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Shaker & CO is an established bar school which has sites in Cape town, Jo-burg, London, Birmingham, Dubai and all over the world. This is their first bar that isn’t just a school for young vibrant bar tenders but a cool hang out in the evenings for everybody to enjoy.

Shaker mix new, experimental cocktails and serve them using traditional methods. Space design studios reflected these methods, styles and the history of shaker in the design. To build this vibe we created a rustique, American saloon bar with an exciting twist. We researched in to the alcohol, mixing industry and cocktail culture. The bar really captures the essence ‘Mad Men’ and the fashion of drinking spirits is re-born

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Shaker & co by Space Design Studios

  1. 1. Top Beers, live acoustic gigs, stand-up & a dimly lit base- ment given over to a different “hero” spirit keach month are further reasons to hang out with the Shaker boys”. Square meal. Ridiculously on trend in its pairing of traditional with the modern in both décor, and its drinks menu”. Blue Tomato The guys behind the design at Space Design clearly channeledWhat Is The Press the influence Mad Men has had on cocktail culture and the consequential fashion of drinking spirits”. Saying? Blue Tomato If you’re looking for a little extra tuition, head downstairs to the tasting room which promises to deliver supreme drink- smanship”. the Handbook Shaker & Company is a cocktail lover’s dream”. London just got itself a swell new sauce saloon”. Metro
  2. 2. We love the crystal decanter lanterns and retro school desks.” The ShortlistsThe look and feel of Shaker & Co is classy stuff and doesindeed exude a bit of sultry deep south Americana. The ac-tual rich wood grain bar with a smartly curated assemblage ofbottles backing it up is handsome and welcoming”. Londonist Shaker and Company is bringing a very fine slice of the deep south Americana, some heart and soul serving up New Or-Definitely a destination venue and one cocktail connoisseurs leans inspired cocktails and drinks created by some of theshould strongly consider checking out.” world’s top mixologists. It is all mood lighting with light bulbs Londonist hanging from the bar, barrells to hold your drinks and a secret basement bar that is currently hosting a Monstry vibe .”With bar schools across the globe to their name, the boys at designmynight.comShaker and Company were more than well trained for thisjob. Their “New Orleans-inspired cocktail saloon”, filled withleather sofas and brass lanterns, is a great addition to this no Shaker & Company is first and foremost an excellent bar withman’s land part of town. “ an easy-going ambience. Explore further and your senses will London evening standard be sharpened by its quest to share the best spirits and indulge you in the newest discoveries.” Fluid London You can sit at the bar and watch those boys shakin’ and stirring; kick back and listen to the bands and open mic co- mics.“ London Evening Standard
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