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External analysis canvas


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Canvas to develop an external analysis of an organization or business model. It is based on the PEST analysis adding the environment and customer expectations.

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External analysis canvas

  1. 1. Economy How are the main economic indicators evolving? What trends do we observe in our markets/competitors? Politics & legislation What are the main regulations affecting our business/sector? What trends do we observe in the political and legislative contexts? Environment What are the main environmental challenges in our sector? What environmental factors may increase their importance in the future? Society & culture What societal expectations exist for our business/sector? What trends in society may impact our business in the future? Technology What are the key technologies in our business/market? What technological trends may transform the rules of the game? Customers Who are our customers? What needs are we satisfying/problems are we solving? Who will be our customers in the future? What expectations will they have? External analysis canvas (TESPEC) Business model: Author/s: Date: Version: v1.0 (2019). This work is licensed under a free cultural license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).