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53328654 airtel-pro

  2. 2. CERTIFICATEWe hereby certify that Mr. Neha Jain is a bonafide student of our institutionpassing out course of Master of International Business from University ofJaipur for the year 2009-2011 with specialization in Marketing. The projecttitle “Comparative Analysis of Vodafone and Airtel Services in Jaipurregion”. The project is submitted in fulfillment of Maters in InternationalBusiness from University of Rajasthan.This has been found fully worthy of acceptance.Mr. Surinder Singh(project guide)
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT“No man is indispensable, but there are certain mortals without whom thequality of work suffers. Their guidance becomes indispensable in acquiringquality result”.I would like to thank our faculty and my internal guide Mr. Surinder Singh,because without his valuable guidance, encouragement and co-operation thisproject could not have been possible.I would like to thank our respected director Dr. for her valuable support.My deepest regard to my parents who have always encouraged me in pursuitof higher education. They have been immense source of inspiration andsupport to me, as well without which completing the course of this studycould have been difficult. NEHA JAIN
  4. 4. INDEXSerial number Particulars Page numbers 01 Introduction 1-2 02 Executive summary 3-5 03 Industry profile 6-10 04 Company profile 11-12 05 Product profile 13-14 06 Objectives of the project 15-16 07 Research methodology 17-24 08 Data Analysis and Interpretation 25-41 09 Conclusion 42-44 10 Limitations 45-47 11 Recommendations 48-49 12 Bibliography 50-51 12 Annexure 52-60 • Questionnaire • List of Contacts
  6. 6. INTRODUCTIONIn today’s age, communication has become a necessity and mobiles help usto do that. Today the world has simplified so much and any individual is justa call away. This is the power of communication. Life has become really fastand in this busy schedule mobiles keep the people in touch. Cellular marketin India is increasing rapidly. Now almost everybody has a mobile fromteenagers to old age people.Now the cellular market in Jaipur is considered as a highly competitive one.Price war is going on between them. But, only that company will surviveand succeed whose brand is strongly positioned in the market.The project is done for relative study of marketing in and around Jaipurkeeping track on major competitor of Airtel i.e. Vodafone cellular servicesand understand the different factors influencing the buying behavior, habitsand perception and satisfaction level of the users of both the companies havebeen compared so as to find out whose brand is more strongly positioned inthe market. 2
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis project is done to get hands on experience on brand building processand to analyze the cellular market.GSM market in Jaipur has taken a quantum leap in the last few years. Thecity’s location,climate,tradition and its image of cultural and educationalcenters draw visitors in hordes, making it one of the choicest to flourish intothe most modern metropolitan of the 21st cent. Today, GSM cellular markethas no more remained a seller’s market. The main overall driving force isthe other private player in the market like Vodafone,Idea,Airtel and BSNL.Now the cellular market in Jaipur is considered as a highly competitive one.Price war is going on between them. But, only that company will surviveand succeed whose brand is strongly positioned in the market. Therefore anattempt to understand the nearest competitor of Airtel i.e. Vodafone in theJaipur region.OBJECTIVE.The project is done for relative study of marketing in and around Jaipurkeeping track on major competitor of Airtel i.e. Vodafone cellular servicesand understand the different factors influencing the buying behavior, habitsand perception and satisfaction level of the users of both the companies havebeen compared so as to find out whose brand is more strongly positioned inthe market.METHODOLOGY.
  9. 9. By taking into consideration the objectives of the project. DescriptiveResearch is done, both primary and secondary sources of data have beenused to collect data and questionnaire method was used to do the researchworkFINDINGS AND CONCLUSION.  Loyalty towards Vodafone by their user is very high (97%) than Airtel(69%) .This shows that users have given more brand value to Vodafone than Airtel.  Awareness level of Airtel’s advertisement is more than that of Vodafone.On the ground,Airtel is stronger than Vodafone.  Vodafone provides more satisfaction level to its users than as its got lesser dislikes. LIMITATIONS The data related to the advertisements of vodafone and airtel not found and were not available in the secondary sources of data restricted to Jaipur region only. Therefore the conclusion and recommendations drawn may not touch the exact degree of accuracy 5
  11. 11. INDUSTRY PROFILE.Cellular Industry in India.From the time of telegraphs Indian telecom sector has witnessed animmense growth and has diversified into various segments like,Fixed Line Telephony, mobile telephony, GSM, CDMA, WLL etc.The telecom industry is growing at a fast pace introducing newertechnologies. Even the network operators and handset providersare also coming up with newer value added services and advancedtechnology cell phones with multimedia applications.3G or 3rd generation mobile telecommunications, is a generationof standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunicationsservices fulfilling the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT — 2000) specifications by the InternationalTelecommunication Union.[1] Application services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video callsand mobile TV, all in a mobile environment.As the new technology a 3G era is building up Airtel is been thefirst to enter Jaipur on 2nd March, 2011: Bharti airtel, India’sleading telecommunications company, commenced the NorthIndia launch airtel 3G services started with the heritage city ofJaipur. Mr. Atul Bindal, President – Mobile Services, Bharti airtelannounced this by making the first airtel 3G call in the state toHRH Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur. Following this, airtel 3Gservices will be rolled out across all major cities in Rajasthan inweeks to come.
