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Ex-Quiz-It 1.0 mains

  1. 1. X-Quiz-It The Great Bong Quiz
  2. 2. MAINs 7 rounds to mash up ur brains Lots of minimalists to eat u up. One special round by us
  3. 3. Q1.  At The Battle of Agincourt in 1415 AD, the French, who were overwhelmingly favored to win the battle, threatened to do something to all captured English soldiers so that they could never fight again. The English won in a major upset and waved something at the French in defiance. This mostly urban legend is supposed to be the origin of what practice?
  4. 4.      The finger, the middle finger, the highway salute, the Bronx salute, the one- finger salute, the bird (as in giving, flipping, or flying the bird), or flipping off someone. The French proposed to cut off the middle finger without which it is impossible to draw the English longbow. • This famous weapon was made of the native English yew tree, and so the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking yew". • Thus, when the victorious English waved their middle fingers at the defeated French, they said, "See, we can still pluck yew! PLUCK YEW!“ Since "pluck yew" is rather difficult to say it has gradually changed to F*** You !
  5. 5. Q2. The X as it has been legally called since 1993 is a mandatory conformity mark for products placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA). The X is a key indicator of a product's compliance with EU legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market. Legally, the X is not a quality mark. But, depending on the applicable directive, the X can actually be considered to be a quality mark. What is X ??
  6. 6. The CE mark.
  7. 7. Q3. Range: Population concentrated in rainforest regions, but outlying clans have been detected on other continents. Anatomy: Smooth skin is iridescent, cyan colour. Long, prehensile tail. Skull is proportionately small, high cheekbones, feline ears. Bioluminescent markings for identification, mood display. Despite skin colour, red blood. Feeding ecology: Omnivore, hunter and gatherer with incipient agriculture, including brewing. Size: Average male is 3 metres tall, females slightly smaller. Note: Generally peaceful, but ferocious in defense of home, clan and family. What ?
  8. 8. Na‟vi
  9. 9. Q4. Robert Cade, Dana Shires, Harry James Free, and Alejandro de Quesada were the medical researchers at the University of Florida who created the original X in 1965. The Florida ___ football coach, Ray Graves, was frustrated with the performance of his players during the hot summer football practices, and asked the team doctor, one of Cade‟s associates, for his insight. Cade and his research team came across the unique mix of water, sodium, sugar, potassium, phosphate and lemon juice that is now known as X in honour of the football team. The football team credited X with their 1st Orange Bowl win in 1967, and X became an instant phenomenon. Identify X.
  10. 10. Q5. The Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit, is an endangered species of the Marsh Rabbit, found in the marshes and swamps of coastal regions of the Eastern and Southern United States, It is a strong swimmer and found only near regions of water. The scientific name of this specie “Sylvilagus palustris ___X___” has been aptly named after a famous media personality. Who?
  11. 11. Hugh Hefner. The specie Name is Sylvilagus palustris Hefneri.
  12. 12. Q6. This European company was company was busy manufacturing forest products like paper in the initial 130 years of existence. They expanded to manufacturing of television in the 1980‟s, but lost a lot of money. It then ventured into the computer field which led to a total burn out forcing the CEO to take away his life. During Russian recession of early 90‟s, it underwent a big slump and was on the verge of termination when the new CEO decided to concentrate on just one sector they are now synonymous with. Which company?
  13. 13. Nokia
  14. 14. Audience This is the episode listing of which television series? 1. Daughters are precious 2. Break the silence 3. Marriage or Marketplace 4. Every life is precious 5. Intolerance to love 6. People with disabilities 7. Danger at home 8. Poison on your plate? 9. This Before you drink 10. Dignity for all 11. Sunset years, Sunshine life 12. Every drop counts 13. Idea of India
  15. 15. Satyamev Jayate
  16. 16. Minimalist 1
  17. 17. Q1.
  18. 18. Q2.
  19. 19. Q3.
  20. 20. Q4.
  21. 21. Q5.
  22. 22. Q6.
  23. 23. Q1 This character started out as a secondary antagonist and comic relief in the first film, and later become the supporting protagonist in the film's sequels and TV series. He is easily frustrated and openly vocalizes his frustrations, and avoids direct confrontations if he can help it, but when required, he can be quite cunning and mischievous. X is also known for his notorious greed of treasure and gold, for which he will go to outlandish lengths to acquire, usually dragging along “Y” to help him, but “Y's” incompetence always costs him. "X" is often put in situations of deciding between saving his own tailfeathers or doing the right thing. His guilt always leads him to do the latter, usually costing him some form of reward or riches, for which he always berates himself afterward. An epic line of his, "I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from not surprise! "
  24. 24. Iago
  25. 25. Q2. Which (in)famous group? 167-761 The leader in the group, is short but has the word BIG in his name 761-176 or176-761 The foodie in the group, especially hamburgers 716-167 The second strongest in the group, distinguishable teeth 617-716 Silly grin and loose fitting clothes. Least intelligent 671-167 Largest of the group and strongest too. 671-761 Jazz styles outfit, beatnik member of the group 176-167 Youngest of the group, , short but a manly voice.
