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MD: Baltimore: Schools Going Green


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Schools Going Green

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MD: Baltimore: Schools Going Green

  1. 1. M or et ha n 37 5 sc ho ol s!The schools: straw bales, green roofs, solar panels Page 3The students: butterfly gardens and biodiesel Page 4 A SUPPLEMENT TO JANUARY 2010
  2. 2. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 3 RICH DENNISONThe athletic complex at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore features a 14,000-square-foot roof whose plants absorb radiant energy so it doesn’t enter the building. The roof isplanted with special grasses and sedum that absorb water, filter pollutants and reduce storm water runoff.BY ALAN DESSOFF greenhouse on the campus last year,Special to The Daily Record where the school grows its own food, with scraps going into a compost heap. Independent schools in Maryland aregoing green in many ways. Sometimesthey do it from the ground up and some- The little Nothing goes to waste “We recycle just about everything,” greentimes from the roof down. Decker declares. “We have trash-free days Friends Community School in Col- when we try not to produce any trash atlege Park did it from the ground up when all. Everything is recycled or constructed a 27,000-square-foot, $5.7 “We’re trying to do all we can withoutmillion classroom building out of straw major amounts of money, because webales in 2007. The stacked bales, made don’t have that.”of straw grown locally and covered with Bullis School, in Potomac, recentlymud and then plaster, make up the walls schoolhouse unveiled the largest solar electric powerof the school. The building also features a system at a private school in the Wash-green roof, a rain garden and bio-retention ington area. Its 540 solar panels will pro-areas, radiant floor heating and waterless duce 143,000 kilowatt-hours of electricityurinals. annually, supplying 18 to 20 percent of A key benefit of straw-bale construc- the annual electricity needs for thetion is the insulation it provides, saving the school’s Blair Family Center for theschool money on energy. Arts. “We are generally pleased with it in ciency boiler that heats the building and ing, carpet, linoleum, ceiling tiles, and the St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Dayterms of being environmentally friendly provides hot water for sinks and showers rubber mat on the running track. School, in Severna Park, is looking forand having a wonderful insulating mate- so no hot water heater is needed. Carbon All paint, caulking and adhesives used in changes in small but effective ways.rial,” says Larry Clements, head of school. dioxide sensors in the gym control the the building have low levels of volatile or- “We’re trying to obtain a larger recy-“It’s inexpensive and should live a long amount of outside air brought in by the ganic compounds. All cleaning products cling dumpster and we’ll have rain barrelslife.” ventilation system. are biodegradable and have low toxicity. connected soon,” reports Cynthia Barry, li- Roland Park Country School in For water efficiency, the green roof is brarian and communications director.Baltimore went green from the roof down planted with special grasses and sedum Teaching a lesson “We have lots of good ideas and theywhen it built its entire athletic complex as that absorb water, filter pollutants and Ereni Malfa, who teachers upper don’t always involve construction but doa green building that provides both ener- reduce storm water runoff. The white roof school science at Roland Park, uses the involve the way people use the spacegy and water efficiency. A key feature is is designed to capture rainwater and chan- whole athletic complex as an example of around them. We are making smallits 14,000-square-foot green roof, which is nel it into a 10,000-gallon tank, where it is green architecture and construction in a changes that can have big differences,”“performing great,” according to Nancy stored and used in the building’s cooling senior elective course on sustainable de- Barry says.Mugele, the school’s director of commu- tower to reduce the use of city water. sign and engineering. Green schools aren’t entirely trouble-nications. Low-flow fixtures are throughout the “We talk about the green roof in terms free. At Friends Community School, for “It has grown well and the routine building in showers, toilets and sinks. of its impact on the heating and cooling of example, a water problem developed withmaintenance we have performed has not On the playing fields and north parking the building and storm water manage- the straw bales, perhaps because of im-brought any issues to light,” she says. lot, the storm water runs off into large ment,” Malfa says. “We also discuss it as a properly installed window casings, re- The plants on the green roof absorb ra- storage tanks under the fields, where it is habitat.” ports Dave Woolley-Wilson, executive di-diant energy so that it doesn’t enter the filtered before trickling slowly into the The Gibson Island Country School, rector of the Green Building Institute inbuilding, while a reflective white roof min- ground. Native plantings are used around in Pasadena, has plans for a green roof, Jessup. “Now they have moldy strawimizes the heat island effects of tradi- the complex, reducing the need to irri- says Tim Decker, science teacher and en- bales,” he says.tional roofs by reflecting radiant heat en- gate and thereby saving more water. vironmental program director. Meanwhile, “The greatest enemy of straw-bale con-ergy back into the atmosphere. In each The Athletic Center at Roland Park it uses rain barrels and rain gardens to struction is water,” asserts Andrew Mor-room, an occupancy sensor turns the has gone green in the use of materials collect water. rison, whose Oregon-based company, A.C.lights off when people exit. and resources in its construction and out- “We sit right on the Magothy River Morrison Construction, specializes in fitting. Several rooms have floors made and we’re trying to keep all our water on straw-bale construction.Rainwater refrigerator from the floor of the old gym. Cabinetry is the property without running off. It re- Clements, the head of school, declined The large number of windows in the made from wood certified by the Forest plenishes the aquifer and helps feed our to talk on the record about the problem,athletic center harvest daylight while min- Stewardship Council, and many of the gardens and water the grass,” Decker except to say “We’re working at it.” Theimizing heat transfer, and the building’s cabinets were manufactured locally from says. school has no other green-building planscooling tower cools stored rainwater, wood harvested within 500 miles of the The school also is seeking grants to in- right now, says Clements.which then passes through a compres- school. stall solar tubes to bring in natural light, “We just moved into this,” he says.sor, much like a refrigerator, to cool the Countertops were made from recycled and for hands-free faucets in the bath- “We’d like to spend a few years in thisbuilding. paper products. Recycled material also rooms to save water. new site before thinking about any future The athletic complex has a high-effi- was used in the steel beams of the build- Its students helped build a geodesic steps.”
