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Funder presentation for kusif


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KUSIF 2. Sosyal Etki Ölçümleme Konferansı
New Philanthropy Capital'dan Angela Kail'in sunumu

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Funder presentation for kusif

  2. 2. THE IMPACT CYCLE 2 Agree measurement plan with grantees Select grantees Define problem Monitor delivery by grantees Support grantees’ measurement practices Collect impact data from grantees Analyse data to identify findings Review implications of findings for you and grantees Share findings with the wider sector Do (& monitor) Plan Assess Review Approach Define theory of change/ approach to impact
  3. 3. FUNDERS USE EVIDENCE OF IMPACT… 3 Design grant programme Research needs and groups Monitor delivery by grantees Do (& monitor) Plan Assess Review 44% use evidence of impact to shortlist applicants 71% support grantee measurement practices in some way 79% collect data on outcomes from grantees 33% use evidence of impact to inform public debate …but more would use it if the information they got from grantees was better quality
  4. 4. FUNDERS SEE ISSUES WITH GRANTEE CAPACITY TO MEASURE 4 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Not a priority for senior management Not a priority for trustees Lacking skills to understand data from grantees Other Lack of funding for grantees to measure impact Grantees not providing the necessary information Grantees not knowing what to measure Grantees not having the necessary capacity/skills Grantees not knowing how to measure Issues with grantee ability to measure their impact
  5. 5. 5 Responsive funding - Flexible funder with categories of funding loosely defined - Often high ratio of grants to staff - Funds applications that people submit Single goal oriented funding - Working towards goals in a clearly defined area - Normally proactive, looking for charities to fulfil key outcomes identified by strategy Targeted funding - Clear social needs funded - Outcomes within that are determined by applications - Fund a mixture of applications in and proactively sought grants Ease of using impact measurement Flexibility MODELS OF FUNDING
  6. 6. IMPACT MEASUREMENT BY FUNDING APPROACH 6 Funding impact measurement approach Responsive Targeted Single goal orientated Impact of funding approach Focus on this Can do this Can do this Impact of funding on organisations Focus on this Can do this Can do this Impact of funding on beneficiaries Ensure grantees equipped, and where possible draw out lessons Focus on this Should do this—ensuring that grantees are using the best possible methods to measure their impact Impact of funding on social problem (aggregated impact) Should not attempt to do this as will not be aggregating comparable outcomes If outcomes and measurement techniques are comparable, should try to do this. If not, then it should not be a focus. Focus on this
  7. 7. v THANK YOU June 2016