HUB:BLE-2 08 reaching the world


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HUB:BLE -2 Boosting Local Enterprise
Reaching the World

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HUB:BLE-2 08 reaching the world

  1. 1. Boosting Local Enterprise 17th October 2013
  2. 2. Reaching the World Samantha Gemmell – Cool Creative Concepts Kerry Bailey – UK Trade and Investment Estelle Colmeraurer – Enterprise Europe Network Jasmine Chambers – China-Britain Business Council Ben Snutch – SynYang
  3. 3. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Sam Gemmell Director Cool Creative Concepts LTD How to build a micro multi-national “Opponents are thwarted with intelligent planning” Sun Tzu and a little help from UKTI – the SAS of business support
  4. 4. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Redefining our brand values, building channel equity and innovating our service offer Tesseract or hypercube: A mathematical gateway to infinite possibility
  5. 5. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Redefining our brand – brand is a symbol of value Our Value Proposition We create world-class brands and build brand equity and profitability for our customers. We leverage brand stories and turn consumers into brand storytellers by delivering integrated digital and social media marketing campaigns with a measurable return on investment, reach and influence.
  6. 6. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Our value-based market offering – from this…. We are accomplished listeners and infectious storytellers. It's not about ads... it's about reach. It's not about marketing... it's about business transformation
  7. 7. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People … to this - transforming our customer’s brands Avenger Assemble: Ironman uses his virtual technology (the net) to directly experience the tesseract (brand) for the first time
  8. 8. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Consumer covets branded services and products Brand value recognition through relevance, reach and resonance Loki desires tesseract (branded product) for global domination
  9. 9. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Building Global Brand equity – The conversation prism Brands become stories and customers become storytellers Capture attention Steer online experiences Spark conversations and word of mouth Help customers address challenges and create new opportunities
  10. 10. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Building Global Brand equity – The Global Brand Sphere Meet customers where they connect and fold them into the narrative Brands invest in the 5 media landscapes: Paid: Digital advertising, banners, ad words, overlays Owned: Created assets, custom content Earned: Brand-related conversations & user generated content Promoted: in stream or social paid promotions Shared: Open platforms or communities . Customers co-create and collaborate with brands
  11. 11. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Motivation to export Constricting UK Market - Not buying into fiscal austerity measures – be smart and lean not small and cheap! Scale up not down - Need to create new COOL markets More opportunities to exploit COOL international USP Exciting new opportunities in emerging international markets Sustainable route to success through innovative organic growth BE PART OF A GLOBAL CONVERSATION
  12. 12. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People SMART OBJECTIVES: COOL WEALTH CREATION • Capitalization of the business through targeted “crowd sourcing” from strategic partners (significant increase in balance sheet value and external investment in Cool Creative with no debt financing required). • • • • • • Build brand equity and monetize the ‘Cool Creative’ brand as a saleable asset with significant balance sheet value. Monetize soft value appropriations and reflect in balance sheet. Increase top line revenue by broadening service offer beyond current capabilities and capacities. Increase ROI by decreasing cost-base and increasing revenue through shared channel equity in new markets. Redefine ROI of Human Resources as ROI of ‘active work units’ across partner joint contracts and reflect human equity in balance sheet. Sell company in five years.
  13. 13. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Harnessing the Power of SME informal networks Understanding the inky world of SME relationships, strategic partnerships and peer referrals
  14. 14. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Harnessing the Power of SME informal networks Bimini Bahamas Wild Dolphin Colombian shoreline Sauna Miami Beach Florida Moscow Riviera Astrophysicist How are they all related? President Putin
  15. 15. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Harnessing the Power of SME informal networks – our story “I met one of our current business partners in a sauna, who knew a Russian business consultant who was looking for creative UK companies and checked it out through my Aunt's lodger in Sheffield, who happened to be a Russian astrophysicist married to Putin's speech writer... I met one of our US partners over rum cocktails on a tiny island in the Bahamas whilst swimming with wild dolphins... We have put the two partners together for a joint market entry into Colombia through the US , using revenue from our Russian contracts to fund it. We are cross-channel marketing in Colombia with our UK Ad and FE Education partners to build our brand equity in two Colombian markets simultaneously“
  16. 16. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “The future of competition is collaboration” We heighten customer satisfaction by augmenting our own capabilities with those of more proficient partners, outside our own distinct specialisms – access to 50-60% more contract opportunities The Three Marketeers!
