliance recycling organised by your manufacturer will be done under the best possible conditions, in compliance with European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Contact your town hall or your retailer for the used appliance collection points closest to your home. We thank you doing your part to protect the environment. 3’’ Reset 8 On/Off Start Reset Coton Synthetics Woollens Delicate Babycare Sport Shirt Hand Pause 3 sn. wash Intensive Rinse Express Quick Duvet Anti Rinse Time Temperature No Cold hold wash creasing plus delay heat Prewash Main Rinse Drain Spin No Door wash End Child Conditioner wash spin ready lock 12 - EN