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Genre research

  1. 1. Genre Research. By Shaun Taylor
  2. 2. In this PowerPoint I have reflected over the different types of genre research I didinto the movie genres and have applied them to the work I had done on the“Indifference” Film Project.
  3. 3. Type of Genre.Our film promotional campaign; “Indifference” has been judged to fill the genre of psychological-thriller, and maybe edge its wayinto the horror category. So I have based my genre research on “The Pact” and “The Cabin In The Woods” simply because theirmarketing campaigns create fear and excitement to see the films. And that ‘heart-pounding’ tension is perhaps what we need tomake this film stand out from the rest.Our Narrative:Essentially a girl by the name of Vicky, underwent a life threatening operation when she was younger, and died for a brief periodof time. But she didn’t come back whole. Everyone call her “Freak” etc. and the audience don’t know why. Until a group of friendsinvite her to a camping trip, accompanied by her old friend Eliza (who turned against her and bullied Vicky). And Vicky hasdeveloped schizophrenia and when she changed personality a potential psychopath is left on the hunt.The Pact Narrative: (Information taken from )Following the death of her mother, and the sudden disappearance of her sister Nicole (Agnes Bruckner), Annie (Caity Lotz) returnsto the place of her troubled childhood – a ordinary looking Victorian-dressed house riddled with nightmares and mysteries she’drather forget. As she realises there may be more to Nicole’s vanishing act than meets the eye, and supernatural elements begin totake their toll, she’s forced to delve further into the house’s – and her mother’s – past, uncovering lifelong secrets that no one,least of all herself, could have ever imagined.The Cabin In The Woods Narrative: (Information taken from )Five teenagers head off for a weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods. They arrive to find they are quite isolated with no meansof communicating with the outside world. When the cellar door flings itself open, they of course go down to investigate. They findan odd assortment of relics and curios but when one of the women, Dana, reads from a book she awakens a family of deadlyzombie killers. Theres far more going on however than meets the eye as the five campers are all under observation. Writtenby garykmcd
  4. 4. Narrative ThemesThe narrative themes of these different genres all link around murders andhave a connection with a psychopathic route. Whether it is spiritual orphysical. But all the films show the protagonist being stalked by them. Ournarrative story approaches the two different aspects of physical andspiritual as the protagonist is haunted by this other side of herself which sheisnt conscious of. Due to the narrative themes of the “Indifference” project we chose a very enclosed area for the location of the trailer and filming. As it matched stereotypical ideals of the horror and thriller genres, and both narratives are based in enclosed, dark and creepy location, and this woodland area can be creepy and very eerie at dark/evening.
  5. 5. Mise-en-Scene The two different pictures show the difference in clothing styles between the two different horrors. For example “The Cabin In The Woods” all the actors and actresses have very colourful and individual styling of clothes. Whereas “The Pact” has very dull clothing and styles. Which seems to match the traditional horror where everything is dim, and doesn’t appear to be vibrant. This is where our film connects more to “The Cabin In The Woods” as the clothing styles are set to casual wear, thatThe Cabin In The Woods the actors feel would suit the characters, which was given to them in the character information.The Pact
  6. 6. Characters in the Film Project “Indifference”.Mise-en-scene(Props): Folders, pencil case, bags etcVicky: Vicky: needs to have normal but attractive clothing, so in the “This message was very briefscene she blends in with the crowd, but stands out to the audience.(maybe black and reds or something like that) to the actors about what they should wear for the filmingEliza: You need to wear very indie style clothing, maybe somedenim jeans or a jacket. However she has very colourful clothing, day, although it is very brief, Imaybe a vest under a long sleeve shirt. But again Eliza can wear talked to each actor andanything as long as her colour style is vibrant. Make up optional. actress about what theyStacey: Style needs to be more mainstream, different types of should wear in more detailclothing. But very bland (plain shirts) either that or brandedclothing (Bench or something). Make up optional with them, and gathered some of their ideas about it.Josh: Dark clothing, Jake this will be fine for you :) your stylematches already, just wear your black jacket etc. But I interlinked this with the character bios which I earlierThe rest of the guys: Nick, Gavin, Joey and Pete you have a verybasic style, wear anything normal guys would or what you would released to the actors andnormally wear. There is no specific cloth design for any of you. actresses.”Please remember to read the script and be prepared fortomorrow :)