  3. 3. 4 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 When About our schools guide children lead The following pages list independent primary and secondary schools across the state of Maryland. They include the way schools both secular and religious that are not part of the state’s public school systems. The list is based on infor- mation provided by the Web site of the Maryland State Department of Edu- cation (MSDE) and by the schools themselves. In many cases we talked to school representatives; in some cases we relied on school Web sites. Our list does not include independent schools that offer only nursery school or kindergarten classes. However, those schools are listed by county on the MSDE Web site, www.maryland- The phone number at the department is (410) 767-0100. Tuition figures are the latest available. Many schools had not set fees for 2010-2011 when we gathered this in- formation, and schools often charge extra fees that they do not consider part of tuition. We recommend that readers contact schools directly to check on tuition and to ask about ad- ditional fees, enrollment policies and waiting lists. COURTESY OF KRIEGER SCHECHTER DAY SCHOOL Readers also should be aware thatStudents from Krieger Schechter Day School in Baltimore County learn about Maryland’s impact on the Chesapeake Bay during a fieldtrip in the Inner Harbor with Living Classrooms. Efforts to help the bay are popular with students. just because the state licenses a school to teach certain grades, thatBY KAREN NITKIN Schools, both public and private, qual- recycled and composted, she said. does not mean all of those grades areSpecial to The Daily Record ify by proving that they have a holistic Kircher, the environmental coordina- offered. approach to environmental education that tor and chair of the Science Department For some schools, going green means includes staff training, integration of en- for Bryn Mawr’s Upper School, said stu-energy-efficient construction or major vironmental topics in classroom subjects, dents bring tremendous energy to pro- It is important to us (and to ourrenovations. At others, students them- celebration of efforts to reduce environ- jects such as the push to eliminate bottled readers) to keep the information inselves are taking the initiative. At Krieger Schechter Day School in mental impact, and sustained partner- water on campus. An after-school club this semi-annual guide as accurate asBaltimore County, seventh-graders in- ships between schools and communities. called Students for Environmental Action In 2008, the last year for which a figure is busy on many fronts, she said. possible. Please bring any discrepan-stalled a butterfly garden, and first-graders is available, 70 schools in Maryland qual- The students hope to sign a company cies to our attention by e-mailing themade signs reminding people to turn outlights in rooms not being used. ified as green, she said. Schools must re- to compost school food, and are figuring special publications editor at At the Park School in Pikesville, stu- certify every four years, and she is grati- out how to get the school fleet of vehicles painted roofs white to deflect sum- fied that 95 percent of eligible schools to run on biodiesel. Other students havemertime heat and examined school pur- have done so. plans for removing invasive plants fromchases, with an eye toward finding eco- Independent schools that have been school property, she said.friendlier alternatives at similar prices. recognized as green include Saint Mary’s And at the Bryn Mawr School in Bal- Elementary School in Annapolis, St. Crunching the numberstimore, students helped drastically cut Andrew’s United Methodist Church At the Park School, Daniel Jacoby is Web resourcesthe use of bottled water, by first creating and Day School in Edgewater, the Har- faculty advisor to an afterschool club Archdiocese of Baltimorea display showing how many bottles are bour School of Annapolis, Bryn Mawr called the Climate Change Committee www.archbalt.orgused each week, and then by finding a School, Roland Park Country School in at Park. About a dozen kids meet once adonor to provide non-toxic bottles for ev- Baltimore, St. John’s Parish Day School week, but others are also involved in a Archdiocese of Washingtoneryone in the school to refuse. in Ellicott City, and many more. range of projects aimed at reducing car- The students even tested the water at bon emissions at the school, he said.all the school fountains, to see which ones Lessons from the Torah Two years ago, Jacoby said, students Association of Independenttasted best and which ones had good wa- Krieger Schechter Day School was cer- decided to calculate carbon emissions at Maryland Schoolster pressure for filling the bottles. tified in 2008, said Saundra Madoff, lower the school, publish the results, then figure “At that point, we had our cafeteria school administrator and a teacher there. out ways to improve the numbers. Theirmanager stop providing bottled water in “It was a unified effort,” she said. Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions Re- The Association of She said the school, which serves Jew- port measures electricity use, gasoline Boarding Schoolsthe cafeteria,” said Mary Beth Kircher, and diesel purchases, and paper use. www.boardingschools.comenvironmental coordinator and science ish students in kindergarten through gradedepartment chair for the Upper School. 8, had long promoted environmental ef- To reduce emissions, the students painted several roofs white and advocat- Baltimore Educational forts such as recycling, saving energy and Scholarship TrustA helping hand composting. ed for a senior class gift of a solar-pow- Inspired by growing awareness of the “Being a Jewish day school, a lot of the ered hot water heater for the gym onefragility of the planet and spurred by or- values of the Torah have to do with pro- year, and a system that improves HVAC The Handbook ofganizations such as the Maryland Asso- tecting the environment,” she said. efficiency the following year. Private Schoolsciation for Environmental and Out- But the decision to become a Green Park School students have also www.portersargent.comdoor Education (MAEOE), students and School crystallized the effort and prompt- worked to improve the condition offaculty are finding creative ways to con- ed programs such as field trips and learn- Moores Branch, a tributary of the Jones Peterson’s Annual Guide toserve energy, protect watersheds, reduce ing festivals with environmental themes, Falls. Jacoby and students have received Independent Secondary Schoolswaste, and more. she said. a $20,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bronwyn Mitchell, executive director of Students are expanding the butterfly Bay Foundation to install a rain gardenMAEOE, noted that the nonprofit organi- garden by adding benches and other fea- at the bottom of the school’s parking lot to Private School Reviewzation has been running the Maryland tures, and each classroom has a “green filter runoff. “They’re going to do the work www.privateschoolreview.comGreen Schools Award Program since 1999. team” that makes sure items are being this spring,” he said. “It’s a big project.”
