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  2. . ? RIGHT CAREER OPTION ? I.T HEALTH MILITARY ENGINEERING EDUCATION If You Have No Idea What You Want to Do? Here Is The Ans. Of Yours Question.
  3. Living Sports Healthy Life Way of Selecting Right Career ? type Right career Outline career goals Consider growth Assess current skill set Identify core values Discover personality Know strengths
  4. Living Sports Healthy Life Create 5 &10 Year Plan Also Take Note Of interests Seek Advice
  6. If you Wish To Make a Career In Physical Education, Sports & Fitness • Volunteer At The College Gymkhana Department • Get To Know Your Professors Personally And Network With Them • Attend Networking events and conferences Do Smart Sports Internships, Be Selective And Make Sure You Choose The Right Opportunities Career In Physical Education, Sports & Fitness
  7. Career Opportunities • School & Non school Settings . . • Physical Education & Coaching Careers . • Sports Related Careers . • Fitness & Health Related Careers . • Coaching, Sports management, Sports Media ,Social Media Influencer. • Professional youtubers. • Fitness clubs, Gym Trainer, Diet Consultant, Etc. Personal Trainer, Dance/ Aerobics/ Zumba Trainer .
  8. Physical education career in Teaching School setting • Primary school • Secondary school • High school • International school P.E teacher in Non school setting • Athletic director • Professor • Sports information director • Sports trainer • Adapted physical education instructor
  9. Physical education career in Teaching College and University Level Setting • Director of Sports and Physical Education at College and University Sports Department • Assistant Professor at Physical Education Training Colleges.
  10. Required qualification for physical education career for School and College Level UG PROGRAMMES P.G PROGRAMMES RESEARCH PROGRAMMES HIGHER EDUCATION • B.P.E after 12th • B.P.Ed after graduation • B.Sc. In P.E • Ph.D. (after master degree) • M.P.Ed after bachelor degree • JRF – UGC • NET – UGC • SET - SLET
  11. Step to selecting a college for you C E R T I F I C AT E
  12. List down the names of Courses e.g. 1. B.Ped 2. M.Ped 3. B.P.E 4. Ph.D List courses offered in Physical Education.
  13. List down the names of Institutes e.g 1. M.M’. Chandrashekhar Agashe College of Physical Education, Pune, Maharashtra. List of Institutes offering the Courses in Physical Education.
  14. Physical education career in Coaching Professional Coaching at • Interscholastic Programs • Intercollegiate Programs • Commercial Sports camps • Commercial Sports Clubs • Community Sports programs • Military Sports Programs
  15. Step for becoming coach 01 02 03 04 Most Of The Sports Federations Conduct Coaching Certification Programme. The Sports Authority Of India Also Offers Diploma In Sports Coaching 1 Years Degree In The Following sports The Programme Duration Varies From Sport To Sport. • Most Of The Sport Federations Classify The Certification Programme As Per Given Below • Level - I • Leve - II • Level - III Sports coaching certificate programme
  16. Diploma In Sport Coaching Centers SAI NS NIS, PATIALA Games Hockey Judo Table Tennis Football Gymnastics Handball Handball Athletics Basketball Boxing Swimming Volleyball Weightlifting Wrestling Cricket Cycling Fencing Wushu Yoga
  17. Diploma In Sport Coaching Centers SAI NSSC, BANGALORE Games Table Tennis Taekwondo Tennis Swimming Athletics Basketball Badminton Kabaddi Kho-Kho Softball Swimming Volleyball hockey
  18. Diploma In Sport Coaching Centers SAI NSEC, KOLKATA Games Athletics Archery Cricket Boxing Football Gymnastics
  19. Diploma In Sport Coaching Centers SAI LNCPE, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Games Rowing Canoeing & Kayaking
  20. Diploma In Sport Coaching Centers LNIPE GWALIIOR & GUWAHATI Games Athletics Basketball badminton Volleyball
  21. Diploma In Sport Coaching Centers Games Kabaddi Wresting Athletics Basketball Badminton Football Handball Hockey Judo Volleyball POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN SPORTS COACHING (PGDSC) AFTER GRADUATE LNIPE GUWAHATI, GWALIOR
  22. Fitness & health related Careers • Fitness club • Gymnasium • Personal Trainer • Community centers • Corporate Fitness Trainer • Dance Trainer • Aerobics trainer • Zumba instructor • Diet consultant etc • Weight Control Spas
  23. Other Career Options In Fitness and Health •Early Childhood Motor Skill Instructor •Athletic Trainer •Referee / Umpire •Strength & Conditioning Coach •Yoga Instructor •Sports Nutritionist
  24. Living Sports Healthy Life To Be Continue •Sports Promoter •Sports Psychologist •Sports Lawyer •Sports Agent •Measurement & Evaluation Experts •Mountaineering trainer and guide Coach •Sports medicine
  25. Add Institutes Offering these courses
  26. Living Sports Healthy Life Sports Media • Broadcasting • Newspaper Sports Writing • Sports Copy Editing • Commentator • Event Announcer • Magazine Sports Journalism • Radio Sports Journalism • Television Sports Journalism • Media laison • Photo Business Writer • Publicist
  27. Living Sports Healthy Life Sports Business & Management • Event coordinator • Sports Club /Facility Manager • Sports Statistician • Brand Distributor • Sporting Equipment Sales Person • Sports Clothing • Travel Manager • Sports Tourism • Athletic Director • Campsite Management • Marketing director • General Manager • Marketing Assistant
  28. Living Sports Healthy Life Add Institutes offering these courses