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Blockchain For Better


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here is my blockchain prediction

Published in: Technology
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Blockchain For Better

  1. 1. Blockchain For Better Version0.1 release
  2. 2. Sota Watanabe (2018) Student at Keio University, Japan Working at Chronicled Worked at SoftBank Robotics Chronicled is the first company to leverage IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies to power end-to-end smart supply chain solutions I am a Blockchain Enthusiast. Contact :
  3. 3. I am not sure…but, something wrong. In this two years, I have been to 10 countries including US. I saw a lot of problems like poverty, disparity, discrimination, pollution, and so on. When I was in India, a child came up to me begging for money. He said “give me money”. Actually, it was my first experience to be told such a thing. I was shocked and I have been thinking the cause and solution since then. Today, my passion is to make a decentralized society where the edge has a power to change the world.
  4. 4. Let’s Fix the Internet. Today, the internet has many problems.
  5. 5. Why Does “Decentralization” Matter For ME? Power to the “Edge” and Get Closer Centralized / Administers manage the community. Peer to Peer system / People are connecting closer and closer
  6. 6. Some Examples Existing methods are terrible. • Taking long time • Corruption • Charge • Exploitation • More than 70% of world population doesn’t have a bank account • The people who really need money don’t have an access to financial services
  7. 7. The History of Technologies
  8. 8. Some Assumptions “10% of global GDP will be stored on Blockchains by 2025” World Economic Forum “As disruptive and important as the PC and the Internet” Mark Andreessen “The technology most likely to change the next decade of business is not the social web, cloud, robotics, or even artificial intelligence. It’s the blockchain.” Harbard Business Review “Gartner Group forecasts an accelerating takeoff for blockchain platforms. Blockchain is estimated to have delivered $4 billion in business value-add or technology innovation in 2017, with that growing to $21 billion by 2020, $176 billion in 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030, says Gartner.” Gartner Some Assumptions
  9. 9. Decentralized trust. That’s a big idea. When, in the history of humanity, have we been able to execute this proposition? Sure, perhaps in villages, but on a global scale? So let’s imagine a connected global village—networked, rather—operating concurrently on a blockchain system of global trust. For this to happen, this networked trusting village, we must totally rethink our current economic systems, socio-political structures, norms, and mores. That sort of disruption, or shall we say metamorphosis, is not only logistically complicated but also downright threatening to existing structures and systems. So what does that mean for blockchain technology? -Sam Radocchia Co-founder at Chronicled, Forbes30 Under 30 List
  10. 10. My Prediction. Decentralized Trust. Post-Google Post-Apple Post-Facebook Post-Amazon Post-Microsoft Post-IBM Post-Twitter Post-Uber Post-Airbnb Every transaction will be based on the decentralized trust. But, how? There are both private blockchains and public blockchains. These blockchains are connected each other. 現状、チェーン間に互換性はないがプロジェクトは動いている。
  11. 11. Network.
  12. 12. Sound Good? But, Welcome to Winter! Crypto/Blockchain bubble is coming because a gap between the expectation for technologies and the current status is huge.
  13. 13. Blockchain Has Still Many Technical Problems. Scalability Privacy Real time transaction Governance And so on.
  14. 14. Scalability Solutions. Bitcoin Ethereum Lightning Network Raiden Network Schnorr Sig Plasma SNARKs Sharding Segwit(2X) MAST
  15. 15. What is “Lightning Network”? Lightning Network is a protocol for scaling and speeding up blockchains. It was designed to solve some of the technical limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain, but could be implemented on top of any blockchain.
  16. 16. What is “Schenorr Sig”? ECDSA 楕円暗号曲線分かんないので分かる人 いたら教えてください。 Planning to change the way of digital signature Advantages • Integrate multiple signatures into a single signature • More than 40% data reduction might be possible Schenorr Sig A C B D
  17. 17. What is “Segwit(2X)”? At the first time, the ways by which we can overcome the scalability problems are only “reducing a transaction data size” or “making a block size bigger”. So, what is the segwit2X 【ちなみに】Schenorr Sig自体はもともとあったが、 電子署名を格納するスペースの関係から導入には ハードフォークが必要だった。Segwitをすれば電子署名はwitnessに格納されるのでソフトフォークで済む。 しかし、Segwitの導入にはまだハードルがある。
  18. 18. What is “MAST”? ビットコインを送金するときは、「AからBに1BTC送金する」 という単純な取引だけでなく「BがAからの1BTCを10日間受け取らなかったら、 CとDが受け取れる」といった少し複雑な取引を行うことも可能。 条件分岐があるトランザクションでは柔軟に送金の挙動を設定することができるが、 条件分岐が複雑になればなるほどトランザクションのデータサイズが大きくなる。 MASTとはトランザクションスクリプトを従来とは異なった形式で保存する技術。 抽象構文木で条件分岐したスクリプトをそれぞれの条件で分割し、 マークル木で全てのスクリプトが提示されなくてもある条件がそのスクリプトに含まれて いるかどうか確認することができる。
  19. 19. What is “Plasma”? Similer to state channel. However, the transactions are processed on plasma blockchains instead of off-chains, and the transaction speed is increased. • Reducing the data which is preserved on Ethereaum blockchain. • Increasing the transaction speed.
  20. 20. What is “Sharding”? A F E DC B Miner Miner A→D B→E C→F A→D B→E C→F A F E DC B Miner Miner A→D C→F B→E 極端にいうとこんな感じだと思います。
  21. 21. "You can verify the correctness of computations without having to execute them and you will not even learn what was executed” ZK-SNARKs
  22. 22. Governance