NE: Lincoln: Rainwater Plant List


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Rainwater Plant List

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NE: Lincoln: Rainwater Plant List

  1. 1. Copy of Greenhouse plant descriptions Pot Pot Price PriceRainGardenPlant Available Type Scientific Name Common Name Ht W Size Size Description Native 1 2 1 2 Yes Yes grasses Calamagrostis Korean feather 3.5 2.5 4" $4.50 Native to woodland edge in Asia. No brachytricha reedgrass Glossy foliage with feathery pink flowerheads in September. Prefers consistent moisture. Easy to grow in most soils. Excellent in containers. Yes Yes grasses Carex comosa longhair sedge 1-2 4" $4.50 Grass-like plant with coarse-textured, Yes bright green foliage. It prefers moist conditions making it perfect for a rain garden or water garden. It’s also deer- resistant. Yes Yes grasses Carex grayi Grays sedge 2-3 2 4" $4.50 This Midwestern native forms a dense Yes clump of bright green leaves; known for its unique pale green mace-like flower heads; easy to grow in any moist soil; ideal for rain gardens. Yes Yes grasses Carex hystericina porcupine sedge 4" $4.50 Prefers wet habitat such as wetlands or Yes riverbanks. In right conditions can spread aggressively. Interesting, prickly seedheads. Yes Yes grasses Carex morrowii Ice Dance 1 1-2 4" $4.50 Grass-like leaves are dark green with No Ice Dance sedge white edges, with the color often persisting through winter. Prefers moist soils with part to full shade. Slowly spreads and looks nice in a container. Yes Yes grasses Carex palm sedge 2.5 2-3 4" $4.50 Grass-like leaves radiate out from the Yes muskingumensis stem. Light green foliage turns yellow with frost. Full to part sun, moist soil. Yes Yes grasses Carex plantaginea plaintain-leaved 1 1 4" $4.50 Clump-forming sedge with broad, 1" No sedge shiny evergreen leaves. Best growth in moist soils and part shade, but tolerates dry soils. Yes Yes grasses Carex sprengelii long-beaked 2-3 18" 4" $4.50 An attractive fountain-like mound of Yes sedge bright green foliage with loose, pendant flower spikes. Grows best in part to full shade and moist soil, but tolerates dry shade. Remains green well into winter. Excellent in containers. Yes Yes grasses Elymus Canada wildrye 3 3-4 4" $3.00 Attractive nodding seedheads remain Yes canadensis attractive well into winter. Blue-green foliage turns tan in fall. A fast growing, somewhat short-lived cool season prairie grass. Full sun, adaptable, naturalizing. Yes Yes grasses Juncus effusus common rush 3-4 18" 4" $4.50 A native clump-forming wetland plant Yes with very dark green foliage; excellent for its fine textural contrast to bold perennials; prefers low spots or boggy soils; ideal for rain gardens. Yes Yes grasses Miscanthus Autumn Red 3-4 2 4" $4.50 Reddish tinged flowers become white No Autumn Red miscanthus seed plumes and last well into winter. Foliage turns dazzling shades of orange and red in fall that also persist. Full sun to part shade, site adaptable. Yes Yes grasses Panicum amarum Dewey Blue 3 4 4" $4.50 An excellent selection of a native grass No Dewey Blue switchgrass with silvery blue foliage. Airy flowering plumes in late summer give way to beige seedheads that last through winter. Plant in full sun with well- drained soil. Yes Yes grasses Panicum Prairie Prairie Wind 7 4" $4.50 An extra tall version of switchgrass. No Wind panicum Leaves and seedheads sway in the
  2. 2. Copy of Greenhouse plant descriptions Pot Pot Price PriceRainGardenPlant Available Type Scientific Name Common Name Ht W Size Size Description Native 1 2 1 2 wind. Full to part sun in average soil. Yes Yes grasses Panicum virgatum Dallas blues 6-7 2-3 4" $4.50 This selection is noted for its wide, Yes Dallas Blues switchgrass blue-green leaves and upright vase shape; long, upright seed heads are dusted in pink, blooming in August; easy to grow and dependable in sunny location. Yes Yes grasses Panicum virgatum Northwind 4-5 23 1 gal $12.00 Great Panicum for the landscape. Yes Northwind switchgrass Upright blue selection with wide bluish leaves turning golden yellow in fall. Vigorous and rust-resistant. Yes Yes grasses Panicum virgatum Shenandoah 4 4 18s $4.50 Foliage emerges blue-green in spring Yes Shenandoah switchgrass