  4. 4. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 5 P LEASE CHECK WITH SCHOOLS ON 2010-11 TUITIONAllegany County Grades: Preschool-8 The Harbour School Tuition: $3,708-$9,168 (for students with learning disabilities, Contact: Lisa Everhart autism, speech impairments and otherBishop Walsh School disabilities)700 Bishop Walsh Rd. Book of Life Academy 1277 Green Holly Dr.Cumberland, MD 21502 913 Cedar Park Rd. Annapolis, MD 21409(301) 724-5360 Annapolis, MD 21401 (410) (410) 263-2600 www.harbourschool.orgGrades: N3-12 Grades: 1-12Contact: Phyllis McNally Grades: Pre-K-5 Indian Creek School Calvary Baptist Church Academy Lower/Middle SchoolAnne Arundel County 407 Marley Station Rd. 680 Evergreen Rd. Glen Burnie, MD 21060 Crownsville, MD 21032Aleph Bet Jewish Day School (410) 768-5306 (410) 923-36601125 Spa Rd. www.indiancreekschool.comAnnapolis, MD 21403 Grades: Pre-K-12 Grades: Pre-K-8(410) 263-9044 Tuition: $2,695-$5,400 Contact: Tiffany Contact: John BandyGrades: K-5 Indian Creek School – Upper SchoolContact: Nan Jarashow Calvary Chapel Christian Academy 1130 Anne Chambers Way 8064 New Cut Rd. Crownsville, MD 21032Annapolis Area Christian School Severn, MD 21144 (410) 849-5170Lower School (410) 969-5101 www.indiancreekschool.com710 Ridgely Ave. Grades: 9-12Annapolis, MD 21401 Grades: K-12 Contact: Robin DePaolis(410) 573-6868 Contact: Barb The Key SchoolGrades: Pre-K-5 Chesapeake Academy 534 Hillsmere Dr.Tuition: $3,421-$8,943 1185 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd. Annapolis, MD 21403Contact: Drew Robison Arnold, MD 21012 (410) 263-9231 (410) 647-9612 www.keyschool.orgAnnapolis Area Christian School Grades: Pre-K-12Middle School Grades: Preschool-5 Tuition: $11,385-$22,250716 Bestgate Rd. Tuition: $4,000-$13,570 Contact: Jessie DunleavyAnnapolis, MD 21401 Contact: Sue Richburg(410) 266-8251 Lake Shore Christian Chesapeake Montessori School 860 Swift Rd.Grades: 6-8 30 Old Mill Bottom Rd. North Pasadena, MD 21122Tuition: $10,318 Annapolis, MD 21409 (410) 437-3529Contact: Drew Robison (410) 757-4740 Grades: Pre-K-12Annapolis Area Christian School Ages: 15 months-12Upper School Enrollment: 130 Monsignor Slade Catholic School109 Burns Crossing Rd. Tuition: $8,600-$11,500 120 Dorsey Rd.Severn, MD 21144 Contact: Megan Matthews Glen Burnie, MD 21061(410) 519-5300 (410) Church on the Rock Christian www.msladeschool.comGrades: 9-12 Academy Grades: K-8Tuition: $12,628 649 Old Mill Rd. Tuition: $4,857-$5,407Contact: Drew Robison Millersville, MD 21108 (410) 987-4744 Montessori International Children’sAntioch Christian School House1535 Ritchie Hwy. Grades: Pre-K-12 1641 Winchester Rd.Arnold, MD 21012 Tuition: $3,400-$5,000 Annapolis, MD 21409(410) 757-5000 Contact: Sandra Bolin (410) 757-7789Grades: K-12 www.montessoriinternational.orgTuition: $3,695-$4,547 Focus Point School Grades: Pre-K (18 months)-6Contact: Tiffany Spriggs (for students with emotional Tuition: $7,200-$9,200 disturbance) Contact: Jean BurgessArchbishop Spalding High School 1211 Farm Rd.8080 New Cut Rd. Crownsville, MD 21032 Naval Academy Primary SchoolSevern, MD 21144 (410) 729-5862 74 Greenbury Point Rd.(410) 969-9105 Annapolis, MD Ages: 13-21 (410) 757-3090Grades: 9-12 Contact: Chiquita Martin http://napschool.comTuition: $11,295 Grades: Preschool-5Contact: Tom Miller Friendship Seventh-Day Adventist Contact: Melanie Pasiuk SchoolArnold Christian Academy 901 Andover Rd. Odenton Christian School365 Jones Station Rd. Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 8410 Piney Orchard Pkwy.Arnold, MD 21012 (410) 859-9099 Odenton, MD 21113(410) 544-1882 (410) Grades: Preschool-8 www.ocs1.orgGrades: K-8 Grades: Pre-K-12Tuition: $3,611-$4,434 Gibson Island Country School Tuition: $399-$469/mo.Contact: Joan Harris 5191 Mountain Rd. Pasadena, MD 21122 School of the IncarnationArundel Bay Christian Academy (410) 255-5370 2601 Symphony Ln.968-C Lower Pindell Rd. Gambrills, MD 21054Lothian, MD 20711 Grades: Pre-K-5 (410) 519-2285(301) 952-0123 Tuition: $8,113-$12,265 www.schooloftheincarnation.org Contact: Laura Kang SEE SCHOOLS PAGE 6
  5. 5. 6 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 Schools Continued from page 5 Grades: K-8 St. Paul’s Lutheran School Bethlehem Christian Day School Enrollment: 780 308 Oak Manor Dr. 4815 Hamilton Ave. Tuition: $5,550-$6,300 Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Baltimore, MD 21206 Contact: Colleen Jordan (410) 766-5790 (410) 488-8963 Grades: Pre-K-8 Severn School Grades: Pre-K-8 201 Water St. Tuition: $1,060-$5,610 Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore Severna Park, MD 21146 5713 Park Heights Ave. (410) 647-7700 St. Philip Neri School Baltimore, MD 21215 6401 S. Orchard Rd. (443) 524-3200 Grades: 6-12 Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 Contact: Sarah Itzkowitz Tuition: $21,100 (410) 859-1212 Contact: Wanda Ned Boys’ Latin School of Maryland Grades: pre-K(4)-8 822 W. Lake Ave. Tuition: $4,590 Baltimore, MD 21210 Severna Park Christian School Contact: Cecelia