Awe inspiring adventures as Azura embarks on maiden world cruise in 2013


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Awe inspiring adventures as Azura embarks on maiden world cruise in 2013

  1. 1. Awe inspiring adventures as Azura embarks on maidenworld cruise in 2013(PRWEB) July 31, 2011 The cruise is among a broad option in the 2013 Globe Cruise brochure, which also includesitineraries on board Arcadia, Aurora and Adonia the most current and tiniest ship to haveactually been included to the fleet. At just 710 passengers, Adonia sits at the contrary end of thescale to Azura, which can hold 3,100 travelers..This is the largest ever P&O Cruises globe program, with the four ships seeing 94 locations in52 different countries and collectively covering 131,824 nautical miles. The four ships representa 23 % rise in world cruise capability contrasted to 2012..A video updates release highlighting the popularity and development of world cruises isavailable on the P&O Cruises YouTube channel and Facebook web page. It could bedownloaded for hosting on independent sites from P&OCruises handling supervisor, Carol Marlow, said: P&O Cruises knows ocean travel like no other. With every passing year more travelersare brought in to our globe cruises, seeing a globe cruise as the ideal possibility to take a tripthe world in comfort and design, selecting a luxury cabin and unrestricted travel luggage overhostel and a backpack. . In 2013 we are offering an option of awe motivating adventures, withcruises onsome extremely special ships. These are the utmost cruises, checking out different parts of theworld and offering the holiday of a life time always with the P&O ness for which we arerenowned. . The world cruise program offers the most beneficial ever before worth with EarlyReserving cost savings and cost-free on board spendingmoney,which increases per individual depending on the grade of cabin booked, readily available forreservations made before November 30, 2011. In addition, an additional 10 % rebate is offeredfor bookings made by August 31, 2011. . Passengers booking the 110 evening Azura GrandOdyssey before August 31, 2011, will get Early Reserving savings of in between 800 to 2,000per individual, plus the extra 10 % rebate, and cost-free on board investing cash of in between220 to 1,100 per person (an inside cabin compared with a suite). . In addition to the 4 full globecruises, 18 line trips are offered on Aurora, Arcadia and Azura. The line voyages visit or fromAustralia and New Zealand and array from 40 to 69 nights in 1/4
  2. 2. period. . Rates are from 3,059 (cruise just) for a 41 night Southampton to Perth (fromFremantle) cruise on Azura, consisting of Early Making a reservation for cost savings of 300 andfree of cost on board spending money of 90 per person.The cruise hires Barcelona, Athens (from Piraeus), Cairo / Giza (from Port Said), transportationSuez Canal, Safaga, Dubai, Mumbai, Colombo, Langkawi, Bangkok (from Laem Chabang),Singapore, Bali and Perth (from Fremantle). . Holiday Bundle Add-ons consisting of flights,transfers and over night hotel stays where necessary, are available for acquisition from 600 perindividual for the above Southampton to Perth (from Fremantle) bundle on Azura.Alternatively costs are cruise only so that passengers can organize their very own flights andpre or post cruise holiday extensions. . Pre and post cruise city stays are provided in Auckland,Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, priced from 79 per person per evening (SkyCity Hotel, Auckland). .The 2013 Globe Cruise brochure additionally offers two Boomerang cruises supplying a circuitof the world on two variousships (sail out on one, return with a different) with extensive leisure in Sydney. The firstBoomerang cruise sails from Southampton on Aurora and returns on Azura, after3 or four nights in Sydney. . The second Boomerang cruise sails from Southampton on Azuraand returns on Arcadia, after 2 or 3 evenings Sydney. . The Azura Grand Odyssey departs onJanuary 7, 2013, highlights are: . 110 nights . 32 destinations in 19 countries . 36,999 nauticalmiles . Cruises via the Middle East, India, Australia, the Far East and South Africa . Highlight harbors of telephone call include Bangkok,Singapore, Bali, Melbourne, Sydney,Kuala Lumpur, Mauritius and Cape Town . Extended two day calls in Dubai, Singapore (2separate calls), Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Cape Town .Prices for the 110 night Grand Odyssey are from 8,099 after Early Making a reservation for costsavings plus 10 % discount, and includes 220 complimentary on board spending cash . Azurasmaiden world cruise sees many ports of call for the first time consisting of those in Australia thehome of her Godmother, prima ballerina Darcey Bussell. Her maiden call into Sydney will becelebrated in true P&O Cruises style when we intend to reunite Darcey withher ship for the first time since doing her Godmother tasks in April 2010, continued Marlow. .This is a classic schedule including some of themost stimulating and cultural destinations worldwide. The ship itself takes inspiration fromaround the world, with an Indian great dining restaurant, Sindhu, Italian inspired laid-back diningestablishments Verona and Venezia, and wines from all over the world picked and served bythe glass in The Glass Home wine bar. . These attributes integrated with her range of bars,dining establishments, dance floors, spa, fitness center, stores, movie theater andcollection 2/4
  3. 3. make Azura the ideal ship for traveling the globe and many of our travelers will be delighted tohear that she will be supplying her maiden globe cruise so right after getting in service. . Thetiniest ship in the fleet, Adonia, has her second globe cruise in 2013, an 85 night port-richexploration of South America. Departing on January 8, 2013, highlights are: . 85 nights .35 destinations in 17 nations . 22,802 nautical miles . Highlight harbors of telephone call includeManaus, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Coquimbo (Chile) and Lima .Cruises through the Beagle Stations and the Panama Canal . Sails by Cape Horn, AmaliaGlacial mass and PIO X Glacial mass .Returnsail to UK via the Caribbean, calling at smaller sized islands not gone to by other ships in thefleet, St. Barts and Virgin Gorda . Rates for the 85 evening South American Odyssey are from7,649 after Very early Making a reservation for savings plus 10 % rebate, and consists of 200complimentary on board investing money .The Aurora Globe Circuit departs on January 7, 2013, highlights are: . 106 nights .39 destinations in 25 countries . 37,243 nautical miles .Cruises by means of the Caribbean, North America, New Zealand and Australia, Japan, China, India and the Middle East . Highlight ports of call consist of San Francisco,Honolulu, Bora Bora, Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Osaka, Xingang, Shanghai, Ko Samui,Mumbai, Safaga and Haifa . Includes brand-new port of call, Sokhna in Egypt . Transportationsthe Panama Canal and Suez Canal and services extended 2 day calls in San Francisco, HongKong and Dubai . Costs for the 107 evening Globe Circumnavigation are from 8,549 after EarlyReserving savings plus 10 % rebate, and includes 220 free of chargeon board investing money .The Arcadia South America and Pacific Adventure departs on January 5, 2013, highlights are: .99 nights .32 destinations in 20 nations . 34,780 nautical miles . Highlight ports of phone call include Riode Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Papeete, Bora Bora, Suva,Sydney, Auckland, Pago Pago, Honolulu andSan Francisco . Sails by Cape Horn, Amalia Glacial mass, PIO X Glacial mass, Easter Islandand Pitcairn Island . Cruises with the Beagle Stations, Milford Noise and Panama Canal . Costsfor the 99 evening South America and Pacific Adventure are from 8,099 after Early Making areservation for savings plus 10 % discount, and consists of 200 complimentary on boardspending money . The Globe Cruises 2013 can be made a reservation for from July 14, 2011.To request a copy of thebrochure phone call 0800 3/4
  4. 4. 111 4141. More information on South African experience at : d-cruise-in-2013/ 4/4Powered by TCPDF (