  26. 26. The Beagle Boys
  28. 28. I think X would be very gifted in Occlumency, unlike Harry. Harry‟s problem with it was always that his emotions were too near the surface and that he is in some ways too damaged. But he's also very in touch with his feelings about what's happened to him. He's not repressed, he's quite honest about facing them, and he couldn't suppress them, he couldn't suppress these memories. But I thought of X as someone who is very capable of compartmentalizing his life and his emotions, and always has done. So he's shut down his pity. So he suppresses virtually all of the good side of himself. But then he's playing with the big boys, as the phrase has it, and suddenly, having talked the talk he's asked to walk it for the first time and it is absolutely terrifying. And I think that that is an accurate depiction of how some people fall into that kind of way of life and they realize what they're in for. I felt sorry for X. Well, I‟ve always known this was coming for X, obviously, however nasty he was.
  29. 29. Draco Malfoy
  30. 30. Q2  X, also known as the Battle Over Little Whinging, or the Flight from Little Whinging, was an aerial battle of the Second Wizarding War that took place above the Muggle area of Little Whinging. The battle occurred on 27 July, 1997, when several members of the Order of the Phoenix were ambushed by Death Eaters while removing Harry Potter from the home of his relatives. The Order managed to get Harry to safety, but suffered the loss of their leader, Alastor Moody, and Harry's owl, Hedwig, in the process. George Weasley also lost an ear because of a curse sent by Severus Snape, who originally sent his Sectumsempra curse at a Death Eater's wand arm. This war was a result of Snape‟s semi-betrayal of the Order wherein he informs Voldemort about the removal of Harry. However the name of the battle is derived from the plan that Snape hatched and shared with the Order in order to save Harry and ensure his safe passage.
  31. 31. The battle of the Seven Potters
  32. 32. Q1. Connect
  33. 33. The partners of the Triwizard Cup finalists in Yule Ball
  34. 34. Govardhan X (born 1 January 1941), popularly known simply as X, is an Indian actor and director whose Bollywood career has spanned five decades. In Hindi films he played comedians role from the 1966-2012 and played supporting actor as the close friend of the lead hero from 1972-1994. He also directed 6 films from 1974-1997. X has acted in 350 Hindi films from 1966-2012 and also appeared in 50 Gujarati films. Who‟s X ?
  35. 35. Asrani
  36. 36. Q2  Many of you know almost every dialogue of this movie by heart. So I am making this question a bit tough. Identify.  Clue 1: Sets from the film Dark City (1998), including rooftops, buildings and others exteriors sets, were used in this film, especially during the very first scene.  Clue 2: The name of the company for which the main protagonist works, “Metacortex”, literally translates to "transcending the boundaries of the brain," which is precisely what he proceeds to do.
  37. 37.  The Matrix
  38. 38. Id the company???
  39. 39.  Bubba gump shrimp &co.
  40. 40. BE A SPORT
  41. 41. 1  Mark Hughes ”I'm sure the referee will go home to his wife and boast about sending off “X”. I don't think any other player would have been sent off. It was not a bad foul. All the players are upset.”
  42. 42. Ryan Giggs
  43. 43. 2.  Sunny Gavaskar-“When you had lost half of your side with less than 20 runs on the board, obviously it was not looking good. But this gentleman went out and played his innings...Best innings I had seen in limited overs international.“  “If I had a video of the match I would show it to every youngster on how to build an ODI innings  Give Funda???
  44. 44.  Kapil Dev 175 against Zimbabwe in 1983 world cup  The match was not covered as there was a strike by the BBC workers
  45. 45. Whose tweets? 
  46. 46.  Hazard ball boy
  48. 48. .Q1  Voice Input Child Identicant  Runs on atomic power  Has an AC outlet to its right  An RS-232 serial port to the left.  Made by a scientist of United Robotronics, in an effort to assist handicapped children. How do we better know?
  49. 49. Vicky(VICI)
  50. 50. Q2. Which famous series?  The Merchant and the Genie  The Old Man and the Black Dogs  The Old Man and the Goat  The Fisherman[  The Greek King and the Physician Douban  _________and the Wonderful pela Lamp  ____________________________-  ____________________________-
  51. 51. Alif Laila
  52. 52.  The Robin Sherbatsky
  53. 53. 1. The Biscione („large grass snake‟) is a heraldic charge showing a serpent in the act of swallowing a human, usually a child and sometimes described as a Moor. Also seen on the coat of arms of the city of Milan, the Biscione is a part of the logo of which automobile giant ?
  54. 54. The answer is -
  55. 55. Alfa Romeo
  56. 56. 2. X is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sportscars which is owned by the German Volkswagen Group. X's production facility and headquarters are located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. In 2011, X's 831 employees produced 1,711 vehicles. Manufacturing magnate Ferruccio X founded X in 1963 with the objective of producing a refined grand touring car to compete with offerings from other established companies. The company's first models were released in the mid-1960s and were noted for their refinement, power and comfort. X gained wide acclaim in 1966 for the Miura sports coupé, which established rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive as the standard layout for high-performance cars of the era. Which company ?