Hildebrand (410) 377-5192 497 Ritchie Hwy Severna Park, MD 21146 The Summit School Grades: K-12, boys only (410) 544-8347 (for bright students with learning Enrollment: 624 differences) Tuition: $18,050-$20,920 St. Andrew’s United Methodist Day 664 East Central Ave. Contact: Kathleen Berger/James Currie School Edgewater, MD 21037 4 Wallace Manor Rd. (410) 798-0005 The Bryn Mawr School Edgewater, MD 21037 109 W. Melrose Ave. (410) 266-0952 Grades: 1-8 Baltimore, MD 21210 Enrollment: 100 (410) 323-8800 Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Joan Mele-McCarthy Tuition: $4,600-$9,064 Grades: K-12, girls only; preschool, co-ed Contact: Suzanne Anderson Tuition: $22,450-$23,070 Baltimore City Preschool Tuition: $11,700-$21,980 St. Anne’s School of Annapolis Contact: Talia Busby Titus 3112 Arundel-on-the-Bay Rd. Annapolis, MD 21403 Archbishop Borders Calvary Lutheran School (410) 263-8650 201 S. Conkling St. 2625 E. Northern Pkwy. Baltimore, MD 21224 Baltimore, MD 21214 (410) 276-6534 Grades: Pre-K-8 (410) 426-4302 Tuition: $7,090-$17,480 Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Robin Holden Jones Grades: Pre-K-5 Contact: Mary Catherine Marshall Contact: Irene Jenkins St. Jane Frances School Archbishop Curley High School 8513 St. Jane Dr. Calvert School 3701 Sinclair Ln. Pasadena, MD 21122 Lower school: Baltimore, MD 21213 (410) 255-4750 (410) 485-5000 105 Tuscany Rd. Baltimore, MD 21210 Grades: Pre-K-8 Grades: 9-12, boys only Middle school: Tuition: $2,100-$5,080 Tuition: $10,300 4300 N. Charles St. Contact: Renee Hammond Contact: John Tucker Baltimore, MD 21218 (410) 243-6054 St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Day School Baltimore Academy 375-A Benfield Rd. (for emotionally-disturbed students) Grades: Pre-K-8 Severna Park, MD 21146 3800 Frederick Ave. Tuition: $9,900-$19,900 (410) 647-7055 Baltimore, MD 21229 Contact: Nicole H. Webster (410) 233-1400 Grades: Preschool-8 Grades: 6-12 The Cardinal Gibbons School Tuition: $2,400-$9,175 Contact: Ed Ball 3225 Wilkens Ave. Contact: Sharon Holsclaw Baltimore, MD 21229 Baltimore Christian School (410) 644-1770 505 E. 42nd St. St. Martin’s Lutheran School Baltimore, MD 21218 Grades: 9-12, boys only 1120 Spa Rd. (410) 435-5072 Tuition: $9,300 Annapolis, MD 21403 Contact: Michael Hoos (410) 269-1955 Grades: Pre-K-5 Tuition: $4,000 Cardinal Shehan Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Rachel Ballard 5407 Loch Raven Blvd. Tuition: $5112.50-$10,165.70 Baltimore, MD 21239 Contact: Jane Daugherty (410) 433-2775 Baltimore Junior Academy 3006 W. Cold Spring Ln. St. Mary’s Elementary School Baltimore, MD 21215 Grades: Pre-K(3)-8 111 Duke of Gloucester St. (410) 542-6758 Enrollment: 300 Annapolis, MD 21401 Tuition: $4,750 (410) 263-2869 Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Yulander Byrd Enrollment: 115 Grades: K-8 Tuition: $4,600-$6,820 The Catholic High School of Baltimore Tuition: $6,490-$8,310 Contact: Tiffany Sewell 2800 Edison Hwy. Contact: Judy Saunders Baltimore, MD 21213 Baltimore Lab School (410) 732-6200, ext. 216 St. Mary’s High School (for students with moderate to severe 113 Duke of Gloucester St. learning disabilities) Grades: 9-12, girls only Annapolis, MD 21401 2220 St. Paul St. Tuition: $9,550 (410) 263-3294 Baltimore, MD 21218 Contact: Carrie Arnold (410) 261-5500 Grades: 9-12 Community Initiatives Academy Tuition: $10,800-$12,200 Grades: 1-12 1001-5 N. Caroline St. Contact: Chrissie Chomo Contact: Susan Bryant Baltimore, MD 21205
  6. 6. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 7 P LEASE CHECK WITH SCHOOLS ON 2010-11 TUITION(410) 563-2818 (410) 235-6295 (410) 488-4848Grades: 1-12 Grades: Pre-K-8Contact: Annie Peet Grades: K-8 Contact: Sister Rita Michelle Enrollment: 90Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Tuition: $8,450 Mount St. Joseph High School420 S. Chester St. Contact: Elaine Doyle-Gillespie 4403 Frederick Ave.Baltimore, MD 21231 Baltimore, MD 21229(410) 727-3255 H.O.P.E. Academy (410) 1808 Edison Hwy. www.msjnet.eduGrades: 9-12 Baltimore, MD 21213 Grades: 9-12, boys onlyTuition: $2,500 (410) 327-9020 Tuition: $10,800Contact: Patricia Hill Grades: K-5 Contact: Marc Hoffman Contact: Kimberly Evans-DouglasFather Charles Hall Catholic School Mt. Zion Baptist Christian School1526 N. Fremont Ave. Imani Christian School 2000 E. Belvedere Ave.Baltimore, MD 21217 2300 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21239(410) 225-7555 Baltimore, MD 21216 (410) 426-2309 (443) 874-7468 Grades: K-12 New FoundationsFriends School of Baltimore 20 E. Franklin St.5114 N. Charles St. Institute of Notre Dame Baltimore, MD 21202Baltimore, MD 21210 901 Aisquith St. (410) 576-8600(410) 649-3211 Baltimore, MD 21202 Grades: (410) 522-7800 Contact: Mark McLendonGrades: Pre-K-12 www.indofmd.orgTuition: $18,275-$21,175 Grades: 9-12, girls only Our Lady of Fatima SchoolContact: Karen Dates Dunmore Tuition: $9,950 6400 E. Pratt St. Contact: Amy Hoey Conley Baltimore, MD 21224Gateway School (410) 633-5882(for students with speech, language or Kennedy Krieger Lower/Middle School www.fatimabaltimore.orgcommunication disabilities) (for students with a range of disabilities) Grades: Pre-K-85900 Metro Dr. 1750 E. Fairmount Ave. Enrollment: 130Baltimore, MD 21215 Baltimore, MD 21231(410) 318-6780 (443) 923-4589 Queen of Peace St. Katherine 1201 N. Rose St.Ages: 3-12 Grades: Pre-K-8 Baltimore, MD 21213 Contact: Lynn Kanzler (410) 327-4738Gilman School Grades: Pre-K-85407 Roland Ave. Liberty’s Northwest Children’s School Contact: Angela CalamariBaltimore, MD 21210 4013 Liberty Heights Ave.