and quickly becomes red. Reddish pink flowering plumes become beige seedheads. Grows best in full sun with moist soils. Yes Yes grasses Sorghastrum Indian Steel 5-6 2-3 1 gal $9.00 4" $4.50 Blue-green foliage turns yellow in fall. Yes nutans Indian Indiangrass Golden flower plumes become bronze Steel seedheads in fall. Grows upright in full sun and dry soil. Yes Yes grasses Sorghastrum Tomahawk 4-5 18s $4.50 Wider light green leaf turns reddish- Yes nutans Indiangrass yellow in fall and persists through Tomahawk winter. Golden seedheads are another attractive characteristic of this warm- season grass. Full sun, drought- tolerant. Yes Yes perennials Acorus calamus sweet flag 3 2 18s $4.50 Long, sword-like leaves similar to iris Yes foliage; tolerates wet, boggy soils; spreads by rhizomes; bruised foliage emits fragrant scent. Yes Yes perennials Allium cernuum nodding pink 18" 15" 18s $4.50 Clumps of grasslike leaves; blooms Yes onion spring to fall; grows best in full sun with well-drained garden soil; especially nice in rock gardens. Nodding flowers in shades of pink to white. Yes Yes perennials Asclepias 2-4 2 18s $4.50 Native w/ light pink flowers. Full sun, Yes incarnata attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Yes Yes perennials Cacalia sweet Indian 5 18s $4.50 Spreading plant from aster family that No suaveolens plantain prefers moist soils in sun to part shade. Many white flowers July-September above triangular leaves. Great for bog or water garden. Yes Yes perennials Campanula bluebell 1 1 18s $4.50 Clusters of bright blue bells in early Yes rotundifolia bellflower spring. Woodland native along the Niobrara valley in Nebraska; prefers rich, moist soil and shade. Yes Yes perennials Chelone lyonii Hot turtlehead 2-4 2 qt $6 Upright 2-4’ clump-forming plant with Yes Lips hooded, snapdragon-like pink flowers in spike-like racemes late summer to fall. Prefers rich, moist soils. Yes Yes perennials Eupatorium Prairie Jewel 3 2-3 18s $4.50 Native prairie plant with mottled foliage Yes altissimum Prairie eupatorium and clusters of small white flowers in Jewel fall. Well-drained, moderately dry soils and full sun. Zone 4 Yes Yes perennials Eupatorium Little Joe 3-4 2 4" $4.50 This eastern U.S. native has a bushy, No dubium Coastal Plain compact habit, topped with clusters of Joe-Pye plant purple-pink flowers in late summer; a favorite of butterflies. Yes Yes perennials Eupatorium Gateway Joe- 4-5 3 4" $4.50 Choice selection with large clusters of Yes purpureum Pye plant lavendar-pink flowers in late summer;
  3. 3. Copy of Greenhouse plant descriptions Pot Pot Price PriceRainGardenPlant Available Type Scientific Name Common Name Ht W Size Size Description Native 1 2 1 2 Gateway butterfly magnet; prefers rich, moist soils so ideal for rain gardens; GreatPlants Perennial of the Year Yes Yes perennials Filipendula rubra meadowsweet 4-5 3 1 gal $9 Very large pink flowers thru summer, No Venusta vigorous. Sun to part shade. Yes Yes perennials Filipendula ulmaria queen of the 3-4 3-4 18s $4.50 1/2 $6.00 Creamy-white, asilbe-like, fragrant No meadow gal flowers in crowded clusters summer till fall. Full to part sun. Yes Yes perennials Geum triflorum prairie smoke 1 1 1 gal $9.00 4" $4.50 Nodding pink flowers and feathery Yes seedheads on 12-15" native. Full sun. Yes Yes perennials Hibiscus Pink Pink Clouds 4-5 3 lg $6.00 Large, pink flowers with long bloom No Clouds hibiscus tube and leaves similar to Norway maple. Best in rich soil & good air circulation; tolerates light shade, but flowers more in full sun. Periodic deep watering helpful. Yes Yes perennials Liatris ligulistylis meadow blazing 4 18" 4" $4.50 Great Plains native with showy, Yes star crimson buds opening to reveal purplish-pink flowers; a Monarch magnet in late summer; tolerates moist soils; ideal for rain gardens. Yes Yes perennials Liatris Eureka 5 4 lg bd $6 1/2 $6.00 Rosy-purple flower spikes on 3-4’ Yes pycnostachya gayfeather gal stalks. Full sun and combine with tall Eureka prairie grasses to reduce flopping; Fine for cut flowers. GreatPlants release! Yes Yes perennials Lobelia siphilitica Blue Select 3 2 18s $4.50 A Nebraska woodland native. Dark Yes Blue Select lobelia blue tubular flowers in late summer. Light green, lance-shaped