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Soumi Ghosh_Resume


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Soumi Ghosh_Resume

  1. 1. Resume Resume Soumi Ghosh Phone:9883219248 / 7044753363 Career Summary:  Having3 Yearsand 11 Monthsexperience of ITexperienceasTestAnalystintestingof DesktopApplication and Web Application.  Experience in Software life cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the timelines for the project.  Experience inInsurance,Retail andE-commerce businessdomain.  3 Yearsand 11 Monthsexperience inSoftwareTestingLifeCycle likeRequirementAnalysis,TestPlanningand TestStrategypreparation,TestDesigning –TestScenarioandTestCasesPreparation,TestDataPreparation, TestExecution,RequirementTraceabilitymaintainandcheckanddefectreportinginInsurance domain throughALPHA tool.  1 Yearexperience inall phase of testinglife cycle inRetail domainandETL/BITestingthroughSSIS,SSMS, SSBItools.  2+ monthsexperience inAutomationTestingwhile testinganE-commerce website.  StrongknowledgeinSQLqueriespreparationandexecution.  ISTQB(International Software TestingQualificationsBoard) certified.  Performed Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and System Testing.  Excellent knowledge in HP Quality Centre.  As a proactive teammemberable tohandle goodorganizational,communicationskills.  Excellent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills.  Excellentexperience inClienthandlingandinteraction.  Excellent Analytical and Programming abilities in using technology to create elegant, flexible and maintainable solutions for complex problems.  Proficient knowledge and experience in PHP, MySQL, JIRA and Selenium.  Excellent knowledge in Waterfall model and good knowledge in Agile delivery. Technical Skills: Software PL/SQL Developer,HPApplicationLifecycle Management(ALM), ALPHA (Applicationof Life,Pension,HealthandAnnuity),SQLServer ManagementStudio(SSMS),SSIS,SSBI(Self Service BI),Apache 2.4, PHP 5.5.6, PHP Designer8,MySQL Workbench 6.3 Hardware WindowsXP,7 Tools ALPHA Desktopapplication,PL/SQLDeveloper,HPALM,ReActPortal (AdminRe),SQLServerManagementStudio(SSMS),SSIS, SSBI(Self Service BI) Domain Experience Insurance,Retail,E-commerce Management Experience Have beenworkinginmodule projectsasa TestAnalystformore than 2 years.Ihave learnthow tomanage workon differentmodule aswell team.I have goodfunctional knowledgeondifferentcontextsof requirement,businessandasfromtechnical knowledge inPL/SQL, Web Portal andHP ALM.
  2. 2. Resume Resume Work Experience: Company:Tata ConsultancyServicesLtd. Client:AdminRe UKServicesLtd Role:TestAnalyst Duration: June 2014 – September2016 Technical Skills:ALPHA – DesktopTool forInsurance,PL/SQLDeveloper,HP ALMandWeb Portal. Responsibility:  I am involvedactivelyinSITtestingPhase of Analysisof the requirements,TestPlanpreparation,and differentTestDesignTemplate (TDT) preparationbasedonthe differentfunctionality,TestCase Designing, ExecutingTestScripts,BuildingReports,andmanagingthe teamandCarryingoutIntegratedsystemtesting forthe application.  I am alsoinvolveddataselectionprocedure throughpreparingthe SQLqueriesforappropriate TestData.  I have created modulesforcommonstepsinQCsothat TestCase creationeffortisminimized.  RequirementuploadinginQCandmappingisdone by me whichgivesgoodview of RequirementCoverage.  Have preparedguidance documentslikeProcedure manualsfordifferentBusinessModule.  Have alsoconductedInternal Projectrelatedcrossfunctional KTtogive overview of projectonwhichIam currentlyworking. Achievement:Have receivedvarious customerappreciations. Company:Tata ConsultancyServicesLtd. Client:PhilipMorrisInternationalManagementSA Role:Tester Duration: September2013 – May 2014 Technical Skills:SSMS, SSIS,SSBI Responsibility:  I have testedSSISpackages(ETLpackages) fordifferentlayerlike sourcetostage,stage toODS(Operational Data Store)/MDS(MasterODS),Dimension(SCDType Iand II) and alsohistorical dimension(Tomaintain historydataas well presentdatarecords).  I have alsotesteddatafromcube usingSelf Service BI(SSBI) todifferentlayerof DataWarehouse.  Alongwithcube testingIhave testedsecuritytestingforcube where Ihave testedaccessprivilegefor differentusers. Company:Tata ConsultancyServicesLtd. Client:IngramMicro Role:Developer Duration: April 2013 – September2014 Technical Skills:SAPLogon 7.0, BEx Query Responsibility:  I wasinvolvedindevelopmentof everyphaseof extractionfromraw datatostagingand thenDSO.I wasalso involvedasdeveloperinBIreportcreation. Company:Tata ConsultancyServicesLtd. Client:ILP-KolkataParticipants Role:ILP Trainee Duration: September2013 – May 2014 Technical Skills:Informatica,Congons8and Eclipse IDE
  3. 3. Resume Resume Responsibility:  I wasASE Trainee andI tooktraininginBIPM(BusinessIntelligence andPerformance Management) along withJAVA. Company:Expinfo Client:Techejobs Role:QualityAnalyst Duration: October2016 – Present Technical Skills:Web ApplicationTesting,JIRA,PHP,MySQL,SeleniumIDE(Basic) Responsibility:  Primarilyinvolvedintestingof livewebportal –Techejobwithhelpof JIRA,PHP,MySQL,SeleniumIDE (Basic).  I am alsoinvolvedall typesof testing –Smoke Testing,IntegrationTesting,RegressionTestingandUAT.  I am responsible forTestPlanningandStrategy,TestScenarioandTestCase preparation,TestData PreparationandDefecttrackingandreporting. Award Details: Title Category Sub-Category Received On On The Spot Award Awards for Excellence On The Spot Awards 06/04/2015 Service &Commitment Award Service Awards Service Award 04/02/2016 Best Team Awards for Excellence Star Awards 01/11/2015 Experience Details: Total Experience 3 YEAR(S),9 MONTH(S) TCS Experience 3 YEAR(S),7 MONTH(S) Current Experience 2 MONTH(S) Competency Details: Competency Area Proficiency Process: Agile Delivery E0 Assurance: Test Data Management(TDM) E0 Software Estimation E1 PL/SQL E1 Testing Concepts, Process, Methodology and Management E1
  4. 4. Resume Resume Trainings: Program/Course Start Date End Date Basic Training on QTP - ILT 01/07/2015 01/07/2015 Writing Test Scenarios and Cases from Requirements 04/06/2015 04/06/2015 Test Data Management - iON 21/05/2015 27/05/2015 INS - Introduction to Insurance - ILT 28/04/2015 28/04/2015 Performance Testing & Load Runner Training 24/11/2014 12/12/2014 Certifications: Title Acquired On International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Software Tester Certifications: Certified Tester - Foundation Level 16/10/2014 Certificate in Insurance Concepts - TCS Business Domain Academy 26/08/2014 Certificate in Software Testing Skills - TCS Business Domain Academy 11/12/2014 Certificate in Life Insurance, Annuities, Pension - TCS Business Domain Academy 14/08/2014 Certificate in Pensions - TCS Business Domain Academy 28/01/2015 Education Summary: Qualification Subject Percentage/Grade Passing Year Bachelor of Technology Computer Science and Engineering 80.3 2012 Standard Xii / H.S.C. Others 73.85 2008 SSC Others 77.55 2006