(410) 323-3800 Baltimore, MD 21207 Roland Park Country (410) 367-7877 5204 Roland Ave.Grades: K-12, boys only Grades: K-1 Baltimore, MD 21210Tuition: $19,400-$22,665 Contact: Latronya Ware (410) 323-5500Contact: William Gamper Maryland School for the Blind Grades: K-12, girls onlyGood Shepherd Center (for visually impaired students) Contact: Peggy Wolf(for students in crisis) 3501 Taylor Ave.4100 Maple Ave. Baltimore, MD 21236 The School of the Cathedral of MaryBaltimore, MD 21227 (410) 444-5000 Our Queen(410) 247-2770 111 Amberly Ages: Infancy-21 Baltimore, MD 21210Grades: 8-12, girls only Contact: Linda Rosendall (410) 464-4100 www.schoolofthecathedral.orgGrace & St. Peter’s School Mercy High School Grades: K-8707 Park Ave. 1300 E. Northern Pkwy. Tuition: $7,150-$8,330Baltimore, MD 21201 Baltimore, MD 21239 Contact: John Moran(410) 539-1395 (410) Seton Keough High SchoolGrades: Pre-K-5 Grades: 9-12, girls only 1201 Caton Ave.Tuition: $11,650 Tuition: $10,800 Baltimore, MD 21227Contact: Nancy DeBell Contact: Brooke Sterrett (410) 646-4444 www.setonkeough.comThe GreenMount School Mother Mary Lange Catholic School Grades: 9-12, girls only501 W. 30th St. 4410 Frankford Ave.Baltimore, MD 21211 Baltimore, MD 21206 SEE SCHOOLS PAGE 8
  7. 7. 8 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 Schools Continued from page 7 Tuition: $9,950-$11,950 St. Ignatius Loyola Academy (410) 358-6091 Contact: Danielle Moran 740 N. Calvert St. Baltimore, MD 21202 Grades: Preschool-12 The Shoshana S. Cardin School (410) 539-8268 Contact: Rabbi Hershel Lutch 7310 Park Heights Ave. Baltimore, MD 21208 Grades: 6-8, boys only Zion Christian Middle School (410) 585-1400 Contact: Teresa Scott 4915 Holder Ave. Baltimore, MD 21214 Grades: 9-12 St. Rose of Lima School (410) 444-9267 Tuition: $16,600 410 Jeffrey St. Grades: 6-8 Contact: Anne Tanhoff Greenspoon Baltimore, MD 21225 (410) 355-1050 Shrine of the Sacred Heart 5800 Smith Ave. Grades: Pre-K-8 Baltimore County Baltimore, MD 21209 Tuition: $2,125-$4,250 (410) 542-7406 Contact: Madeleine Hobik Al-Rahmah School 6631 Johnnycake Rd. Grades: Pre-K-8 St. Thomas Aquinas Baltimore, MD 21244 Contact: Linda Brass 3710 Roland Ave. (410) 719-0921 Baltimore, MD 21211 St. Bernardine’s Catholic School (410) 889-4618 Grades: K-9 3601 Old Frederick Rd. Baltimore, MD 21229 Grades: Pre-K-8 Apple Ridge Montessori School (410) 624-5088 200 Ingleside Ave. Tuition: $4,600-$5,600 Catonsville, MD 21228 Contact: Sister Marie Rose Grades: K-8 (410) 818-2000 Contact: Antoinette Lyles St. William of York School Grades: Preschool-1 600 Cooks Ln. St. Casimir Catholic School Tuition: $3,575-$6,680 Baltimore, MD 21229 1035 S. Kenwood Ave. (410) 945-1442 Baltimore, MD 21224 Apple Tree Children’s Center (410) 342-2681 221 Old Padonia Rd. Grades: Pre-K-8 Cockeysville, MD 21030 Enrollment: 200 (410) 560-0611 Grades: Pre-K-8 Tuition: $5,150-$5,350 Tuition: $3,500-$4,600 Contact: Jean Brent Grades: K-1 Contact: Melanie Conley Unseld’s School Arlington Baptist School St. Elizabeth School 250 S. Hilton St. 3030 N. Rolling Rd. (for students with intellectual disabilities Baltimore, MD 21229 Baltimore, MD 21244 and orthopedic impairments, autism and (410) 947-1110 (410) 655-9300 autism spectrum disorders) Grades: Preschool-8 801 Argonne Dr. Contact: Connie Unseld Grades: K-12 Baltimore, MD 21218 (410) 889-5054 Tuition: $3,670-$6,100 Waldorf School of Baltimore Contact: LeAnn Peterson Ages: 11-21 4801 Tamarind Rd. Contact: Judy Malin Baltimore, MD 21209 Ascension School (410) 367-6808 4601 Maple Ave. St. Frances Academy Halethorpe, MD 21227 501 E. Chase St. Grades: Preschool-12 (410) 242-2020 Baltimore, MD 21202 Tuition: $6,605-$18,020 (410) 539-5794 Contact: Pat Whitehead Grades: Pre-K-8 Tuition: $4,200-$4,800 Grades: 9-12 Woodbourne Day School Contact: Virginia Bahr Tuition: $9,000 (for emotionally disabled students) Contact: Sister John Francis Schilling 1301 Woodbourne Ave. Bais Hamedrash and Mesivta of Balti- Baltimore, MD 21239 more St. Francis of Assisi School (410) 433-1000 6823 Old Pimlico Rd. 3617 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD 21209 Baltimore, MD 21218 Grades: 6-12, boys only (410) 486-0006 (410) 467-1683 Grades: 9-12 Yeshivat Rambam/The Maimonides Grades: Pre-K-8 Academy of Baltimore Bais Yaakov School for Girls Tuition: $4,978-$5,702 6300 Park Heights Ave. Elementary School Contact: Carol Will Baltimore, MD 21215 11111 Park Heights Ave.