foliage. Part to full sun. Yes Yes perennials Lysimachia gooseneck 2 2 4" $4.50 Attractive clean foliage topped with No clethroides loosestrife arching white flowers in late spring; long bloom season on this aggressive spreading plant; needs confined root space; great as a cut flower. Yes Yes perennials Mimulus ringens monkey flower 3 18" 4" $4.50 Nebraska lowland native; bushy, Yes upright plants with shiny foliage; blooms profusely with lavendar-blue spikes in summer; best for moist soils, rain gardens and water gardens; Yes Yes perennials Monarda fistulosa lemon-scented 4 2 32s $3.00 Spidery, lavender flowers bloom mid to Yes Wahpe beebalm late summer, are fragrant and attract Washtemna butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Needs good air circulation in full sun. Yes Yes perennials Monarda Prairie Prairie Gypsy 1.5- 1.5 18s $4.50 Raspberry-pink floral tubes, and No Gypsy beebalm 2 colorful lines of narrow spots. Clean, mildew-resistant foliage, shade- tolerant, compact and early blooom time. Zone 4 Yes Yes perennials Physostegia Vivid obedient 3 2 4" $4.50 This adaptable, dependable native Yes virginiana Vivid plant plant is topped with showy, bright pink spikes in late summer; can be aggressive spreader; plant in confined space; ideal for rain gardens. Yes Yes perennials Pontederia cordata pickerel rush 2 18" qt $6 This Midwestern native is ideal for No water gardens, bog gardens or rain gardens; shiny, attractive foliage; spikes of blue flowers in late spring; a favorite of butterflies; Yes Yes perennials Rudbeckia maxima cabbage-leaf 5-7 3 1/2 $6.00 Blue-gray paddle-shaped basal leaves No coneflower gal 1-2 long and 8-10" across. Drooping
  4. 4. Copy of Greenhouse plant descriptions Pot Pot Price PriceRainGardenPlant Available Type Scientific Name Common Name Ht W Size Size Description Native 1 2 1 2 yellow petals and jutting conical disk. Well-drained soil, full sun, drought and deer-tolerant. Zone 4 Yes Yes perennials Solidago flexicaulis zigzag 1-3 1-3 32s $3.00 Distinctive crooked stems bend at 45° Yes goldenrod angles. Starry, medium-yellow flowers. Deadhead to limit self-seeding. Yes Yes perennials Solidago rugosa Fireworks 2-4 2-3 1 gal. $9 Delicate, lacy spikes from mid-Sept to No Fireworks goldenrod late Oct. Yes Yes perennials Solidaster luteus solidaster 1.5- 1.5 18s $4.50 Mix of goldenrod/white aster. Yellow No 2 clusters of daisy-like flowers in late summer attract butterflies. Deer- resistant; needs good air circulation to avoid diseases. Yes Yes perennials Spiranthes cernua nodding ladies 3-4" 6" 18s $4.50 Basal rosette of narrow, dark green Yes var. odorata tresses leaves up to 8” long with white flowers arranged on a wand in a twisting spiral; fragrance similar to vanilla or jasmine. Easy to grow in damp, organic soils. Yes Yes perennials Stokesia laevis Stokes aster 1.5 1 18s $4.50 Large disc flowers are lilac/blue. Plant No in full sun. Good cutting flower. Yes Yes perennials Thalictrum purple meadow 5 18s $4.50 Attractive columbine-like foliage in Yes dasycarpum rue spring give rise to "purple" colored hollow stems topped by a cloud of snowy white flowers in early summer. It can be cut back after flowering. Grows best in rich, moist soils and in full sun to part shade. Yes Yes perennials Veronicastrum Culver’s root 4-5 18s $4.50 Pink-white tubular flowers in July- Yes virginicum August. Yes Yes shrubs Aesculus parviflora bottlebrush 8- 8- lg $10.00 Showy, white bottlebrush-like flowers in No buckeye 12 12 band June-July. Large, handsome dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Prefers rich, moist, well-drained soil in dappled shade. Yes Yes shrubs Cephalanthus buttonbush 10 10 1 gal $12 1/2 $12.00 White, pincushion-like flower clusters Yes occidentalis gal appear in early summer. The honey- scented blooms attract butterflies and bees. Grows in full to part sun and prefers moist soils--even standing water. Yes Yes shrubs Cornus amomum dogwood, silky 8 10’ h, 10’ w in full sun to part shade. Yes Flowers cream in late spring followed by showy blue fruit. Yes Yes shrubs Lindera benzoin spicebush 6- 6- 3 gall $30.00 Small yellow flowers bloom in early No 12 12 spring. Light green leaves turn yellow to gold in fall. Prefers moist soils in full sun or partial shade.