  7. 7. The Character BiosJosh: Joey:Josh is very quiet, awkward but can be head strong at times. Josh finds Joey, The Glue that connects the group. He is the mutual friend ofhimself in a twisted web between romance, and paranoia. He has had everyone and connects Eliza and Stacey with Josh, Nick and Gavin. Hea troubled past and finds it very hard to associate with the group but is brutal, funny but arrogant, he believes he is always right, and tries totakes an interest in Vicky as he can sense her distress, and can tell she get whatever he wants.isn’t completely together, meaning those two can relate on a newlevel…However will his paranoia over take him? Bios:Bios: Age: 18 Nature: Confident, Cocky, Jester, and Clever.Age: 19 Motive: It seems Joey has an interest in Vicky, but is it all a sham? HeNature: Strong headed, quiet, and dark. doesn’t make this clear, but shows this when he makes a wrong move,Motive: To feel accepted within the group, but mostly to protect the Joey has no other motives than to get drunk and have a good time, butones who need his help. However he isn’t all together, meaning his was he cut a little too short?motives are sometimes forgotten.Nick: Gavin:Nick, is quiet and a good person, often looking out for those in need,he seems to be the most normal of the group, and is honest and caring Gavin is a very sensitive soul, easily breaks down, and follows Nick’sto those he knows, but could this be his own little false sense of footsteps in trying to be a good person. However Gavin has beensecurity. someone people used to bully a lot, so it is possible he is finding this chance to seek revenge?Bios: Bios:Age: 17Nature: Calm and Creative, Docile. Age: 17Motive: Unknown. All that is know is Nick and Gavin seem to be best Nature: Calm and Creative, Docile.friends and have come along to have a drink and socialise. Motive: Unknown. All that is know is Nick and Gavin seem to be best friends and have come along to have a drink and socialise.
  8. 8. Pete: Vicky:Quite simply Pete is the one person, everyone seems to dislike. Just for Vicky is our main character; she is very quiet and shy, keeping herselfthe pure fact he is there. He hasn’t done anything wrong but seems to to herself. She is often referred to as a “freak” because of herbe the main target for isolation. Could It be that Pete has been driven traumatic and haunting past that made her disconnected from the restto seek closure? of the college year. Often Isolated, and lonely she is however given a chance to hang out with a group of new people, from the returningBios: “friend” Eliza, who left her feeling low and depressive. This journeyAge: 17 with her new found friends leads her down a spiralling road that leadsNature: Nerdy, friendly and passive. her to realise who she really is.Motive: He attempts to get close to the group but no one really knowswhy… Bios: Age: 17 Nature: Docile, Shy, Unsociable.Eliza: Motive: To be excepted as an individual in a group of people, and finally gain normality in her life after ages of being excluded andEliza was Vicky’s old best friend, they were inseparable, but due to isolated from everyone. She also finds particular interest in Josh.traumatic events in Vicky’s life things changed, leading Vicky tobecome socially isolated and hated, meaning Eliza had to choose Stacey:between her best friend or being excepted in college. However Elizafollowed the wrong crowd and ended up bullying Vicky for what she is. Stacey isn’t all together. She can be very slow sometimes, other timesThis made them distance and lose contact with one another. she can be very clever, but no matter what everyone seems to loveHowever after this long time apart, Eliza misses Vicky and wants to her, for her charms. Often the funny one of the group, she is oftenhave her back in her life and ceases the opportunity to drag her into a surrounded by the boys. But she knows how to play them, keepinggroup camping trip, but is Vicky really wanting to take her back? them interested but under her control. Being the new best friend of Eliza, she tries to stay away from Vicky out of jealousy until she realisesBios: Vicky isn’t too bad…but is it all too late?Age: 18Nature: Confident, Caring but easily misguided, Loyal (to an extent), Bios:social. Age: 18Motive: She aims to bring Vicky back into her life one way or another, Nature: Bubbly, Friendly and charming. Flirtatious. A bit dippy butto make up for the mistakes she has made, but realises her awkward often clever. And always gets the centre attention.mistake of making Stacey her best friend. There are hints later on in Motive: Stacey doesn’t carry many motives, she is just there tothis story that unveils that Eliza has a liking for both Josh and socialise, drink and have fun…However seen as though Joey sees hisNick…however is she willing to kill to gain what she wants? And why end could that create a killer out of the innocent? Maybe…Just maybedoes she really want Vicky back in her life? she wants her best friend Eliza back from Vicky’s grip.
  9. 9. I tried to keep the Character bios, along the lines of the story so that theactors and actresses would get a feel for their characters, and understandhow to act them, what they’d wear, their mannerisms.
