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APIs and the IoT - Centaur Technologies


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We present various approaches to providing an API as part of an IoT product and discuss certain business models for monetizing it.

Centaur Technologies develops and markets end-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things, focused on the Industrial and Enterprise sectors.

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APIs and the IoT - Centaur Technologies

  1. 1. 1 Centaur Technologies Connecting you to the Industrial Internet September 2015
  2. 2. @centaurtek 2 About us Strong team • embedded hardware • web/mobile apps • chip design • stored product protection IoT solutions in confined spaces (‘to boldly go where no sensor has gone before!’) - food safety - connected logistics
  3. 3. @centaurtek 3 IoT service model ++ • Cloud application • Remote access • Analytics • Subscription • Value-added services • Pay-per-use • Wireless sensor
 hardware • Installed at customer site • FREE
  4. 4. @centaurtek Sensors' inside' container' 4 Centaurtek
 cloud server API Gateway (fog) server
  5. 5. @centaurtek 5 Why an API? the pragmatic view • Modular design • One database, multiple apps • API hooks for testability • Access control and security example: GET /api/facilities?select=name,description,address&sort=name returns a JSON object with names, locations, floorplans etc. of facilities with sensors reporting to the Centaur Tech cloud…
  6. 6. @centaurtek 6 Show me your API… the strategic view • Bring others to your service • Enable customers to customize your product • Lock-in effects!
  7. 7. @centaurtek 7 To API or not? the egocentric view • Read, but not write access to database (i.e. only the R in CRUD!) • Sparse documentation • Proprietary vs. open standard semantics
  8. 8. @centaurtek 8 The right stuff the win-win view • Bidirectional APIs • Adopt/foster standards (e.g. • Develop your API like you mean it! • Growth tool, but to monetize you need to foster the apps that use it…
  9. 9. @centaurtek 9 Business models • Free (e.g. Facebook) • Freemium / Tiered (e.g. Mailchimp, Google Maps - most SaaS) • Transactional (e.g. Paypal, Stripe) • Affiliate (e.g. Adsense, Expedia)
  10. 10. @centaurtek 10 Specific to IoT • Free (sell the hardware, give away the API) • Freemium / Tiered (monetize cloud IaaS, analytics, apps) • Transactional (microtransactions, Bitcoin) • Affiliate (smart cities?)
  11. 11. @centaurtek 22 Thank you! Centaur Technologies Contact