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Weemo solution brief


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Weemo is transforming the communications industry with its production ready cloud based video collaboration solutions by designing, developing and distributing the best innovative real-time platform to software vendors and service providers.
Our mission is simple. We want to be the #1 embedded video provider in the world. Our vision is to make contextual video collaboration accessible to everyone, in every business application, on every device.

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Weemo solution brief

  1. 1. Empowering Business ApplicationsEmpower your App withCloud Video & WebCollaboration
  2. 2. StandaloneEnterpriseSoftwareSocial EnterpriseEnablementIntegrated Real-Time VideoEvolution of EnterpriseSoftwarePre-socialText-basedCollaborationOnlyCloud AdoptionDeviceDiversity&SocialExplosion
  3. 3. Make contextual video collaborationaccessible to everyone, in every businessapplication, on every deviceOur Vision
  4. 4. BeforeToday, enterprise Apps support text-basedconversations, but they fail when real timecollaboration is required – App users are forcedto leave enterprise Apps to use Skype, etc.
  5. 5. AfterEmpower your users to escalate theirconversations directly from within their Appworkflow to contextual video collaborationwithout losing a beat!
  6. 6. Video Powered ApplicationsEnterprise SocialNetworkCRM & CustomerServiceTraining &EducationHuman CapitalManagementeHealthWeemoCloud Video
  7. 7. WeemoVideo CloudBusiness ApplicationIntegrated VideoOne CloudMobile VideoEnterpriseApplicationCloudREST API• Secure• Global• Multi-tenant• Highly Available• Directory-agnosticSSO
  8. 8. Weemo Video Cloud BenefitsSoftwareVendorEndCustomerAdd out-of-the-box real-time video featureMaintain context & controlover user experienceRemove dependency onmiddleware & pluginsDrive AdoptionCreate upsell opportunityContextual in-app videocollaborationSimple escalation from chatto videoEfficient internal & externalcommunicationNo integration ordeployment challengesCost-effective & unlimitedvideo services
  9. 9. Contact Weemo by visiting the website to get access to:1. Proof-of-concept API key to connect to the public WeemoVideo Cloud2. Weemo JavaScript class to integrate to your webapplication3. Weemo Video driver that is completed piloted from yourweb application4. Optional: Mobile SDKs for Android or iOS5. How-to documentation & development supportGet Started Now