  8. 8. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 9 P LEASE CHECK WITH SCHOOLS ON 2010-11 TUITIONOwings Mills, MD 21117 (410) 825-4266 363-3300 Grades: Grades: 9-12, boys only Contact: Anya KarpGrades: Preschool-5, girls only Tuition: $10,920Contact: Rabbi Zalman Nissel Contact: Chris Bengel Garrison Forest School 300 Garrison Forest Rd.Bais Yaakov School for Girls Cambridge School Owings Mills, MD 21117Middle School 110 Sudbrook Ln. (410) 363-15006300 Smith Ave. Pikesville, MD 21208 www.gfs.orgBaltimore, MD 21209 (410) 486-8792 Grades: Day, pre-K-12; boarding, 8-12(410) 486-0411 Tuition day: $4,650-$22,560; Grades: K-8 boarding: $31,830-$39,660Grades: 6-8, girls only Contact: Laura Karey Contact: Leslie TinatiContact: Rabbi Zalman Nissel Colonial Christian Academy Grace Bible Baptist Christian SchoolBais Yaakov School for Girls 9411 Liberty Rd. 1518 N. Rolling Rd.High School Randallstown, MD 21133 Baltimore, MD 212286302 Smith Ave. (410) 521-7191 (410) 788-6132Baltimore, MD 21209 548-7700 Grades: K-6 Grades: Contact: Antoinette MurrayGrades: 9-12, girls only The Hannah More SchoolContact: Rabbi Zalman Nissel The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew (for autistic or emotionally or 7401 Park Heights Ave. learning-disabled students)Baltimore Actors’ Theatre Conserva- Baltimore, MD 21208 12039 Reisterstown Rd.tory (410) 764-1867 Reisterstown, MD 21136300 Dumbarton Rd. (410) 526-5000Baltimore, MD 21212 Grades: pre-K (18 months)-8 337-8519 Tuition: $13,700-$15,700 Grades: Contact: Stacy Simons Contact: Carolyn Martinmy.htmlGrades: K-12 Dayspring Christian Academy The Harbour School 2122 W. Joppa Rd. (for students with learning disabilities,Baltimore Lutheran School Lutherville, MD 21093 autism, speech impairments and other1145 Concordia Dr. (410) 821-5876 disabilities)Towson, MD 21286 11251 Dolfield Blvd.(410) 825-2323 Grades: K-8 Owings Mills, MD Tuition: $3,300-$6,350 (443) 394-3760Grades: 6-12 Contact: Judi Hengst www.harbourschool.orgTuition: $9,254-$10,321 Grades: 1-12Contact: Ruth Heilman Emmanuel Lutheran School 929 Ingleside Ave. Heritage Montessori SchoolBaltimore White Marsh Christian Baltimore, MD 21228 9515 Belair Rd.School (410) 744-0015 Perry Hall, MD 212367427 Rossville Blvd. (410) 529-0374Rosedale, MD 21237 Grades: K-8 663-1819 Tuition: $5,100-$5,900 Grades: Contact: Del Riemer Contact: Melodie SachsGrades: K-8Tuition: $425-$450/month Forbush School Holy Family SchoolContact: Heather Hastick (for students with complex needs) 9535 Liberty Rd. Randallstown, MD 21133 (multiple area locations)Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School (410) 922-3677 407 Central Ave.3300 Old Court Rd. Reisterstown, MD 21136Baltimore, MD 21208 Grades: K-8 (410) 517-5400(410) 486-1905 Tuition: $4,500-$6,085 Contact: Christopher Grades: Preschool-12Grades: Pre-K-12 Contact: Jim Truscello Immaculate Conception SchoolTuition: $12,850-$16,550 112 Ware Ave.Contact: Laurie Kott Free State Montessori School Towson, MD 21204 12536 Harford Rd. (410) 427-4800Calvert Hall College High School P.O. Box 179 www.theimmaculate.org8102 La Salle Rd. Fork, MD 21051Baltimore, MD 21286 (410) 592-3324 SEE SCHOOLS PAGE 10
  9. 9. 10 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 Schools Continued from page 9 Grades: Pre-K-8 Owings Mills, MD 21117 (410) 825-6202 Tuition: $1,490-$6,140 (410) 655-5527 Contact: Madeline Meaney Grades: 6-12, girls only Grades: K-8 Enrollment: 760 Immaculate Heart of Mary Tuition: $15,250 8501 Loch Raven Blvd. Loyola Blakefield Contact: Katherine Goetz Towson, MD 21286 500 Chestnut Ave. (410) 668-8466 Towson, MD 21204 The Odyssey School (410) 823-0601 (for dyslexia and language-based learn- Grades: Pre-K-8 ing differences) Tuition: $3,154-$5,512 Grades: 6-12, boys only 3257 Bridle Ridge Ln. Contact: Amy Belz Contact: Michael Breschi Stevenson, MD 21153 (410) 580-5551 Israel Henry Beren High School Maryvale Preparatory School 400 Mt. Wilson Ln. 11300 Falls Rd. Grades: K-8 Baltimore, MD 21208 Brooklandville, MD 21022 Enrollment: 159 (410) 484-7200 (410) 252-3366 Tuition: $27,400 Grades: 9-12 Contact: Martha Nesbitt-Dewey Contact: Rabbi Joseph Tendler Grades: 6-12, girls only Tuition: $15,150 Oldfields School The Jemicy School Contact: Monica Graham 1500 Glencoe Rd. Lower & Middle School Glencoe, MD 21152 (for dyslexia/language-based McDonogh School (410) 472-4800 learning differences) 8600 McDonogh Rd. 11 Celadon Rd. Owings Mills, MD 21117 Grades: 6-12, girls only Owings Mills, MD 21117 (410) 581-4719 Tuition: $25,800; $40,100-$42,100 boarding (410) 653-2700 Contact: Cory Jackson Grades: K-12 Grades: 1-8 Enrollment: 1,309 Open Bible Christian Academy Enrollment: 180 Tuition: $20,230-$22,520; boarding $30,280 13 Open Bible Way Tuition: $28,600 Contact: Anita Hilson Kingsville, Maryland 21087 Contact: Sarah Morse (410) 593-9940 Montessori Manor The Jemicy School – Upper School 3526 Sweet Air Rd. Grades: Pre-K-12 (for dyslexia/language-based learning Phoenix, MD 21131 Tuition: $4,000-$5,000 differences) (410) 683-1771 Contact: William Trautman 11202 Garrison Forest Rd. Owings Mills, MD 21117 Grades: K-3 Our Lady of Grace School (410) 653-2700 Contact: Cheri Isles 18310 Middletown Rd. Parkton, MD 21120 Grades: 9-12 The Montessori School (410) 329-6956 Enrollment: 100 10807 Tony Dr. Tuition: $28,600 Lutherville, MD 21093 Grades: Preschool-8 Contact: Patricia Utz (410) 321-8555 Contact: Alberta Ricketts John Paul Regional Catholic School Grades: Preschool-8 Our Lady of Hope St. Luke School 6946 Dogwood Rd. Tuition: $7,100-$14,900 8003 N. Boundary Rd. Woodlawn, MD 21244 Contact: Beth Callahan Dundalk, MD 21222 (410) 944-0367 (410) 288-2793 Mount de Sales Academy Grades: Preschool-8 700 Academy Rd. Grades: Pre-K-8 Tuition: $5,280 Catonsville, MD 21228 Enrollment: 239 Contact: Jayne Pohl (410) 744-8498 Tuition: $4,452-$5,471 Contact: Sister Irene Pryle Kennedy Krieger High School Career Grades: 9-12, girls only and Technology Program Contact: Claire Cohagan Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary (for students with a range of disabilities) 1702 Old Eastern Ave. 3825 Greenspring Ave. Mount Pleasant Christian School Essex, MD 21221 Baltimore, MD 21211 6000 Radecke Ave. (410) 686-0859 (443) 923-7800 Baltimore, MD 21206 (410) 325-3080 Grades: Pre-K-8 Ages: 14-21 Grades: Pre-K(4)-8 Tuition: $5,100-$6,690 Contact: Patrick Seay Tuition: $4,190-4,500 Contact: Toni Borkowicz Krieger Schechter Day School Contact: Brenda Haynes 8100 Stevenson Rd. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel High School Baltimore, MD 21208 The New Mark of Excellence School 1706 Old Eastern Ave. (410) 486-8640 2605 N. Rolling Rd., Suite 401 Essex, MD 21221 Windsor Mill, MD 21244 (410) 686-1023 Grades: K-8 (410) 594-0745 Enrollment: 467 Grades: 9-12 Contact: Ilene Wise Grades: Pre-K-12 Tuition: $9,890 Tuition: $5,100 Contact: Tom Rose Lamb of God School Contact: Beverly Davis 1810 Fairview Ave. Our Lady of Victory Baltimore, MD 21227 New Monarch Scholastic Academy 4416 Wilkens Ave. (410) 242-4100 11639 Red Run Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21229 Reisterstown, MD 21136 (410) 242-3688 Grades: K-8 (410) 526-2573 Tuition: $3,750-$11,350 Contact: Maxine Taylor Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Diane Felts Contact: Thomas Riddle Notre Dame Preparatory School Liberty Christian School 815 Hampton Ln. The Park School 11303 Liberty Rd. Towson, MD 21286 2425 Old Court Rd.