  12. 12. 7CONTRIBUTION OF THE CELLULAR INDUSTRY TOTHE INDIAN ECONOMY.1- WORLD CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE.The Indian cellular industry has been instrumental in bringing to the Indianconsumer, a world class telecom infrastructure. The Indian cellular industryis the flagbearer of the Indian liberalization process.The largest receipent of FDI (around 2200 crores).2- REPUTED INDIAN BUSINESS HOUSES ANDINTERNATIONAL TELECOM MAJORS.
  13. 13. The privatization of Indian cellular brought in the area some of the mostreputed business houses of the country as also biggest names in theinternational telecom industry. These included-  Reputed Indian Business Houses-Birla(AT&T, Idea),Bharti,BPL,Reliance and Tata.  International Telecom majors –AIG, CDC, EMP, Asian infrastructure fund and others. 83- INCREASED CONNECTIVITY.There are presently 42 networking operations in the country covering over1350 cities and towns and directly servicing over 6.7 million subscribersnationwide. Importantly, the connectivity benefits took over 33.5 Mn PSTNsubscriber of BSNL and MTNL who can now reach the cellular subscribers“ anytime,anywhere”.In addition, the cellular radio waves cover 28000 villages shere connectivitycan be provided at a very short notice at a very nominal increment cost.4- EMPLOYMENT GENERATION.
  14. 14. As the 3rd and 4th cellular licenses, would start their operation and with 77networks (42 presently and 35 new networks) on air, the employmentgenerated by the industry would be promising. In addition to the directemployment generated by the networks, there is also the multiplier effect ofindirect employment generated by the supply chain consisting vendors,suppliers, dealers etc.5- HEAVY INVESTMENT IN INFRASTRUCTURECellular industry is responsible for the single largest chunk of investment byany individual industry. The industry has already invested over 20,000crores and is expected to invest even more in the years to come. 96- REVENUE GENERATION FOR THE GOVT OF INDIA.Cumulative revenue that has followed to the government is already about Rs10000 crore from license fee and service tax alone.PRODUCT CONCEPTFirst generation mobile phones had only voice facility. These were replacedby second generation digital phones with added fax, data and messagingservices. The 3g generation technology has added multimedia facilities to 2gphones and now talks are for the next generation mobile technology withmore advanced features i.e. 4g which is expected to hit the market by 2012.
  15. 15. THE THIRD GERNERATION.The 3g technologies add multimedia facilities to 2g phones by allowingvideos, audios, and graphic application. Over 3g phones, you can watchsteaming videos telephony. The idea behind 3g is to have a single networkstandard instead of the different types adopted in the US, Europe and Asia.These phones will have the highest speed up to 2Mps, but only ends in thestationary mode.With high mobility, the speed will drop to 1444 kpbs whichis only about 3 times the speed of today’s fixed telecom modems.3G cellular sevices known as Universal Mobile Telecommunication systemwill sustain higher data rate and open the door to many Internet styleapplication. 10 COMPANY PROFILE
  16. 16. COMPANY PROFILEBharti Tele ventures is one of India’s leading private sector providers oftelecommunication services based on an aggregate of 13, 763,045customers as of July 31, 2005 consisting of 12,789,569 GSM mobile and973,567,879 broadband and telephone customers.The business at Bharti Tele ventures have been structured into two mainstrategic business groups-the mobility leaders business group and the Infotelbusiness group. The Mobility business group provides GSM mobile servicesacross India in twenty three telecom circles , while the Infotel businessgroup provides broadband and telephone services ,long distance services andenterprise services.
