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Save Your Liver, Save Your life!


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Save Your Liver, Save Your life!

  1. 1. Save Your Liver, Save Your life!
  2. 2. Circulates through entire body harming both good and bad cells
  3. 3. Injected Medicine Stays within tumor, never circulating through body.
  4. 4. A limited amount of medicine goes into actual tumor, (1% or less).
  5. 5. High percentage of medicine gets into the tumor (normally 95% or higher).
  6. 6. Can destroy cancerous tumor cells, but mostly destroys your normal cells as well. To achieve significant effectiveness, chemo medicine injections must be repeated multiple times.
  7. 7. Destroys tumor cells, but very few, if any healthy cells. Medicine is injected directly into the tumor, with minimal repetitions.
  8. 8. Integrative Cancer Therapy Care •