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How can popup shops help to revive our high streets?


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Space Qube's founder, Alison John, talks about how popup shops can assist the revival of our high streets. Learn about what a popup shop is, how to use popup shops and see a popup case study in action. This presentation was delivered to an audience at the Small Business Saturday event in Southampton on 7th December 2013.

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How can popup shops help to revive our high streets?

  1. 1. How can Pop-Up shops help revive our High Streets?
  2. 2. ! What is the High Street? • Prime place for business – Retail & Banking • Shopping Centres are often at the centre • Town Centres are often clones • Heart of the community
  3. 3. ! Why the High Street is changing? ! ! • • • Recession has made trading difficult 14% of retail property is vacant 80% of lease renewals will fall within the next 4 years
  4. 4. ! ! • • • • The Growth of Internet shopping On-line shopping is relatively easy To set up an on-line shop is cost effective Delivery methods becoming more sophisticated – GPS tracking Click and Collect help time poor customers
  5. 5. Why Save the High Street? • • • • • Quintessentially British What would be story line in all soaps and TV programmes? And would we have had our classic TV dramas such as Mr Selfridge or Open All Hours?! Heart of our communities Vital to a thriving economy
  6. 6. ! • • The High Street is a fundamental part of our culture If we do nothing we will end up with Ghettos
  7. 7. Notes from the Distressed Towns Taskforce Report • • • • • • Town Centres should be a main infrastructure Radical action is needed There are too many shops - equal to 300 Bluewater shopping centres have been built in England since the early 1970s Doing nothing will leave our Trade Tourism and National reputation in tatters The High Street won’t be the same again - the retail element will shrink and change But we can retain the essence and make our Town Centres better, not the same as they were before
  8. 8. Making Towns and Cities special We need to make towns and cities… ! • • • A destination Part of the community An integral part of wider environment Pop-Ups are a small part of this bigger picture
  9. 9. ! So how can we bring a sense of theatre back into our High Streets? Mary Portas said in her Government Review in 2011… “I believe that our high streets are a really important part of building communities and pulling people together in a way that a supermarket or shopping mall, however convenient, however entertaining and however slick, just never can.”
  10. 10. Revive and Thrive ! • Pull like minded businesses and Town Centre practitioners together to help revive our town centres ! • Help for Town Teams or Business Investment Districts (BIDs) to rethink their towns
  11. 11. Pop-Ups can be a part this revival by Integrating with Town Centre plans and being a part of the Local activities • • • Seasonal Events Festivals Sporting Events
  12. 12. So, what is a Pop-Up? • The temporary appearance of an organisation for retailing or a marketing activity ! ! • Usually in an empty shop or space otherwise let on a long term basis
  13. 13. Why use a Pop-Up? • • • • • • • Gives easier access to the High Street Cheaper No long term ties Avoids big financial outlay for rent, rates and deposits Provides a temporary use for an otherwise empty property Good for testing a location Provides Bricks & Mortar presence for on-line retail business • • • • ! ! Offers an alternative property strategy Big retailers who wish to reduce their property estate by not renewing a lease on least profitable site Re-invest in Pop-Ups to provide continued presence in the secondary locations For Marketing Campaigns or Product Launches
  14. 14. ! • But it’s not just for the big players… Small businesses can also see an increase in on-line sales through the use of the pop-up shop ! • For example, start-up company Swig flasks successfully used a PopUp to promote their on-line brand in the Piccadilly Pop-Up Britain store
  15. 15. ! ! So Imagine what you can use a Pop-Up for… ! ! Almost Anything!
  16. 16. Seasonal events Christmas . Easter . Valentines Day
  17. 17. ! Festivals or Events Go Rhino Public Art festival
  18. 18. ! Festivals or Events
  19. 19. ! Marketing new Technologies ! Trying and buying a 3D printer
  20. 20. ! Pop-Up Restaurant
  21. 21. ! Not just for Retail or Christmas
  22. 22. ! Supporting Not for Profit Campaigns
  23. 23. ! So, how can you set up a Pop-Up Shop? ! ! Prepare a Project Programme:•Set your objectives •Timing – Be realistic •Costs •Other Resources ie people, possible locations ! Things to remember:• Speak to landlords and determine terms of the license and costs • Check the space is in the right location • Check the access to the space parking, public transport, deliveries • Ensure the space has the right Planning Class - (Cooking requires Class A3) • Shop Size • Insurance • Staffing • Equipment ! ! The Marketing • Prepare your marketing strategy. • Launch the shop and invite VIPs and the press • Use Social Media community • Use other marketing tools – mailshots, PR, advertising etc • Run a competition
  24. 24. ! ! ! • As you can see, Pop-Ups… Help big brands reconnect to Local communities. ! • Help small businesses reach people and places not normally accessible ! A collaboration between the two provides mutual benefit
  25. 25. A Pop-Up Case Study Hampshire Fare Pop-Up
  26. 26. • British Land (Whiteley) wanted to engage with their local community ! • Hampshire Fare wanted to Promote local Produce to a new audience during the Food festival ! • Space Qube wanted first hand experience of running a pop-up and to build a relationship with Whiteley Shopping
  27. 27. ! • 6 weeks to design, fit out, organise and open the PopUp ! • Pulled in family, friends and local networking group business members for help ! • We approached Hampshire Fare Producers to supply to produce ! • Used local suppliers for shop fitting, equipment and catering
  28. 28. 26 local producers took part
  29. 29. ! • The result was a week long Pop-Up that show cased some of the best Hampshire producers. Hampshire Fare and their members were delighted ! • It provided awareness of our Space Qube brand as well as giving us the first hand experience we required ! • Whiteley were so impressed they asked us to go back!
  30. 30. ! ! It’s not a piece of Cake… ! • …but easier than buying a long term lease and a lot more fun! ! • Planning and being resourceful are key to making a popup work
  31. 31. ! ! The Future ! • Pop-Ups are not just a fad but a new way of retailing • Short Term lets and pop-ups will be more frequent • Space Qube is looking to open a permanent site to make Popping Up even easier • Based on what we know, Pop-up is not just for Christmas but for all year round
  32. 32. ! ! Mary Portas also said… ! “I want to put the heart back into the centre of our high streets, reimagined as destinations for socialising, culture, health, wellbeing, creativity and learning.” ! ! Pop-ups do not provide the complete solution but can be a conduit for this rejuvenation
  33. 33. Crowd Funding on Seedrs