  17. 17. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. 12 PRODUCT PROFILE
  18. 18. PRODUCT PROFILEFor airtelBharti Enterprises has successfully focused its strategy on telecomwhile straddling diverse fields of business. From the creation ofAirtel, one of Indias finest brands, to becoming the largestmanufacturer and exporter of world class telecom terminals under itsBeetel brand, Bharti has created a significant position for itself in theglobal telecommunications sector.For VodafoneVodafone Essar, previously Hutchison Essar is a cellular operator inIndia that covers 16 telecom circles in India [1]. Despite the officialname being Vodafone Essar, its products are simply branded
  19. 19. Vodafone. It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phonecoverage throughout India and is especially strong in the majormetros. 14
  20. 20. OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVESThe objective of the product can be divided into primary and secondaryobjectives. 1. Primary Objective- To analyze Vodafone and Airtel brand in the Pune region.  How the brands of both companies are positioned in market.  Awareness about the various brands of GSM cellular service provider in the pune region.  Loyalty towards the brand.  Perception about the brand of the companies.
  21. 21. 2. Secondary objective- Advertisement diagnostic towards brand building.  Advertisement awareness  Awareness about GSM cellular services  Possibility of other brands user to shift to Airtel. 16 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
  22. 22. Research MethodologySteps Process For This Study.Step-1 To decide the To track the brand of objectives of the Vodafone’s GSM study. Cellular Service” in comparison to the Airtel’s brand in Pune region.Step-2 To decide the Descriptive research research design. are applicable.Step-3 To determine the Primary sources of
  23. 23. sources of data. data are applicable to the project.Step-4 To design the data Survey(questionnaire) collection form. method is used.Step-5 To determine Probability sampling sampling design and is undertaken for this sample size. project only.Step-6 To organize and Personal interview conduct field work. through questionnaire is used to collect primary data.Step-7 To process and To locate the factors analyze the collected responsible for the data choice of particular cellular services likes, dislikes and finding possible shifts to the Airtel.Step-8 To prepare the Findings and analysis research report of the collected information.EXPLANATIONRESEARCH METHODOLOGY.
  24. 24. Means the method carried out to study the problem. It shows the type ofsample design used, its size and procedure used to draw the sample. Theextent of precision achieved and the method used for handling any specialproblem during the course of study. 19STEP-1To decide the objective of the study to be carried out;In order to reach to to the actual problem for the study following questionhas been traced first.  Cellular industry is becoming very competitive?  Who is the nearest competitor of AIRTEL?  If he is doing better than Airtel, then why?  Whereas his brand is located in the mind of the customer? And finally the problem discovered is – To track the brand of “ Vodafone GSM cellular services” in comparison toAirtel brand in Jaipur region.STEP-2
  25. 25. To decide the research design:Research design is a plan, structure and strategy of investigation conceivedso as to obtain answers to research question and to control variance.There are three types of research design: 1. Exploratory research 2. Descriptive research 3. Casual research 20Among the above mentioned types Descriptive research is applicable to thisresearch.Descriptive research surveys and fact findings, enquiries of different kinds.Here the researcher has no control over the variables. Only reporting is doneabout what has happened or is happening.Reasons for selecting descriptive research: As the brand of both thecompanies exist already, the study is conducted to track the brand of both.STEP-3To determine the sources of data.What are data sources?
