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38136743 reliance

  1. 1. Presented By:SONAL JAJU
  2. 2. The world, they say, steps aside forthe man who knows where he isgoing
  3. 3.  After demise of Sh.Dhirubhai Ambani, things took a dramatic turn 2002 when Mukesh became the chairman and managing director of the Reliance Industries and Anil the vice chairman and managing director of the company. Differences between the brothers started cropping up leading to a nasty seven-month-long ownership row. On June 18, 2005, Mukesh and Anil finally reached an agreement to divide the assets after a long drawn battle, split the Reliance empire to steer ahead their own interests.
  4. 4. Reliance was divided into 2 companies…Reliance Industries Limited(Mukesh Ambani) ANDAnil Dhirubhai Ambani Group(Anil Ambani)
  5. 5. Reliance Industries Limited is INDIAs largestprivate sector conglomerate (by market value) andsecond largest in the world. It is one of Indiasprivate sector FORTUNE 500 companies, beingranked at 206th position (2008). It was founded bythe Indian industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani.
  6. 6.  Education Community Health Care Recycling – energy and wastages Relief Activities Supporting Indian Culture Promoting Sports Wildlife animal care Heritage Care etc…
  7. 7. Major Subsidiaries:Reliance Petroleum LimitedReliance Retail LimitedRetail Insurance Broking LimitedReliance Retail Finance LimitedReliance Service Solutions LimitedReliance Strategic Investments LimitedReliance Exploration & Production - DMCCReliance Global Management Services Major Associates: Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited Reliance Europe Limited
  8. 8.  The Companys operations can be classified into four segments namely: Petroleum Refining and Marketing business Petrochemicals business Oil and Gas Exploration & Production business Others
  9. 9. With a vision to generate inclusive growth andprosperity for farmers, vendor partners, smallshopkeepers and consumers, Reliance Retail Limited(RRL), a subsidiary of RIL, was set up to leadReliance Group’s foray into organized retail.
  10. 10. Reliance FreshReliance MartReliance Trends
  11. 11. •Reliance Fresh is theconvenience store format whichforms part of the retail businessof Reliance industries of Indiawhich is headed by MukeshAmbani.•These stores sell fresh fruits andvegetables, staples, groceries,fresh juice bars and dairyproducts.•The company already has inexcess of 560 reliance freshoutlets across the country.
  13. 13. RELIANCE MART•Reliance retail launched its much-awaited hypermarket format(which also happens to be India’s largest hypermarket) calledReliance Mart at Iskon Mall, SG Highway, Ahemdabad .•Spread across 165,000 square feet of shopping area, Reliancemart provides the shoppers a never-before-experienced shoppingdelight.
  14. 14. •Reliance Mart is a part of the Reliance Group’s $5.5 billion ‘farmto fork’ retail initiative, with the targeted revenues of $23 billion byMarch 2011.•Reliance plans to have 100 million sq ft of retail space in the nextthree to five years and targets Rs 12,000 per sq ft per year forhypermarkets.
  15. 15. RELIANCE TRENDS•The first apparel store has been set up in Gurgaon’s Ambi mall,occupies a floor measuring 30,000 sq. ft. of retail space. In thenext couple of months, Reliance opened four more apparelstores, two of which are located in Hyderabad and Bangalore .
  16. 16. Entertainment
  17. 17. Reliance capital was incoporated in 19867 million investors100 million customers2700 outlets in over 625 cities Market Capitalisation more than Rs 25,000 croreAverage daily trading in BSE is10,00,000 shares
  18. 18. Reliance capital Reliance Reliance Reliancemutual funds general insurance life insurance Reliance Money
  19. 19.  Reliance mutual fund was first introduced on 5th june 1997 4 million investors Having 28 schemes Achievements & Awards NDTV profit business leadership award CRISIL mutual fund award ICRA mutual fund award
  20. 20. Types of General Insurance1.Health2.Personal accident3.Fire4.Engineering5.Marine6.Motor7.Liability8.Travel
  21. 21. • 5th Ranking•Growth Rate 322%•Number of products are32• Number of policies soldthis year 15 lakhs
  22. 22. The Late Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India —“Make the tool of information and communication availableto people at affordable cost”.
  23. 23.  Reliance Adlabs IMAX Advertise FM