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How To Prepare For Your Change Of Address


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When you want to sell the house, you can move depending on the closing date, and you may have to move faster compared to when you want the new people to enter the house.

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How To Prepare For Your Change Of Address

  1. 1. How To Prepare For Your Change Of Address
  2. 2. • You have to try the change of address depending on when you are moving out of the house. When you want to sell the house, you can move depending on the closing date, and you may have to move faster compared to when you want the new people to enter into the house.
  3. 3. • You have to prepare yourself as soon as you put the house at the market: - You should start by buying the packing supplies like boxes, tape and the wrapping papers and plastics. You can buy the red markers and stickers that can flag the fragile package.
  4. 4. • Start to check all the moving expenses because you may find that some are tax deductibles • Clean and then organize the closets • Clean and de-clutter the rooms into the house including the basement and the garage • Pack the unused items that you may wish to keep. Label the content and store the boxes in the safe area in the location which cannot interfere during the showing • Donate the items you do not need at the charity or hold a garage sale if you wish to get rid of these items.
  5. 5. • When you have become aware of when you want to move out, then you should • Look for the movers by getting the price estimates and the number of the services they are offering. Place the order and if you had decided on when you want to move out. • If you want to move, reserve the truck you had chosen.
  6. 6. • Before the day of moving out, • You should start packing, mostly if you will have to do the work on your own. When the movers will help you to pack, you should ask them how you can prepare. • Contact the people who come to work for you like gardeners and pool maintenance to tell them that you do not want their services. You can give their contacts to the new owners. • Put the manual of the appliance in the places where you want the new owners to find them.
  7. 7. • 2 weeks before the move • Call the utility companies and arrange that someone can be sent to read the meters on the day that you want all the services to end. From that day, the new responsibilities fall on the new tenant. The new owners have to notify a switch off and then notify new owners about the move.
  8. 8. • Arrange to discontinue the telephone service on the day that you will be closing. Give the cell phone number to the person who may have to contact during this period • Arrange the time that the services should be disconnected • Start to establish all the services into the new house • File to notify the post office about the changing of the address and ensure that it is effective on the date that you will be moving out • Notify everyone concerned that you are moving
  9. 9. • Schedule the cancellation date of the newspaper and when they should be delivered at the new place • If you will be moving too far, you should pick up the items so that you can do the repairs and the cleaning. Return all the rented videos, DVDs and library books. You should arrange that the subscription be arranged to be delivered to the new address.
  10. 10. • Find the certificates of your pets to show that they have been vaccinated and have all the information needed to carry with you on the day of the move • Open the bank account at the new location and if you are not moving to far, then order the checks with the new address.
  11. 11. • In one week • You have to confirm if the closing date chosen is the same nd that you can handle the task needed by the closing agent • Confirm the moving with the delivery date with the movers and confirm the truck reservation • Clean the rooms as you finish the packing, and you should not forget about the major appliances. Wait and pack the vacuum last and other tools that you will need during the packing and cleaning
  12. 12. • On the day of moving • Walk inside the house to see if there are not stray items there, open the cabinets and then close the doors • Make sure that you have the keys of the new house • Supervise the movers during the loading and ensure that all boxes are put into the truck • Note all damaged items before the move. -
  13. 13. • If you are ready to move out, then you should remember about changing your address. The change of address process should start when you are sure of the time that you are moving out, the new contracts have been signed, and the inspection was done where you were.
  14. 14. • It is good if you contact everyone at least one week before the day of moving since when you start packing, you may forget about changing the address, and you may not have enough time to do so. However, you should not try to change the address when it is still too early or when you are not sure of the time of moving out. If you change too early, then the mails can be sent to the new homes when the old occupants are still there, and they will not be happy with it.
  15. 15. • At the time of moving, make sure that you contacted the following people: • For utility contact the providers of • Phone • Subscription • Internet • Electricity, water, and gas
  16. 16. • For financial • Real estate agents if you were renting • Investment broker • Insurance • Employer • Loan agencies • Credit cards • Banks
  17. 17. • For government • Voter registration • Social security • Post office • Business registration office • State motor registration • For membership contact • Community groups • Professional association • Sporting clubs • School • Church • Roadside assist • Magazines • Gym
  18. 18. • Other people to contact are: • Online applications • Lawyers • Accountants • Childcare • Home services • Students loan • Family and friends • Business Cards providers.
  19. 19. Change of Address •