  26. 26. Data sources are the data from the sources to carry out the research orcollecting fresh data to obtain results. There are two kinds of data sources: 1. Primary data: is the data, which have been, collected fresh hand and secondary data is that which have been gathered earlier from some other purpose. Among the above mentioned data, primary data is applicable to thisproject with secondary data relating to the sales of the various cellularcompanies, acting as support to the findings. 21Reason for selecting primary data: In terms primary data structuredquestionnaire was prepared to interview the users of the cellular services inpune region from different localities and their views and preferencesregarding VODAFONE and AIRTEL were asked.Step- 4To design data collection forms:There are two types of mode to collect the data:  Observational method  Survey methodAs far as the data collection method for this project is concerned designingdata collection forms is applicable. The method chosen is survey personal
  27. 27. interview(questionnaire method) was conducted to get the response from theuser of the cellular services who were respondents of this project. Structuredquestionnaire was used for this project where the listing of question is in apre-arranged order.Step- 5To determine sampling design and sample sizeIn this, the decision regarding whether the information is to be collectedfrom all the people comprising the population. There are two types ofsurveys: 22  SAMPLE SURVEY  CENSUS SURVEYFor this project random and area sampling was used.SAMPLE SIZE – 100The sample lot was segmented on the basis of occupation, age and otherparameter as per company recruitment: 1) Occupation of the respondent • Business • Corporate • Service class • Students
  28. 28. 2) Age 3)Both users as well as non users of cellular services were selected.Step-6To organize and conduct field survey  Once the questionnaire was prepared a list of all localities was prepared which would represent the whole of Jaipur city. 23  On the basis of this list, the survey was conducted by visiting various localities that would represent all types of people.Step-7To process and analyses the collected dataThe study of  Perception about the brand of Vodafone and airtel in the mind of cellular user.  The advertisement diagnostics of the companies.  Churns possible or possible shift to airtel by the non users of airtel cellular services.Step-8The report has been prepared according to the report writing principles. Thebest effort has been tried to maintain objectives, coherence, clarity in thepresentation of ideas and judicious use of charts and graphs to simplifycomprehension.
  30. 30. DATA ANALYSISGeneral awareness about GSM ServicesAwareness about various Phone ServicesQ1.Total Awareness about various GSM Services:Respondents: 100Table 1.1 Category Base Spontaneous Percentage (%) Pre-Paid 100 100 100 Post-Paid 100 100 100 WLL 100 96 96 LAND Line 100 100 100Graph 1.1
  31. 31. A areness about cellular services w 100 100 100 Percentage 100 99 98 97 96 96 Series 95 94 Pre- Post- WLL LA ND Paid Paid Line Services 26Interpretation:• All the respondents are aware of GSM services (Pre-Paid and Post-Paid)• 4% respondents are not aware of WLL services.Q2. Trial Conversion Rate between Pre-paid, Post paid, WLL,Landline:Respondents: 100Table 2.1Category Respondents Metrics in Percentage (%)Pre-Paid 92Post-Paid 88WLL 15Land Line 100
  32. 32. Graph 2.1 Trial Conversion Rate Land 100 Line WLL 15 Services Series Post- 88 Paid Pre-Paid 92 0 50 100 150 Percentage 27Interpretation:• As Pre-Paid services may be cheaper initially than any other services, 92% of the total respondents have tried Pre-paid GSM cellular services.• Out of 100, 88% respondents have tried Post-paid cellular services.• As WLL is a new technology in the market, only 15% respondents were attracted.• As Land Line is a basic phone service which all are aware of, have tried the same.Q3. Loyalty Ratio between Pre-paid, Post paid, WLL,Landline: (Based=Tried)Respondent includes those respondents who have tried the service. It differsfrom service to service and the base is taken from the previous TrialConversion Ratio Table.Respondents: 100
  33. 33. Table 3.1Category Base Using Percentage (%) Pre-Paid 92 19 21 Post-Paid 88 72 82 WLL 15 8 53 Land Line 100 98 98 28Graph 3.1 Loyalty Ratio Land Line 98 WLL Services 53 Series Post-Paid 82 Pre-Paid 21 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 PercentageInterpretation:• 21% of the total who have tried Pre-paid are still using Pre-paid services. 82% of the tried are still using Post-paid cellular services.
  34. 34. • 98% of the tried are still using Land Line phone service. 2% people have left using Land Line phones.Brand Awareness, Brand Perception and Brand Loyalty:Q4. BRAND AWARENESS OF VODAFON, AIRTEL, IDEA,BSNL:Respondents: 100Table 4.1Brand Respondents Metrics Percentage (%)Vodafone 100Airtel 100Idea 100 Graph 4.1BSNL 100 29 Brand Awareness Base Percentage 120 Awareness in Percentage 100 80 60 40 20 0 Vodafone Airtel Idea BSNL BrandInterpretation:• All the total respondents in the sample are about the various GSM service providers.• It shows the advertisement effectiveness of the private players moreover.• BSNL is also popular being Govt. service provider as it is comparatively cheap.
