Q&A: Use South Africa as location for next Bond film after Quantum of Solace.?


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Q&A: Use South Africa as location for next Bond film after Quantum of Solace.?

  1. 1. Q&A: Use South Africa as location for next Bond film afterQuantum of Solace.?Budget Hotels In Johannesburg South AfricaBudget Hotels In Johannesburg South Africa question by BRADLEY SUMMERS: UseSouth Africa as location for next Bond film after Quantum of Solace.?Hi, they should make use of South Africa as an exotic location for the next James Bond movie(after Quantum of Solace)South Africa has some pretty exotic locations where they could do a movie, Bond could go onan undercover Safari in the Kruger National Park to take down a villian, ride the cable car upTable Mountain, have a big fight scene on top and then send the bad guy tumbling from the top.He could even do a car chase throught the streets of Cape Town or Johannesburg (theresenough bad guys and crime to last Bond a lifetime) Its so cost effective to produce high budgetmovies in South Africa, it would save them millions of dollars. I mean South Africa hasworldclass hotels and pretty ladies (Charlize Theron especially) that Bond could seduce,expensive cars, Jacob Zuma could be portrayed as the villian, who knows, MI6 could even senhim to (pardon the spelling) assacinate ROBERT MUGABE ! Wouldnt that make for a trulyriveting movie ! Tell me what you think of my idea !Budget Hotels In Johannesburg South Africa best answer:Answer by webcrafterYes – and you should submit your idea to the film house that sponsors the 007 flicks – Serious!It starts with an idea and goes from there!Discover Discount Airfares To Johannesburg, South AfricaBudget Hotels In Johannesburg South AfricaJohannesburg is a fantastic city to travel to. It’s even more tremendous when you have a bit ofextra cash because you obtained yourself a discount airfare! So lets find you some green inyour pocket for your holiday to wonderful Johannesburg.The finest time to visit Johannesburg depends on what you would like to experience during yourtime in South Africa. For instance, getting hold of discount airfares to Johannesburg is usuallyeasiest between early June and late December. The first few months of the year is when mosttravellers are concerned with exploring the beautiful scenery and wild life; holidaymakers preferto dodge the rainfalls which occur during the winter.When ever looking for discount airfare to Johannesburg, there are a number of introductorythoughts to think about. First of all, all airfares are cheaper when journeying during the week, ingeneral Monday to Thursday.If you are aiming to save cash it is an excellent idea to research the web for discount airfares toJohannesburg and equate them with quotes provided directly by the airline business or by a 1/3
  2. 2. local travel agent. Some web sites will offer big price reductions on both the airfare and thehotel accommodation if they are booked at the same time. If you desire – play them off eachother. See who is conformable to equal or improve on a quote. The worst they can say is no.Likewise, booking a hotel stay and car hire together with the flight booking will also deliversavings on your discounted airfare to Johannesburg. Before picking out a hotel, be aware of thetime of year. If you are holidaying during the winter period (June to August) for instance you hadbetter be certain to dress for the weather, the nights are freezing and few properties featureindoor heating. Be warned!If traveling in the summer months (January to March) likewise be mindful that the hightemperature may be to a greater extent than what you are accustomed to coping with and airconditioning is rarer in South Africa than some other countries.An additional money saving point for a cheaper flight to Johannesburg, South Africa is to bookthe airfare as far beforehand as possible. Several airlines often present clients a discount whenthey book their flight earlier than a fortnight ahead of their desired holiday. Be organized, and berewarded. If this is not possible, your best bet for a discount airfare is to book as late aspossible – even taking place on a standby list. In effect you are swapping cost for convenience.Choose whichever one suits you.Things to do in JohannesburgThere are a lot of attractions to check out when holidaying in Johannesburg; beautiful wild life,beautiful scenery, and a rich history encompassing the South African natives. In some areas ofSouth Africa there is surfing while others there are safaris. Selecting a discounted airfare toJohannesburg will send you to a large city with extra money in your pocket and plenty of waysto spend it!.You can experience the museums, breathtaking parks, and serene lake panoramas.Johannesburg offers numerous four star hotels and dining establishments, as well as excitingplaces for anyone on a budget to revel in the sites of the city. To fully make the most of yourimpending trip to Johannesburg, jump on the web prior to explore the landmarks to check out inyour travels, or even pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet guide to South Africa.So get your discount airfares to Johannesburg, and spend the money you save on making it thetrip of a lifetime! Bon Voyage!Don Gains Most in 11 Years on Hotel Sales: Johannesburg MoverBudget Hotels In Johannesburg South AfricaEU Trials New Crisis Model in Spain Trading Budget Cuts for Time · Millionaire Offers One-WayMission to Mars. 1:03 · Millionaire Offers One-Way Mission to Mars … Overcapacity in themarket after more hotels were built ahead of the 2010 Soccer World …Garden Court De Waal Swimming Pool – Cape Town Hotels South Africa Budget Hotel 2/3
  3. 3. Garden Court De Waal Swimming Pool Area Video – For traditional warm and friendly Cape hospitality amidst the spectacular vista surrounding Gardens, one of the mother city’s oldest and quaintest suburbs, step into the Garden Court de Waal Hotel. Garden Court de Waal Hotel information can be viewd by clicking the brochure link below: www.southafricasafarishotelstravel.comCape Town attractions have made it a famed destination for many. Take a trip to on the Cape Winelands and taste South Africa’s homegrown wines; see the world from your vantage point on the top of famed Table Mountain; dine like royalty at any of South Africa’s fantastic restaurants and celebrate the great outdoors even during the winter months. More information at: www.southafricasafarishotelstravel.com ********************** Copyright clip by AfricanMecca Safaris, Tours & Beach Vacations Media Dept. www.africanmeccasafaris.com Copyright South Africa Travel Guide www.southafricasafarishotelstravel.com ********************** Budget Hotels In Johannesburg South Africa 3/3Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)