  17. 17. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “The future of competition is collaboration” ‘e-Learning Business’ - Florida Joint venture with US partner Skills development digital products ‘Digital Media Marketing’ - Colombia Joint venture with our UK partner Tier 1 brand creation and building brand equity ‘Digital Media Marketing’ - Russia Joint venture with our UK and Russian partners Well capitalized high growth start up companies ‘Digital Education Resources’ Colombia & India Joint venture with our UK Education partner Blended vocational and language training
  18. 18. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “The future of competition is collaboration” UKTI value-added UKTI adds value to these relationships by helping SMEs to formalize and monetize the trading opportunities... and it does this very successfully... Becoming match-fit for Global Trade: • • • • • • • • Finding channel partners in US and Colombia Access to experts in cyber-security plus lots more… OMIS – customized research into target markets Countdown to market entry support Marketing materials support – Grant funding Mentoring – the priceless value of a good ITA Business Transformation “Hot-housing” Improved performance in home territories
  19. 19. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People UKTI Kellogg Marketing Scholarship UKTI sponsored an ‘ Executive Marketing Masterclass’ in Chicago, at the top Marketing School in the world Competitive application process Changed our whole approach to marketing
  20. 20. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People UKTI Kellogg Marketing Scholarship We set up a US JV LLC and opened an office in Delray Beach Florida
  21. 21. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People UKTI Kellogg Marketing Scholarship Access to a top UKTI US Expert – helped re-position our US market offering
  22. 22. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “Adaptive Channel Marketing – shared channel equity”
  23. 23. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “Adaptive Channel Marketing – shared channel equity” Our adaptive channels are webs of capabilities embedded in an extended enterprise. By sharing our resources and capabilities in novel ways and new situations, we can take advantage of profit-making opportunities that SMEs could not exploit alone. Service and marketing operations are shared and costs fall by 20-25%. Expectation of 50-60% more in sales with greater margins and less risk by offering a broader selection of products and services than we could on our own.
  24. 24. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “Adaptive Channel Marketing – shared channel equity” Leveraging the Global Brain - Innovatively using connectivity for business transformation Global Telecommunications at Thunderbirds HQ Tracey Island (skype for marionettes)
  25. 25. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Innovation starts with letting go! UKTI Passport to Export Program We rewrote our whole business plan! Innovation is a mind set, an open way of looking at the world that encourages deviation and rewards early failure Measure of success is new value, not new technology or products
  26. 26. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People UKTI Kellogg wisdom - Market test with a pilot Think big, start small, scale fast Rapid, dirty, cheap pilots are the key to speed Break down projects into manageable chunks No project at Cisco is more than 90 days old Avoid “percentage people” Dedicated personnel are the only ways to get focus and speed in action Make executives accountable for progress Regular review meetings
  27. 27. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People Universal Truths for Innovative International Trade “Value in business markets is the worth in monetary terms of the technical, economic, service and social benefits a customer receives in exchange for the price it pays for a market offering” • Measure risk by cost of failure, not probability of failure • Aggregate sales revenue and reduce cost-base through shared channel equity • Augment capabilities with those of more proficient partners, outside our own distinct specialisms • Know your markets and your place within them!
  28. 28. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “Life in the Brand Sphere” – 6 micro-stories in less than 1 minute…
  29. 29. Your Brand . Your Story . Your People “Thank you for listening…“ Now what’s your story?...
  30. 30. The UK Government’s ambitions 1. Doubling UK exports to £1 trillion a year by 2020; 2. Getting more UK companies exporting by 2020; 3. Doubling the UK’s stock of FDI to £1.5 trillion by 2020.
  31. 31. Who is UK Trade & Investment? £49.6Bn Sales 33,000 Customers 120,000 Jobs BIS & FCO 9 English Regions 3 Devolved Administrations
  32. 32. UKTI’s Global Presence 1,200 400 30 111 in in English Regions East Midlands staff in overseas markets. staff ITAs
  33. 33. UKTI operates in 176 locations, in over 111 markets, covering 98 per cent of world GDP
  34. 34. East Midlands Exports The Outcome 6000 Exporters £18.3bn - Up 3.4% 57% Exports to Non EU Markets 5
  35. 35. International Trade Advisers New Customers Opportunities Markets Advice & Support Business Review Action Plan 6
  36. 36. UKTI’s Services ERDF Overseas Market Introduction Service TAP Passport to Export Gateway to Global Growth Export Communications Review 8
  37. 37. Exporting Success 1,20 staff in 111 overseas markets. Over 50% UKTI’s Customers win Of £600k of 25 ITAs in East Midlands
  38. 38. Further information Contact Social media 1,20 E staff in 111 T +44 (0)7769 235 308 overseas markets. 25 ITAs in East Midlands
  39. 39. EEN Midlands European Commission Enterprise and Industry
  40. 40. Enterprise Europe Network • Support services primarily aimed at SMEs, research and innovation organisations • Offered through a network of 600 organisations working in regional consortia • Over 50 countries involved • Midlands consortium – CUE Ltd, BCCI, DNCC
  41. 41. Network in action: helping small businesses beat the recession
  42. 42. Overseas Partnering Support Services - Business and technology partnering - Participation in EU research funded project
  43. 43. Business and Technology Partnering Services - Partner search profiling - Brokerage events and missions
  44. 44. Profile BOFR20130723007 A French company specializing in engineering medical systems for physiotherapists, podiatrists and all medical professionals is looking for distributors of biofeedback rehabilitation products in Germany, UK and Switzerland.