  57. 57. This tractor is one of the company‟s early productions.
  58. 58. The answer is -
  59. 59. Q1. In 1944, scientists at the radiation laboratory in MIT developed a radar that could detect a tower at a distance of ten kms. But when humidity increased the system went bonk. The reason behind this was that they had accidentally stumbled on to a radar tuned to the natural frequency of water vapour!! This in turn laid the foundation for the discovery of what common kitchen item?
  60. 60. Microwave
  61. 61. Q2. Various trees are claimed to be __X__ tree which __Y__ describes. The King's School, Grantham, claims that the tree was purchased by the school, uprooted and transported to the headmaster's garden some years later. The staff of the [now] National Trustowned Woolsthorpe Manor dispute this, and claim that a tree present in their gardens is the one described by __Y__. A descendant of the original tree can be seen growing outside the main gate of Trinity College, Cambridge, below the room __Y__ lived in when he studied there.
  62. 62. Newton‟s Apple tree.
  63. 63. AAL BAAL
  64. 64. Q1.  He takes his name from A Clark Gable Movie. In Swahili His name Means : Passion. His Den was based on “Dr. No‟s” Hideout. His Characterization also had hints of Hitler, as his minions “Hail” him … Whom are we talking about ?
  65. 65. Mogambo
  66. 66. Q2.  This term was first used in speech in 1873 and first used in print in 1876, in Putnam‟s magazine. One of the earliest books to use the word was „The Home and Farm Manual‟, written by Jonathan Periam in 1883. In that work, Periam used the term several times to denote an ill-bred and ignorant, but ostentatious man from the city. The term is generally used to denote an individual, typically male, particularly somebody well dressed or who has never lived outside a big city. Which word ?
  67. 67. Dude
  68. 68. Q3. In the world of business, with what would you associate the following names?  David Whitbread (1982-1996)  Rajiv Khera (1996-1998)  Aashish Choudhary (2004-2009)
  69. 69. Onida Devil
  70. 70. Subliminal
  71. 71. th 0 Question
  72. 72. Brutus, on Caesar‟s Assassination
  73. 73. Q1.
  74. 74. Moses, The 10 commandments
  75. 75. Q2.
  76. 76. Q3.
  77. 77. Q4.
  78. 78. Q5.
  79. 79. Q6.
  80. 80. Audience
  81. 81. Connect-i-cut
  82. 82. Q1. Interesting Connect
  83. 83. Death By Aaron Ramsey
  84. 84. Q2. Abstract connect
  85. 85. Serial Killers
  86. 86. Q3.
  87. 87. Top Gun
  88. 88. Q4.
  89. 89. Procter & Gamble
  90. 90. Q5. (There is also a fifth which we use nowadays)
  91. 91.  LAN Topologies
  92. 92. Q6.
  93. 93. Harry Potter Series Ralph Fiennes Alan Rickman Helena Bonham Carter Emma Watson Maggie Smith Rupert Grint
  94. 94. Minimalist 2
  95. 95. Q1.
  96. 96. Q2.
  97. 97. Q3.
  98. 98. Q4.
  99. 99. Q5.
  100. 100. Q6.
  101. 101. Bonus Question
  102. 102. Con-Clue-sion
  103. 103. Rules The typical through the clues. +30/-20 for 1st clue +20/-10 for 2nd clue +10/0 for 3rd clue
  104. 104. In-Clue-d it There is no portrait of X, but an old chronicle describes him, saying "His face is broad, and resembles the moon in its full phase. No one is capable of staring at his face."
  105. 105. se-clue-d it After losing to X, the opposition commander-in-chief wrote, "Glory to the king! Glory to the counselors! Glory to the commanders! Glory to the country! One single individual leads all the forces! Even I Ram Singh, being personally on the spot, have not been able to find any loophole and an opportunity!“ 24th November is celebrated to commemorate the heroism of X. The best passing out cadet of National Defence Academy is conferred the X medal named after X.
  106. 106. con-Clue-d it X was a commander and Borphukan in the Ahom kingdom known for his leadership in the 1671 Battle of Saraighat that thwarted a drawn-out attempt by Mughal forces under the command of Ramsingh I to take back Kamrup. He died about a year later due to illness.
  107. 107. Con-Clue-Sion Lachit Borphukon
  108. 108. In-Clue-d it X has a thorough knowledge of Ayurveda and political science. A salt water formation in Tibet, high up in Himalayas located right next to freshwater lake Manasarovar is considered to be the place of severe penance tapasya by X.
  109. 109. se-Clue-d it He has knowledge of the six Shastras as well as his knowledge of the four Vedas completing ten Holy Scriptures in all. X was known for his virility and his aggressive conquests of women but he had only one wife. Hiranyakashipu „re-incarnated as‟ X „re-incarnated as‟ Dantavakra
  110. 110. con-clue-d it X is described as a devout follower of the god Shiva in addition to his tribe's religious beliefs, a great scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of the Veena. X was born to a great sage Vishrava (or Vesamuni), and his wife, the daitya princess Kaikesi.
  111. 111. Con-clue-sion Ravana