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Quinoa presentation


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Quinoa is one of the seeds used by the Pre-incan and incan people. Today, has become in an important ingredient for the Gourmet cuisine
It has a good balance between protein, carbohydrate and fat. It also has the eight essential amino acids for the human being

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Quinoa presentation

  1. 1. Quinoa has been cultivated in South America for the last 500 years. It has been one of the most important meal of the preincan and Incan people The Quinoa seeds have the eight essential amino acids for human being, what make it a very complete food and light for digestion. They also have an exceptional balance between proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Adding the presence of Omega 6 an Omega 3 acids The Quinoa is consumed as flour or direct as seed. Used in soups, as cereal or pasta Is considered a meal free of Gluten The Quinoa seeds are used in multiple dishes in the American continent, specially in the Andean region Actually is appreciated by chef and nutritionist, it has made its way in new “Novoandina kitchen” In Europe, it’s becoming to be used in new innovative cuisine In gourmet food are making experience with Quinoa and lot of restaurant have dishes with it in there menu's Quínoa (Chenopodium quinoa)