  45. 45. Profile 20100527036 BR Croatian company, specialized in the development of video games for PC and other devices and consoles (iPhone, iPad, Nintendo, Wii, etc.) is looking for trade intermediaries and subcontracting partnership ("work for hire" on various gaming platforms).
  46. 46. Profile 12 GB 45P2 3OLD TO A UK battery company has strived to bring the latest battery technology into the space industry and is looking to exploit this technology in the space industry and other sectors. The company seeks to license the existing techonlogy and work in joint ventures for new development.
  47. 47. Profile 12 IT 532W 3O9N TR An Italian SME active in the field of renewable energies is searching for a company/industry that manufactures thin glass stocked in coils to use for multiple purposes related to SME’s activity in design and manufacturing of plant for energy production. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is proposed.
  48. 48. Brokerage Events - European Space Solutions 2013, Brokerage Event 7 November 2013, Munich - Medica 2013, Fair and Brokerage Event, 20-22 November 2013, Dusseldorf - Milipol Paris 2013 , Fair and Brokerage Event 20-21 November 2013, Paris
  49. 49. Support Your Participation in European Funded Projects - Partner/Coordinator search profiles - Seminars
  50. 50. Profile RDES20130910001 A Spanish Technology Centre needs partners for a proposal to develop novel simulation approaches for real-time modeling of manufacturing processes based on liquid composite molding for designing optimal control strategies. ERANET (AirTN)
  51. 51. Seminars Presentation of the latest developments in Horizon 2020 and an overview of the proposed Work Programme: • Food, agriculture and forestry – Harper Adams University, 5th November 2013 • Space – Harwell, 12th November 2013 • ICT- Aston University Conference Centre, 20th November 2013
  52. 52. Enterprise Europe Network Coventry University Technology Park Puma Way, Coventry CV1 2TT 024 7623 6236
  53. 53. Jasmine Chambers International Trade Adviser - China UKTI & CBBC East Midlands
  54. 54. Doing Business in China - How to Succeed • Market & trade overview • Live business opportunities • Selling to China • Industry clusters • Managing risks • Help & Support slide 2
  55. 55. China in numbers • • • Grown around 10% a year for 32 years 2nd largest economy 122 US$ billionaires (2nd after the US) • China’s GDP - 2002: 90% of the UK - 2012: three times of the UK - 2020: five times of the UK (estimated) • • • Glowing domestic market Moving towards to a consumer-based society Spurring green growth slide 3
  56. 56. China & UK trade overview • UK goods exports to China doubled since 2009 • 7th biggest goods export market in 2012 (4th by 2018) • 14th largest services export market (up from 17th 2009) • 3rd largest market for East Midlands firms (up from 9th 2012) slide 4
  57. 57. Live business opportunities slide 5
  58. 58. Live business opportunities slide 6
  59. 59. Live business opportunities Retail •e-Commerce company wants to work with UK online retailers in the Chinese market 31/12/2013 •Supermarket distributor seeks mothers and infant products from the UK 31/01/2014 Healthcare •Partners sought for continuous care retirement community (CCRC) project in Qingdao 30/11/2013 Sports & Leisure •Equestrian club in Chengdu seeks UK expertise 01/04/2014 and many more… slide 7
  60. 60. Selling in China: Opportunities in All Sectors Must Have USP slide 8
  61. 61. Selling in China: Market Exploration Preparation •Research •Tailor offering to the market (“Chinese plus”) •Have an IP plan Engaging •Visit the market – on your own or with an organised market visit •Build your network •Support anything you set up slide 9
  62. 62. Selling in China: Market Entry Follow up •Be proactive – no “hands off” •Flexibility – eg “localisation” •Do you need local content? •Do you need a presence in the market? •Take advice (CBBC, UKTI, professional services, independents) slide 10
  63. 63. Ways to enter the Chinese market Exporting •Direct selling/exporting •Agent/distributor •Franchising •Licensing/technology transfer Investment •Non trading presence: - Incubator - Representative office •Trading presence: - Joint Venture/Partnership - Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise slide 11
  64. 64. Rising regional cities & industry clusters slide 12
  65. 65. Sector: Advanced Engineering
  66. 66. Sector: Retail slide 14
  67. 67. Managing risks • Prepare well • Knowing your partner(s) • Choose the right team • Have an IP plan • Maintain focus • Culture considerations slide 15