  35. 35. Q5. Trial Conversion Rate of different service providers:Respondents: 100Table 5.1Brand Respondents Metrics Percentage (%)Vodafone 30Airtel 35Idea 8BSNL 35 30Graph 5.1 Trial Conversion Rate Series1 40% 35% 35% 35% 30% 30% Percentage 25% 20% 15% 10% 8% 5% 0% e L l a rte n N e fo Id BS Ai da Vo BrandInterpretation:
  36. 36. • It is observed from above graph that BSNL and Airtel are most popular and effective as 35% people in both are falling in brand user category.• But still 30% users are using Vodafone.• 8% out of them are using Idea.Q6. Brand Loyalty Ratio of different service providers:Respondent: Number of Respondents who have tried the brand in previousquestion analyzed. (Tried respondents of previous analysis is used as base). 31Table 6.1 Brand Base=Tried Using Percentage (%) Airtel 35 24 69 Vodafone 30 29 97 IDEA 8 14 175 BSNL 35 24 69Graph 6.1
  37. 37. Brand Loyalty 200 175 Percentage 150 69 97 69 100 Series 50 0 Airtel Idea BSNL Vodafone BrandInterpretation:• Brand loyalty towards Idea can be highly observed as 175% of the tried are using the same only.• Only 3% users of Vodafone have left the same, 97% loyalty can still be observed.• 69% loyalty can be observed in both BSNL and Airtel.It shows that Vodafone’s brand is stronger than Airtel’s brand among theusers of GSM cellular phone services. 32Q7. Awareness about Value Added Services of Airtel andVodafone:Respondents: 100Table 7.1 Services Vodafone Airtel SMS 100 100 MMS 58 60 Roaming 100 100 Close User Group 71 71
  38. 38. UMS 92 92 WAP 52 52 Cheaper STD and ISD 78 67 Misc. Services 85 85Graph 7.1 Awareness about Value Added Services 120 100 Percentage 80 60 40 20 0 D up g S S S P es IS in M M SM A ro ic m U M W d rG rv an oa Se R se TD c. U S is se Vodafone er M lo ap C he Airtel C ServicesInterpretation:For Vodafone:• All respondents were fully aware of SMS and Roaming facility. 33• 78% knew about cheaper STD and ISD facility but 22% needed aid to know about the same.• 58% of Vodafone users know about MMS.• 71% users are aware about close user group service.For Airtel:• Here also all respondents were fully aware of SMS and Roaming facility.• Here only 2 respondents needed aid to know about cheaper STD and ISD facility.
  39. 39. • 92% people know about UMS facility.• 60% users of Airtel know about MMS.Q8. Advertisement Diagnostics of Airtel and vodafone:Respondents: 100Table 8.1 Brand Percentage (%) Vodafone 84 Airtel 92 34Graph 8.1
  40. 40. Advertisement Awareness Series Airtel 92 Brands Vodafone 84 80 85 90 95 PercentageInterpretation:• 92% are aware about Airtel whereas only 84% are aware about Vodafone. It shows that awareness level of Airtel advertisement is stronger than that of Vodafone.Q9.Media Recall Rate of Airtel and Vodafone:Respondents: The respondents who were aware of advertisement in previousquestion analyzed, are the respondents for this analysis.Table 9.1 Brand Percentage (%) Vodafone 84 Airtel 92 35For Vodafone:Table 9.1.1
  41. 41. Media Base Recall Percentage(%) T.V 84 84 100 Newspaper 84 84 100 Magazines 84 80 95 Radio 84 15 18 Kiosks 84 84 100 Friends & Relatives 84 84 100For Airtel:Table 9.1.2 Media Base Recall Percentage(%) T.V 92 92 100 Newspaper 92 92 100 Magazines 92 75 82 Radio 92 12 13 Kiosks 92 92 100 Friends & Relatives 92 92 100Graph 9.1 Media Recall Rate Vodafone Airtel 120 100 Percentage 80 60 40 20 0 r o s V es ks pe di ive T. os in Ra pa at az Ki ws el ag R Ne M & s nd ie Fr Media 36Interpretation:For Vodafone:• 29% of the people who are known to advertisements have not seen Vodafone’s advertisements in magazines.
  42. 42. • Only 18% have heard advertisements on radio.For Airtel:• Only 18% people have not seen Airtel’s advertisement in magazines.• Only 13% of the people have heard Airtel’s advertisement on radio.Q10. Advertisement Recall Rate of Airtel and Vodafone:Respondents: The respondents who were aware of the advertisement are thebase for the analysis that includes 84 respondents for Vodafone and 92respondents for Airtel.Table 10.1 Brand Respondent Metrics (%) Vodafone 51 Airtel 86Graph 10.1 Advertisement Recall Rate 100 80 Percentage 60 40 20 0 Vodafone Airtel Brands 37Interpretation: • 51% of people were able to recall about the advertisement of Vodafone.