  10. 10. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 11 P LEASE CHECK WITH SCHOOLS ON 2010-11 TUITIONBaltimore, MD 21208 Sojourner Christian Academy (410) 683-0600(410) 339-7070 Preparatory Schools 1710 Gwynn Oak Ave. Grades: K-8Grades: Pre-K-12 Woodlawn, MD 21207 Contact: Sister Anne O’DonnellTuition: $21,410-$23,110 (410) 265-8886Contact: Marcia Holden St. Joseph School, Fullerton Grades: 5-12 8416 Belair Rd.Perry Hall Christian School Baltimore, MD 212363919 Schroeder Ave. St. Agnes School (410) 256-8026Perry Hall, MD 21128 603 St. Agnes Ln. 256-4886 Catonsville, MD 21229 Grades: (410) 747-4070 Tuition: $1,950-$5,950Grades: Preschool-12 Contact: Phyllis KarkoTuition: $1,350-$5,720 Grades: Preschool-8Contact: Nancy Melhorn Tuition: $5,570 St. Mark School Contact: Susan Banks 26 Melvin Ave.Pilgrim Christian Day School Catonsville, MD 212287200 Liberty Rd. St. Ambrose School (410) 744-6560Baltimore, MD 21207 4506 Park Heights Ave. 484-9240 Baltimore, MD 21215 Grades: Preschool-8Grades: Pre-K-5 (410) 664-2373 Tuition: $5,320-$6,555Contact: Samuel Pettijohn Contact: Mary Morrison Grades: K-8Redeemer Classical Christian School Tuition: $4,700 St. Michael the Archangel School6415 Mt. Vista Rd. 10 Willow Ave.Kingsville, MD 21087 St. Clare School Baltimore, MD 21206(410) 592-9625 716 Myrth Ave. (410) Essex, MD 21221 www.smoverlea.orgGrades: Pre-K-12 (410) 687-7787 Grades: Pre-K-8Enrollment: 320 Tuition: $4,642-$5,687.25Tuition: $1,285-$6,260 Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Patricia KellyContact: Deborah Glasgow (grammar Tuition: $5,275-$6,750school); Pam Doyle (7-12) Contact: Maggie Dates St. Paul Lutheran School 2001 Old Frederick Rd.Relay Children’s Center St. Clement Mary Hofbauer Catonsville, MD 212281620 S. Rolling Rd. 1216 Chesaco Ave. (410) 747-1924Baltimore, MD 21227 Rosedale, MD 21237 247-2811 (410) 686-3316 Grades: Pre-K (age 2)-5Grades: Preschool-7 Tuition: $2,850-$5,065Contact: Elizabeth Vinton Grades: Pre-K-8 Contact: Timothy Gabbert Tuition: $1,325-$5,100Sacred Heart of Mary School Contact: Mary Bellone St. Paul’s Lutheran School6726 Youngstown Ave. 12022 Jerusalem Rd.Dundalk, MD 21222 St. James Academy Kingsville, MD 21087(410) 633-7040 3100 Monkton Rd. (410) Monkton, MD 21111 www.stpaulskingsville.orgGrades: Pre-K-8 (410) 771-4816Contact: Pamela Walters St. Paul’s School Grades: K-8 11152 Falls Rd.Sacred Heart School Tuition: $9,600-$14,400 Brooklandville, MD 2102263 Sacred Heart Ln. Contact: Dianne Fowler (410) 825-4400Glyndon, MD 21071 833-0857 St. John the Evangelist School Grades: K-4, coed; 5-12, boys 13311 Long Green Pike Enrollment: 851Grades: Pre-K-8 Hydes, MD 21082 Contact: Amy Hall FurlongTuition: $1,300-$7,290 (410) 592-9585Contact: Jeanne Cossentino St. Paul’s School for Girls Grades: Pre-K-8 11232 Falls Rd.Sisters Academy of Baltimore Tuition: $2,360-$6,340 Brooklandville, MD 21022139 First Ave. Contact: Jean Delcher (410) 823-6323Baltimore, MD 21227 242-1212 St. Joseph School, Cockeysville Grades: 5-12, girls only 105 Church Ln. Contact: Debbie AwaltGrades: 5-8, girls only Cockeysville, MD 21030 SEE SCHOOLS PAGE 12
  11. 11. 12 INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 Schools Continued from page 11 St. Peter’s Christian Day School (410) 277-9354 North Carroll Community School 7910 Belair Rd. Grades: K-4 531 Old Westminster Pike, Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21236 Westminster, MD 21157 (410) 665-4521 Youth in Transition School (410) 386-0655 (for students with emotional disturbance, Grades: Pre-K-5 mental retardation or autism) Grades: K-8 Tuition: $4,000-$4,150 7205 Rutherford Rd. Tuition: $6,050 Contact: Carole Hengen Baltimore, MD 21244 Contact: Scot Lynn (410) 944-9994 St. Pius X School St. Stephen’s Classical Christian 6432 York Rd. Ages: 11-21 Academy Baltimore, MD 21212 2275 Liberty Rd. (410) 427-7400 Eldersburg, MD 21784 (410) 795-1249 Grades: Pre-K-8 Calvert County Contact: Geraldine Morrison Site_3/Home.html The Calverton School Grades: Pre-K-12 St. Stephen School 300 Calverton School Rd. Tuition: $1,950-$4,500 8028 Bradshaw Rd. Huntingtown, MD 20639 Bradshaw, MD 21087 (410) 535-0216 (410) 592-7617 Cecil County Grades: Preschool-12 Grades: Pre-K-8 Tuition: $4,738-$16,408 Contact: Mary Patrick The Elijah School Contact: Holly Lee 245 Old Zion Rd. St. Timothy’s School North East, MD 21901 The Tidewater School (410) 658-2244 8400 Greenspring Ave. 120 Cox Rd. Stevenson, MD 21153 Huntingtown, MD 20639 Grades: 6-12 (410) 486-7401 (410) 257-0533 Contact: Richard Starr Grades: 9-12, girls only Grades: Preschool-5 Mount Aviat Academy Contact: Deborah Haskins Tuition: $6,300-$10,660 399 Childs Rd. Contact: Nancy Libertini Childs, MD 21916 St. Ursula School (410) 398-2206 8900 Harford Rd. Parkville, MD 21234 Grades: Preschool-8 (410) 665-3533 Carroll