NH: Rain Gardens Protect Our Lakes


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Rain Gardens Protect Our Lakes

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NH: Rain Gardens Protect Our Lakes

  1. 1. 38 THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, September 24, 2009 ENJOYTHEWATER Get the most out of NH’s Lakes! wHaT Is THe BIggesT THreaT To nH’s lakes? by Andrea Lamoreaux issues of The Weirs Times the readers of this column NH Lakes Education Director at www.weirs.com.) to implement one “lake-Black My response? While there friendly” landscaping proj- “What is the biggest are a myriad of issues that ect to reduce their personal threat to New Hampshire’s threaten the health and contribution to stormwater lakes, and what can I do enjoyment of New Hamp- runoff and the pollution of about it?” As an aquatic shire’s approximately 1,000 lakes, ponds, rivers and biologist, I am often asked lakes and ponds, ranging streams. this question, almost as from the problems associ- If you haven’t accepted frequently as the ques- ated with exotic plant infes- this challenge, you still tions, “What is the differ- tations to toxic cyanobac- have time! ence between a ‘lake’ and teria blooms, most aquatic If want to learn how to a ‘pond’?” and, “What can biologists would agree that vegetated buffer, an infil- I do about the geese on my the number one threat to tration trench, and/or a set shoreline property?” (For lake quality in New Hamp- of infiltration steps on your answers to the latter-two shire, and across the Unit- property, refer to the Sep- questions, read the July ed States, is stormwater tember 10 and 17, 2009, 16 and August 13, 2009, runoff. issues of The Weirs Times BOAT STORAGE at www.weirs.com. In ad- A rain garden captures and filters stormwater runoff and dition, here are few more can beautify the landscape. suggested projects that you could accomplish in just#38 What is stormwater run- lawns and farms to the a few hours on the next Winterize, Shrink Wrap, Store up to 24 ft. on your trailer off? nearest waterbody. Storm- pleasant day this fall. up to $700 Stormwater runoff is rain water runoff can cause .00 water and snowmelt water excessive plant growth and Install a rain barrel to that does not sink into the foul-smelling algal blooms collect roof runoff. ground—instead it flows in lakes and ponds, and A rain barrel is a contain- No Trailer, No Problem Call Us across the landscape, pick- can even contribute to toxic er that collects precipitation ing up pollutants such as bacteria blooms which can which flows off rooftops oil, gas, fertilizer and ma- make swimmers sick. from a downspout. The nure on its journey across water that is captured can parking lots, roadways, What can I do about be used on your lawn, gar- stormwater runoff? den, and/or indoor plants. No matter where you live, By collecting rainwater, not Aluminum framed docks built with pride at our shop whether you live along a only will you reduce the in Sanbornville, NH. We use only the finest quality shoreline or miles away amount of stormwater run- materials and vinyl decking. from the nearest water- off flowing from your prop- Our aluminum legs have a longer life with infinite body, what you do on your erty, but you may also save Don’t Be Fooled adjustability - no more cracked, splintered or twisted property can potentially money and water. Learn pollute lakes, ponds, rivers how to build your own by Imitators! posts! 6’ on center spacing offers more protection for and streams. As wise lake rain barrel by watching your boats as well as personal watercraft & smaller stewards, the ultimate goal an instructional video at boats. Other docks cannot compete - we have the we should all be striving for http://www.youtube.com/ best structural integrity in the business, with crucial is to prevent stormwater watch?v=MGFDlkJOdaM gusseting at all corners & incorporated lift points - from flowing off of our own or follow a step-by-step with NO failures to date. individual properties. We fact sheet found at http:// all need to allow our storm- www.cwp.org/Resource_Li- Please compare & judge for yourself! water runoff to soak into the brary/Center_Docs/Resi- We Also Offer: ground by vegetating and dential/rainbarrelgarden. • Sectional & Rolling Docks • Seacycles & Kayaks infiltrating. Although this pdf. Alternatively, you can • Our own 2-person Umbrella • SwimRafts & Boat Lifts seat w/table may sound like a daunting purchase a rain barrel on- • Dock Hardware • RAD Premium Boat Bumpers • Boat Accessories task, the good news is that line at http://www.nerain- The Original • Unique Solar Light Caps • Custom Applications minimizing the amount barrel.com. • PaddleKing Paddle Boats & of stormwater runoff that Patent #6318932B1 Mini Pontoon Boats flows across the landscape Plant a rain garden to Your Only Choice for a Superior Dock! and into waterbodies is something that each of us can participate in—it can collect roof and driveway runoff. Rain gardens are attrac- ® (603) 522-5336 be easy and fun! tive and functional land- scaped areas that are de- Have you accepted the signed to capture and filter DOCKING MADE EASY... challenge yet? stormwater from rooftops, 1625 White Mtn. Hwy, Rt. 16 • Sanbornville, NH 03872 This September, NH driveways, and other im- LAKES has challenged See LAkes on 39
  2. 2. THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, September 24, 2009 39 ENJOYTHEWATER Get the most out of NH’s Lakes!LAkes from 38 can be emailed to info@ to protecting New Hamp-pervious surfaces. These nhlakes.org or snail mailed shire’s lakes, which arebowl-shaped vegetated ar- to NH LAKES at 84 Silk integral to the quality of lifeeas allow rainwater to soak Farm Road, Concord, NH and economic health of theinto the soil, reducing the 03301. State. For more informa- Blackpotential for erosion and Not only will you have fun tion on the organization’sminimizing the amount of and feel good about your- lake protection effortspollutants flowing off the self, your lake will thank across the state and howlandscape into storm drains you by providing cleaner to help, please visit www.or directly into waterbodies. water for you and your fam- nhlakes.org or contactYou can find directions on ily and friends to enjoy next (603) 226-0299. To receivehow to construct your own summer! NH LAKES’ free monthly e-rain garden in manual for NH LAKES is a statewide, news blast, Shorelines, fullhomeowners at http:// nonprofit, member-sup- of interesting lake-relatedwww.dnr.state.wi.us/org/ ported organization head- information, sign up onwater/wm/dsfm/shore/ quartered in Concord. The the website.documents/rgmanual.pdf. organization is dedicated Divert runoff from yourdriveway and footpathsinto a vegetated area. By installing an open top An open top culvert is used to divert and direct runoff fromculvert (also known as a the gravel roadway into a stabilized vegetated which will‘box culvert’) across your reduce the potential of stormwater runoff detaching soildriveway or a pathway, particles off the roadway further downhill. Good #39stormwater runoff can bediverted into a stable, veg- Inventoryetated area. This polluted erty, follow the illustrated Your lake will thank on 4 Strokewater will be absorbed by directions for open top cul- you! Outboardplants and into the ground, vert construction found Accept the challenge this Motors!instead of being left alone to at http://www.pwd.org/ fall to implement one lake-run along the length of the news/publications.php. friendly landscaping projectimpervious surface picking All you will need is lumber on your property. Make itup soil particles as it erodes or timbers, some nails and fun by inviting family andyour driveway or path- bolts, a couple small pieces friends to join your land-way. An open top culvert of wood or pipe, and a few scaping party—don’t forgetis relatively inexpensive to basic tools. to bring the hot cider! And,build and easy to install. please be sure to send NHTo build one on your prop- LAKES “before” and “after” photos of your project so that we can show others your great work! Photos ICE DAMAGE? NEED DOCK or SHORELINE WORK? Visit Our Stores To See All The Boatlifts & Docks • Plan ahead - permits take time! • Make an appointment today for a site visit! • Schedule projects early! www.docksource.com www.nhpermits.com Visit our store at 29 Gilford East Drive, Gilford, NH 29 Gilford East Drive, Gilford NH 552 Route 11, Sunapee, NH Winter Hours (or call for appointment) 603-293-4000 603-763-6440 Open Daily From 9:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-12:00, Closed Sunday Crank-Up Dock Open Daily From 8:00-8:00, Saturday 8:00-12:00 (starting 4/18) Closed SundayA rain barrel collects runoff from a rooftop and stores thewater for domestic uses.