  43. 43. • 86% of people have been able to recall about the advertisement of Airtel.11. Users choosing respective cellular services:How customers differentiate between Vodafone and Airtel? Customers usingVodafone and Airtel cellular services form the base and these are 29respondents for Vodafone and 24 for Airtel.Main reasons for using the respective cellular service:Table 11.1 Reasons Vodafone Airtel Respondent Respondent Metrics (%) Metrics (%) Connectivity 100 100 Coverage 83 100 Customer Care 66 75 Schemes 93 83 Advertisement Popularity 38 88 Roaming 76 96 Clarity 79 100 SIM Memory - 100 Easy Usage of Added Services 31 54 38Graph 11.1
  44. 44. Main Reasons For Using The Respective Cellular Service 120 Vodafone 100 Airtel Percentage 80 60 40 20 0 Advertisement Connectivity Customer Easy Usage Clarity of Added Services Popularity Care ReasonsInterpretation:• 17% of the Vodafone users are not satisfied by its coverage area.• 75% users are happy with the customer care of Airtel whereas only 66% of Vodafone users said the same.• 93% users are using Vodafone due to its attractive schemes whereas this is only 83% in case of Airtel users.• 38% like Vodafone due to advertisement popularity whereas this is 88% in case of Airtel.• 76% like Vodafone due to it’s roaming facility whereas this is 96% in case of Airtel.• Voice clarity is 100% in Airtel whereas only 79% users are satisfied with the voice clarity of Vodafone because MHz of Airtel SIM card is more than that of Vodafone.• Airtel provides 32K SIM whereas no such feature in Vodafone.• 31% Vodafone users are using value added services whereas 54% of Airtel users avail this facility. 39Q12. Possible Churns of Airtel:
  45. 45. Shift to Airtel if not using Airtel:Respondents: 71Table 12.1 Response Respondent Metrics (%) Yes 35 No 31 Can’t Say 34Graph 12.1 Possible Shift to Airtel 34 35 Yes No Can’t Say 31Interpretation: • 35% of total GSM users (which are not using Airtel GSM cellular Service) would like to shift to Airtel. • 31% want to remain in the existing cellular service. • 34% people can’t decide, whether to switch over to Airtel or continue their existing cellular service. 40Q13.Would you Recommend Airtel to others:Respondents: 100
  46. 46. Table 13.1 Response Respondent Metrics (%) Yes 52 No 37 Can’t Say 11Graph 13.1 Recommend Airtel to others 11 Yes 52 No 37 Can’t SayInterpretation: • 52% of Airtel users will recommend it to others (who are not using Airtel GSM cellular Service). • 37% won’t recommend Airtel to others. • 11% people can’t comment as they might be either using WLL or not using any phone service. 41
  47. 47. CONCLUSION
  48. 48. ConclusionGeneral awareness about various phone services.When this survey had conducted WLL and CDMA technology had alreadycame to the market but still product profile of these technologies are suchthat people are not happy with it and prefer to use post paid GSM cellularservices. After basic phone(LAND LINE) maximum respondents are havingpost piad connection. 72% are using post paid connection for out going calls,which is giving competition to the basic phones i.e. 79%.Brand related issues 1. awareness level of each player and the mobile phone region is 100% out still maximum respondents(35%) have tried airtel and bsnl. It shows that initially airtel managed to beat vodafone(30%). But loyalty towards vodafone by its user was very high(97%) than airtel(69%). This shows that users have given more brand value to vodafone than airtel. 2. Added services of vodafone are found to be superior than airtel service(cheaper STD/ISD facility)Advertisement diagnostics 1. Awareness level of airtel’s advertisements is more than vodafone. 2. Media recall rate of airtel is superior then of vodafone. 3. Advertisements see and hear recall of airtel has been found. Rate of punch line recall, scenes recall of airtel is more. 43
  49. 49. 4. Therfore it can be concluded that on advertising ground airtel is stronger than vodafone.Perception and satisfaction level 1. Likes of airtel users are more than vodafone users on the ground of coverage, customer care, advertisement, popularity roaming, voice clarity, sim memory etc. due to strong product feature like -64k SIM card high Mhz for better sound clarity. 2. Still likes can be digested but dislikes can’t. the dislikes of airtel users highly observed in the areas of high mobile traffic, hidden billing and limited communication with the customers, SIM is not working in the old handsets, over advertisements and dead spots, which sre critical one. 3. Therefore it can be concluded that vodafone provide more satisfaction level to its users than airtel as it has got lesser dislikes.Possible churnes and intention to recommend airtel to others 1. 35% respondents said that they would like to shift to airtel but 31% said that they would not, 52% respondents would recommend airtel to others and 7% will not. 2. Therfore it can be concluded that airtel is gripping its good foothold in pune region nearly half of mobile user in pune region are impressed by airtel brand, the high degree churned can be obtained. But if we see vodafone users they are satisfied and they fall in other half, who will not shift or change their existing cellular services.Sales survey: Over a period of time sales data of the vodafone hasshown better brand impact than airtel.