County Contact: Connie Lucatamo Grades: K-8 Carroll Lutheran School The Tome School Tuition: $2,275-$4,875 1738 Old Taneytown Rd. 581 S. Maryland Ave. Contact: Sister Joan Kelly Westminster, MD 21158 North East, MD 21901 (410) 848-1050 (410) 287-2050 Talmudical Academy of Baltimore 4445 Old Court Rd. Grades: K-8 Grades: K-12 Baltimore, MD 21208 Tuition: $4,780 Contact: Darcy Williams (410) 484-6600 Contact: Bronson Jones West Nottingham Academy Grades: Preschool-12, boys only Faith Christian School 1079 Firetower Rd. Contact: B. Rosen (preschool), Rabbi N. Colora, MD 21917 30 N. Cranberry Rd. Kahana (elementary), Rabbi Y. Schwartz (410) 658-5556 Westminster, MD 21157 (middle), Rabbi S. Steinberg (high) (410) 848-8875 Grades: 9-12 Torah Institute of Baltimore Enrollment: 130 Grades: Pre-K-12 35 Rosewood Ln. Tuition: $14,995 (day), $38,500 (boarding) Owings Mills, MD 21117 Tuition: $1,640-$5,565 Contact: Sandy Smith Contact: Jesse Roberts (410) 654-3500 Grades: Preschool-8, boys only Friendship School Contact: Yaakov Goldstein 1545 Progress Way Charles County Eldersburg, MD 21784 Trellis School (410) 552-6880 Annie’s Early Learning Center (for students with autism and 6420 Trust Place, Route 231 language impairment) Grades: 1-8 Hughesville, MD 20637 102 Lakefront Dr. Tuition: $24,015 (301) 274-9500 Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Contact: Teresa Ankney (410) 785-3845 Ages: 6 weeks-12 Gerstell Academy Contact: Jaime Ryce Grades: Preschool-2 2500 Old Westminster Pike Contact: Tara Wagner Finksburg, MD 21048 The Beddow School (410) 861-3000 (high school listing: see Prince George’s UCP Delrey School County) (for students with multiple disabilities) Grades: Pre-K-12 6008 Hampshire Cir. 3610 Commerce Dr., Suite 804-807 Contact: Mary Louque Waldorf, MD 20603 Baltimore, MD 21227 (301) 870-8660 (410) 314-5000 The Montessori School of Westminster 1055 Montessori Dr. Ages: Preschool-6 Ages: 2-21 Westminster, MD 21158 Tuition: $6,080-$8,672 Contact: Mimi Wang (410) 848-6283 Grace Christian Academy of Maryland Willow Park Academy Ages: 2-15 13000 Zekiah Dr. 2914 N. Rolling Rd. Tuition: $4,875-$9,475 Waldorf, MD 20601 Baltimore, MD 21244 Contact: Liv Sutherland (301) 645-0406
  12. 12. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS GUIDE 2010 13 P LEASE CHECK WITH SCHOOLS ON 2010-11 TUITION Middletown, MD 21769 Harford County Grades: pre-K(3)-12 (301) 293-1163 Tuition: $3,328-$7,236 Awakening Child Montessori Contact: Wayne Knode Grades: K-2 2529 Conowingo Rd. Mother Seton School Bel Air, MD 21015 100 Creamery Rd. (410) 836-0833 Frederick County Emmitsburg, MD 21727 (301) 447-3161 Grades: Preschool-1 The Banner School Contact: Susan Tipton 1730 N. Market St. Grades: Pre-K-8 Frederick, MD 21701 Tuition: $2,700-$4,250 Bel Forest Christian Academy (301) 695-9320 Contact: JoAnne Goecke 603 Vale Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014 Grades: Preschool-8 St. John Regional Catholic School (410) 838-6074 Tuition: $5,284-$10,568 8414 Opossumtown Pike Contact: Lauren Webb Grades: Preschool-8 Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-6722 Contact: William Rivers Frederick Academy of the Visitation 200 E. Second St. Harford Christian School Grades: Pre-K-8 Frederick, MD 21701 1736 Whiteford Rd. Tuition: $3,900-$17,565 (301) 662-2814 Darlington, MD 21034 Contact: Jean Wright (410) 457-5103 Grades: Pre-K(3)-8, girls only St. John’s Catholic Prep Tuition: $3,750-$7,500 889 Butterfly Ln. Contact: Carol Guaccero Harford Day School Frederick, MD 21703 (301) 662-4210 715 Moores Mill Rd. Friends Meeting School Bel Air, MD 21014 3232 Green Valley Rd. Grades: 9-12 (410) 838-4848 Ijamsville, MD 21754 Tuition: $12,950 (301) 798-0288 Contact: Michael Schultz Grades: Pre-K-8 Tuition: $11,660-$12630 Grades: Pre-K-8 St. Thomas More Academy Contact: Molly Cain Tuition: $6,250-$14,900 Contact: Kim Mulhern 3989 Buckeystown Pike Buckeystown, MD 21717 Harford Friends School The Jefferson School (301) 874-9014 708 Highland Rd. (for behavioral and developmental learn- P.O. Box 200 ing differences; multiple area locations) Grades: Pre-K-8 Street, MD 21154 2940 Point of Rocks Rd. Tuition: $6,250-$6,500 (410) 452-5507 Jefferson, MD 21755 Contact: Chris Siedor (240) 315-0200 Grades: K-8 Trinity School of Frederick Tuition: $11,000 Grades: 6-12 6040 New Design Rd. Contact: Jonathan Huxtable Enrollment: 110 Frederick, MD 21703 Tuition: Funded by Medicaid (301) 228-2333 The Highlands School Contact: Meghan Jancuck (for dyslexia, ADHD and other Grades: K-8 learning differences) Lucy School Tuition: $9,900 2409 Creswell Rd. 9117 Frostown Rd. Contact: Barbara Cartwright SEE SCHOOLS PAGE 14 September 10, 2010 2010 Primary & Secondary Schools and Activities GuideTo reserve your space, call Keith Minney today. phone 443.524.8136 fax 443.524.6836