  68. 68. We are here to help CBBC: •Leading source of China business information, advice & consultancy •Over 60 years history •Works closely with UKTI and other partners •Membership organisation: 1000+ companies of all sizes UKTI: •Government organisation to ensure UK businesses’ success in international markets •East Midlands team headquartered in Derby •Overseas teams are part of the British diplomatic network in more than 100 countries worldwide including China slide 16
  69. 69. UK support network in China CBBC Offices Shenyang Beijing Qingdao Nanjing Shanghai Hangzhou Xi’an Wuhan Chengdu British Embassy Beijing British Consulates-General Shanghai Guangzhou Chongqing Changsha Shenzhen Guangzhou Chongqing Xi’an Changsha slide 17
  70. 70. What support is available? • Tailored advice & information • Identify opportunities and potential customers & partners for your products and services • Practical and on-going in market support • Grants for eligible SMEs to internationalise slide 18
  71. 71. Save the dates ‘China in Your Hands’ conference Hilton Hotel Leicester, 14 November Doing Business in China Clinic •Lincoln, 2 May •Nottingham, 26 June •Northampton, 25 July •Leicester, 23 October •Derby, 5 December *Market Visit to Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, 7-11 April 2014* slide 19
  72. 72. Thank you slide 20
  74. 74. ABOUT SYNYANG UK OFFICE LEICESTER CHINA OFFICE SHENZHEN We are a British company with over 10 years of experience in facilitating trade between China & UK
  75. 75. ABOUT SYNYANG “A SAFE GATEWAY TO CHINA” By managing risks and providing auditable processes we offer our clients a robust entry point to the Chinese Market via an established infrastructure and trusted business partnerships.
  76. 76. GLOBAL TRADING CREDENTIALS We have also delivered goods and services in to over 40 different countries spanning several major global markets
  78. 78. ENTERING A FOREIGN MARKET ASK YOURSELF: You have decided to launch your product or service in China WHY?
  79. 79. WHY? ANSWER: a) It’s fashionable to have a China Strategy!
  80. 80. WHY? ANSWER: a) It’s fashionable to have a China Strategy! b) China’s massive so we are bound to make millions! c) Our product is selling like “hot cakes” in the UK so the Chinese market is bound to respond in the same way! d) Careful market research and due diligence suggests that our product is applicable, appropriate and commercially viable in the Chinese market and that demand is likely to be sustainable
  81. 81. ENTERING A FOREIGN MARKET: WHY? Unless you have answered “D” that question, you are likely to have massively UNDERESTIMATED THE COMPLEXITIES, and unless you get incredibly lucky, your China journey is likely to be short-lived.
  83. 83. “A CHINA STRATEGY”  China is made up of 34 Administrative Regions  Each with their own regulatory nuances and legislation  The criteria can vary between provinces  A single strategy will not do for China as a whole.
  84. 84. “A CHINA STRATEGY”  Standards and accreditations will be very different to the UK  Goods licensed for sale in the EU are not necessarily licensed for sale in China.  Do not assume the standards in China will be lower!
  85. 85. “A CHINA STRATEGY”  Eastern taste’s may often be very different to those in the West in certain markets.  The availability of technology means China’s development may often leapfrog certain stages.  Price points may be very different.  Success in the UK does necessarily equal success in China.
  86. 86. WE’VE BEEN DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA FOR YEARS!  Many countries have experience of sourcing from China.  Selling to China is a whole different ball game.  Now they are the client – You need to be prepared to do business on there terms.  The UK is not the only nation who recognises the opportunity that China represents.  Be prepared to compete globally.  Be aware that some of your global competitors will probably have been in the market for sometime.
  87. 87. TIPS: IF GOING IT ALONE  Spend time building and understanding your supply chain.  Invest in your own resources in China.  Utilise Government Sponsored Initiatives.  Professional Advice – Taxation / Law / Intellectual Property / Compliance Testing  Do your research.  Do not under estimate the importance of relationships with China Partners.
  88. 88. TIPS: IF PARTNERING WITH A CHINA SPECIALIST  Partner well: Choose a partner with resource in China  Agree where responsibilities start and finish  Agree on a testing / sign off procedure  Professional Advice – Taxation / Law / Intellectual Property / Compliance Testing  Do your research  Do not under estimate the importance of relationships with China Partners