  50. 50. 44LIMITATIONS
  51. 51. Limitations 1. Since the respondents were of such kind either having their business or servicing or busy elsewhere, data has to be collected according to their time and convenience and management becomes a major hurdle. 2. All interview process had to be done in brief, out properly as respondents have a tendency to wander away from the subject. Respondent tend to start speaking about other cellular companies and start making comparison or become aggressive. 3. Although due care has been taken about timings when the respondents are mentally available for the response i.e. Corporate – lunch timings, morning hours. Business people – morning hour Service class – evening But also a presence of seriousness to fill the questionnaire was absent due to their busy schedule.Although the efforts had done to make the questionnaire very brief andfeasible to respond, but also is same question about: Advertisement recall or Would you like to shift to airtel? Response is vague or can’t say was observed highly.Therefore question about the comparison of vodafone and airtel, somerespondents were confused and failed to answer.
  52. 52. 4. The data related to the advertisements of vodafone and airtel not found and were not available in the secondary sources of data. But also best effort has been taken to collect the information about variety of advertisement available. 465. As to conduct the survey about the brand. It is very difficult to categorize the brand into other sub brand for the survey of the respective companies. Prepaid Postpaid6. The analysis and recommendations have been given on the basis of survey of 100 respondents which may not represent the full market i.e. pune region.7. The survey was restricted to pune region only. Therefore the conclusion and recommendations drawn may not touch the exact degree of accuracy.
  54. 54. Recommendations• The education level of the customers is getting higher and higher. People prefer to keep mobile than of LAND LINE. So airtel has got lot of scope to capture the market, as airtel is not much old in the maharashtra circle. Moreover the market share of airtel is the lowest one, but with it strong product feature and with a slight price slash it can get the churns from the other companies.• As the tie up of airtel with singtel for ISD calls, airtel can attract those customers whose ISD calls are more by publishing this issue as USP airtel can have more customer of ISD user category.• Advertisement diagnostic of airtel is far better than vodafone moreover people treat it as over advertisement so, the company can save advertisement expenses and use the same for providing more value added services and free schemes like free SMS,free night calling and airtel to airtel happy hours calling in day duration.• Airtel should look upon its technical side of service backup like mobile traffic, hiden billing, SIM not working in the old mobile phones,dead spots. The better retention, strong brand value and brand equity can be fetched from the market because as users like towards
  55. 55. airtel are sufficient enough but it should try to minimize its dislikeswhich is due to poor technical support to service. 49 BIBLIOGRAPHY
  56. 56. BibliographyBooks referred:1. Kotler Philip, Marketing Management(XII Edition), Pearson Education, New Delhi,2006
  57. 57. 2. Kulkarni M.V, Marketing Research (IV Edition), Everest Publication House, New Delhi,2003 Websites: 1. www.airtel.com 2. www.airtelworld.comMagazine: 1. Business world(june-2006 issue) 2. Business today(july-2006 issue) 51
  58. 58. ANNEXURE QuestionnaireName: • Gender: M F
