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Sosped Foundation and Culture Houses



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Sosped Foundation and Culture Houses

  1. 1. Peer support and communality
  2. 2. Sosped Foundation § Non-governmental welfare organization operating in the social and health sector. § Sosped operates nationwide in Finland and employs over 40 people. § We are financed by the the Funding Centre of Social Welfare and Health Organizations which is a standalone state-aid authority operating in connection with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland. § We seek to collaborate with similar organizations nationally and internationally.
  3. 3. ”Our mission is to enhance wellbeing through peer support, involvement and communality.
  4. 4. Our framework stems from social pedagogy § Social pedagogy is based on humanistic values stressing mutual respect, trust, unconditional appreciation, and equality (to mention but a few). § Holistic and relationship-centered approach to care and wellbeing. § Our social pedagogy “in a nutshell” is about socialinteraction, experience-basedknowledgeand senseofcommunity. We believe that people learn and evolve together.
  5. 5. Peer support lies at the heart of our work Peer support appears in different forms within our projects, but the idea remains the same: § mutually offered and reciprocal help among people with similar experiences. § built on shared personal experience and empathy. § focuses on an individual's strengths not weaknesses, and works towards the individual's wellbeing and recovery Peers benefit from the support whether they are giving or receiving it.
  6. 6. This is what we are currently working on! Pelirajat’on | problematic gambling Offers different options of low-threshold support for anyone concerned about their own or another person’s gambling. Services for both gamblers and people affected by gambling. Digipelirajat’on | problematic gaming Raising awareness about problematic gaming and tackling gaming-related problems by providing information and low-threshold support in peer groups. Culture Houses Our 6 Culture Houses offer culture-related groups for young adults that have mental health problems. Functional peer groups are planned and led by Peer Leaders that have undergone our Peer Leader Trainig. VIGOR-project Culturally sensitive mentoring model that trains immigrants to become sexual health mentors and health promoters in their respective language communities. Epic Light-project Publishes diverse media content that are created by young adults facing varying challenges in their lives. Content planning and creation is done in peer groups. The project aims to motivate and empower both the creators and the audience. Feeniks-project Offers support and training for middle-aged men who are left unemployed because of digitalization and transformation of work.
  7. 7. Culture House § The concept behind Culture Houses is based on guided functional peer support. § Offers a safe place to explore a vide array of culture-related activities in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. § Reaches out to young adults, between 18- to 35-year-old, that face challenges in their everyday life due to their mental health. § All the activities organized by the Culture House are completely free of charge. § The main priority is to offer an open and safe atmosphere that supports creativity for the participants.
  8. 8. ”The focus is in doing something culture-related, interesting and fun, together with a peer group, that consists of other young adults in a similar life situation.
  9. 9. Culture House § Many different groups take place at the Culture House every week. The participants can take part in one or more groups that they’re interested in. § Each group is led by a peer leader, a participant that has taken part to the peer leader training organized by the Culture House. § The staff members work as back-up for the groups. Culture House offers possibilities to learn new things, gives natural tools for life management, supports the development of social skills and improves the ability to work and function.
  10. 10. ”Culture House is a safe place to learn and experiment new things – in good company! This place has done wonders to my self-esteem.
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