  10. 10. Eliza.Joey. Pete. Stacey. Vicky. Nick.These where the clothes which the actors and actresses showed up in. In my opinion theydidn’t completely match what I had in my mind for clothing of each character. For examplePete was meant to look nerdy, But this didn’t work until we strapped a bag onto his back. Orfor example Stacey’s clothing didn’t match, who Stacey was in the bios at all but…
  11. 11. Although it didn’t match completely, I still thought it worked, as it made the charactersfeel more outcast from society (if your basing the different characters on stereotypesthey’d be a group of individuals instead of groups like, Popular, Nerdy, or Goth etc.) thanthey should have been. But I did hope to change the dress code for when they gocamping, and perhaps match it more to the colour scheme of “The Pact”, with darkerclothing than the college seen clothing, which had recurrent colour scheme of blue andred. Looking at the clothing in the photos, the closest group I could possibly connect them two as a majority would have to be “Indie Scenesters”. But individually their styles would interlink with the other groups in this picture below. These styles werent what I was looking for. Especially when you contrast them to they styles of those in “The Cabin In The Woods” but it worked cause it showed the different styles that teenagers wear in colleges etc. these days. This did however give the feeling that it was a teenage film, making it possible better to connect with a [] teenage audience.
  12. 12. I do believe that even though I was aiming for a more “Cabin In The Woods” Mise-en-Scene approach I did managed to gain a very blue colours scheme which matches “ThePacts” colours more. With darker clothing.
  13. 13. …In terms of character typesIn terms of character types, I focused the group into being a mix of different people. Forexample Joey was stereotypically based on the American Jock group, the sporty, andarrogant person. But toned down a bit. Whereas in contrast Josh was seen as more dark andmysterious, which could be seen as a gothic approach? But the different characters all havedifferent areas which they can relate to more, which explains why the closest I can relate thegroup to in “Indie Scenesters” because their interests all cross over, and does make themajority of the group seem Indie, or individual if you will.The character bios focuses on each characters motives, and personalities and partial backstories or relations with one another. So I have tried to interlink many of them excludingVicky, to try show that they hang out with one another for the fact they know them and arecomfortable, meaning there is a mix of different groups.
  14. 14. Camerawork I did some research into camerawork with these kind of genres: Horror, Thriller. And many of which like close up shots, for example Stephen Spielburg seems to always position the camera near eyes… Minority Report (2002) Director: Steven Spielberg Although “Minority Report” doesn’t have much to do with this genre, it does have a very good close up of an eye, which can add suspense. This was done by Steven Spielberg.
  15. 15. At the beginning this all confusing and distorted to a high-pitched noise acting like a sound bridge that connects aflickering eye to a very powerful blue eye, this zooms outto a very cold white face in water saying “Murder” and itsinks into the water…this was very tense and suspensefulwhen I first watched it, and I appreciate how hard it wouldbe to recreate so effectively but me and my partner wereplanning to introduce an aspect like that with the eye, andzooming out. To create tension. I have notice StevenSpielberg do this a lot in his films, and always makes it veryeffective.
  16. 16. I have also noticed that other areas of camera work, can vary on speed andclarity depending on the build of tension, and atmosphere.For example when things are calm in a film the shots are calm and peaceful,they tend to be very long shots as a comparison to when it becomes upbeat,and tense and the shots are much shorter, sometimes less stable (shake a bit[no tripod maybe?], are distorted to make the audience confused andwonder what is happening).I have notice that all horrors, and thrillers don’t follow this though, takeParanormal Activity, more specifically the theatrical ending.Because the camera stood still as all the action was happening off the scene,it was relatively quiet until she suddenly throws the body at the camera andgives everyone a fright. But the camera stays still this whole time (except forbeing knocked off its stand) and is just as, or maybe even more effective asthe other method of creating tension.
  17. 17. Props and Locations.Me and My partner had considered this before thegenre research. We spent an entire day looking overpotential locations and reasons why we could havethem there. We created a 45minute long video,which I have edited down, and shown you the basicsof it. But we had ideas about locations beforecomparing them to other films, because ours wouldtake place on a camping trip, in a remote woods orforest. This would have been the first location for the first camping scene.
  18. 18. This gives you an idea of the day we had when we were planning and figuring out how to use this location. During this we look at possible romantic interest spots as the two main characters would be near where the group is for the campsite, and because at this time in the planning stage we hadnt fully planned out the storyline.If the Video does not play thenI‘ll post it in the same blog postmarked video [1].
  19. 19. Props.The props we were going to use, were simply torches, camping equipment andrecording equipment. As the location doesn’t require much props for it to work. So itwould have been a minimal set for example like filming in Vicky’s room.If the Video does not play thenI‘ll post it in the same blog postmarked video [2].
  20. 20. Unfortunately, the indifference film project got cancelled because of someactors and actresses unable to keep commitments during this holiday periodwe had to film it in. However, we intend to used what we have now tocontinue with the trailer etc. production.