  59. 59. Address: ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _______________ Age: a) Below 20 b)20-30 c)30-40 d)40-50 e)Above 50 Occupation: a) Industry b)services c)business d) student e)others____________Q1. Describe the cell phone usage for you?a)status b)trendc)necessity d)can’t say 53Q2. What is the status for following service for yourself? Tried Still Using 1. GSM:-Pre-paidPost-paid 2. WLL 3. Land line
  60. 60. Q3. How many connections do you have in your household or company(for which you are paying the bills)? Please tick a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 f) If>5 Please SpecifyPre-paidPost-paidWLLLandline Q4.which of the various GSM services you are aware of? Tried Still Using Vodafone Airtel Idea Bsnl 54 Q5.what kind of value added service are you aware of? (5.1) FOR VODAFONE: please tick Tried Still using 1. Sms 2. mms 3. roaming 4. cug
  61. 61. 5. Unified messaging services • Voice mail • E-mail • Text etc. 6. WAP 7. Cheaper STD and ISD 8. Misc. services • Clip • SIM replacement • Call conferencing(5.2) FOR AIRTEL: please tick Tried Still using 1. Sms 2. mms 3. roaming 4. cug 5. unified messaging services • voice mail 55 • e-mail • text etc. 6. WAP 7. Cheaper STD and ISD 8. Misc. services • Clip • SIMreplacement
  62. 62. • Call conferencingQ6. Do you remember any advertisement of? VODAFONE AIRTELYes No Yes NoIf marked “NO”: in any of the cases of 7.1 then shift to Q9.and proceed.(6.2) Where have you seen/ heard it? Please tick for both VODAFONE AIRTEL1. T.V.2. Newspaper3. Magazine4. Radio5. Kiosks6. Friends orrelatives7. Others 56Q7. how will you differentiate your cellular service onfollowing parameters?REASONS VODAFONE AIRTEL 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5CONNECTIVITY
  63. 63. COVERAGECUSTOMER CARESCHEMESADVERTISEMENTPOPULARITYROAMINGCLARITYSIM MEMORYEASY USAGE OFADDEDSERVICES Q8..would you like to buy new connection of airtel if you are not using any cellular service. YES NOShift to airtel if you are using cellular service other thanairtel? YES NOrecommend airtel to your friends or colleagues or relativesor anyone else YES NO 57 List of contactsS.No Name of Person1. Akshay jain2. Rahul rathi3. Kaanchan phadtare4. Siddharth prasad5. Shiv gunjal
  64. 64. 6. Gracy d’souza7. Pradeep dalvi8. Ravindram mayan9. Javed Mohammed10. Dhananjay garud11. Nidhi srivastav12. Panchali dutta13. Ananya dutta14. Pooja dubey15. Dinesh upadhye16. Neha korde17. Mennal apte18. Uttara joshirao19. Salil shukla20. Rochak nagori21. Joy ghosh22. Puja pokharna23. Priya modak24. Shubham jain25. Auyon acharya26. Swapnil patil27. Ajinkya patil28. Neha jain29. Pooja gupta30. Akanksha mathur31. Sumit roy32. Lalit kumar33. Parin mittal34. Gaurav mali35. Meeta khatri36. Richa khatri37. Pooja binani38. Additya joshi39. Aman joshi40. Rupa joshi41. Amit kumar42. Sukhpal singh
  65. 65. 43. Amol kalekar44. Maddy roy45. Anmol singh46. Vikrant singh47. Nihal nikam48. Snehashish jain49. Vibhor sharma50. Sunil jadiya51. Hemant bhojwani52. Ashvini chowdhary53. Ankita sharma54. Shweta singh55. Piyush sharma56. Nandkumar gojame57. Rahul gokhroo58. Kumar navani59. Rahul pahadiya60. Hitesh duggar61. Anshul jain62. Haya khan63. Ponam walimbe64. Sandy singh65. Saurav dutta66. Nikita karnad67. Nisha jain68. Ankit gupta69. Kartik subramani70. Deepali patange71. Anil sharma72. Vinay antad73. Saumya karan74. Bhaskar tiwari75. Anupam gupta76. Neha trivedi77. Gurpreet sethi78. Anurag kedia79. Shaswat gaur
  66. 66. 80. Saurabh gaur81. Romit bajaj82. Shashank kaushik83. Abhinandan sahu84. Nazia ansari khan85. Anant bhargav86. Alok agarwal87. Paritosh sharma88. Abhijeet gupte89. Nyhra joshi90. Pallavi gupta91. Nupur adkar92. Kunal kapoor93. Zuber khan94. Pulkit jain95. Anandita bhardwaj96. Aprajita bhardwaj97. Hussain ali98. Saurav singh99. Rohan jain100. Manoj upadhye 60