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  1. 1. WILDWATER CANOEING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Sort, ESP 7-13 JUN, 2010 1st Bulletin February 2010
  2. 2. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 The Spanish Canoe Federation has the pleasure of inviting your Federation to be represented at the Wildwater Canoeing World Championships, for Seniors and Masters to be held from 7th –13th June 2010 in Sort, according to the ICF Official Calendar. Juan José Román Mangas Agustí López Pla President of the RFEP Mayor of Condal Sort Village In the waters of the Noguera Pallaresa, Sort hold this year the As a Sort Major, it is a great honour and pleasure for me to Wild Water Championships, reaching one of their biggest welcome you all to our village, main village of the Catalan illusions at one of the canoe disciplines where this town has region of Pallars Sobirà, both the competitors of the 27th hardly worked contributing significantly to its growth. edition of the Wildwater Canoeing World Championships, and their technicians and companions. The conditions of this scene has been better conditioned, day by day which means a guarantee for all of those competitors What you have in your hands now, is the first bulletin from who come to this Wild Water Championship. Sort 2010 Championships, you will be able to find there the race program and many other useful information. It is a great There is a wonderful organising team and a large group of pleasure for me, also to let you know that we are working on a volunteers supporting this event together with the support of leisure activities program, parallel to the Championships, the Spanish Sport Council, the Consell Catalá of the Esport, which will give you a realistic idea about our region, it’s Diputació of Lleida, the Consell Comarcal, the Federation of history , it’s culture and it’s present. Canoeing of Catalunya, the Associació Esportiva Pallars, the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation and the wonderful host that It is not the first time that Sort organizes an international high is the town hall of Sort. All of them will make possible this level sport event, and our experience goes back to 50 years, amazing sport spectacle. always in the natural environment that offers to us the extraordinary Noguera Pallaresa River. I wish you will enjoy The wild waters, with their best paddlers, will make this event the championships, the environment, the facilities and our the great competition that all of us wish and where all of those hospitality. who come to this date, will enjoy during one delightful week watching how nature and sport could live together offering an Welcome to Sort. unforgettable Championship. CONDAL SORT VILLAGE Sort is Pallars Sobirà capital, and this region has the biggest protected area in whole Catalonia, about 80% of the land, which stretches between Aigüestortes i Llac de Sant Maurici National Park and Alt Pirineu Natural Park. The township, with an overall area of 105 km is set between the town of Sort (695m.) and the peak of Montsent del Pallars (2.883m.). There is an average elevation of more than 2000m. Through the centre of Sort town goes the river La Noguera Pallaresa (40km. of navigable waters). The river is the cradle of white water kayaking and outdoor and extreme sports. Every summer a white water International kayaking competition, The International Rally of La Noguera Pallaresa, has been held since 1964.There is also a kayaking course, in the river, right in the centre of Sort. Kayaking, rafting competitions and other kinds of events are organized every year. The Free Style European Championship, was held in 2004, and the Wildwater World Championship will take place this year.
  3. 3. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 Besides its famed river and important parks, the town also boasts a wealth of important cultural and natural heritage (the Castle of the Counts of Pallars, 14 picturesque villages and hamlets with their Romanesque Churches, museums, dairies where artisan cheese is made, a meteorological observatory, traditional festivities, fantastic landscapes, etc.) as well as good hotels, shops, restaurants and leisure activities. Several companies in the area offer adventure and nature sports activities (rafting, hydro speed, canyoning, hiking, horse riding, bungee jumping, trekking, ski, and others) Other places to visit in the area: the highest peak in Catalonia called the Pica d’Estats(3.888); the biggest lake in the Pyrenees, the Certascan Lake; Mountain ski resorts such as Port-Ainé and Espot where downhill skiing can be practiced and the Tavascán- Lladorre and the forest of Virós, good places to practice cross-country ski. Sort, a town with no more than 2,000 inhabitants, is a tourist resort with all kinds of facilities: accommodation, council sports facilities (kayaking course, sports centre and football field), companies firms for leisure activities (outdoors and extreme sports), restaurants, sports shops and other types of stores, the surgery centre, fire station and police station. The main sports club in town is the “Associació Esportiva Pallars -AE PALLARS-“, its member train in some of the river sections and in the nearby mountains. There are other clubs such as: the Sort Football Club, the Sort-Pallars Sobirà Basketball Club, the Matraca-Bike Cycling Club and the Chess Club. The recognition of a sporting tradition The kayaking history of the village of Sort begins in 1964 with the organization of the 1st edition of the Noguera Pallaresa Tourist International Rallye, which this year celebrated the 46th edition. This sporting event was declared a national tourist event by the Government of Spain (Ministry of Tourism). The Noguera Pallaresa’s river was the scenario of other international events in deep water, such that the Wildwater European Cup (1980), the Wildwater World Championships Junior (1988), the World Championship Freestyle (2001) and the European Championship freestyle (2004). Each year, Sort hosts an International Open of rafting and International wildwater event in the river Noguera Pallaresa, scoring for the world ranking. The Noguera Pallaresa: one of the best rivers to practice whitewater’s sports One of the main natural resources of the Pallars Sobirà area is the river Pallaresa Noguera, tributary of the Segre. This river, with an average flow of 31.5 m3 per second, has a length of 146 km, 40 navigable. This fact makes the existence of different parts with different degrees of difficulty from the most basic level (I) for children and beginners of the sport, to the most intrepid steps (V grade from a scale of VI) to the most experienced, being one of the major rivers to practice whitewater’s sports (kayaking, rafting, hydro, etc). Currently in the Pallars Sobirà area can be practiced more than 24 sports activities related to the nature and the river. Sort is located 80 km. from France border, and is a recognized tourist destination for the practice of canoeing, a fact certified in 1996 by the Government of Catalonia, through the Department of Tourism of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  4. 4. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 1. TRANSPORT AND ACCESS Location Distances: Sort– Lleida 119,20 km Sort - Barcelona 230 km Sort - Madrid 575 km Sort - Toulouse 235 km How to get here: Airports in: -Barcelona- -Lleida– -Gerona- Sort lies 230km from Barcelona(3hrs). 269,80 Km from Gerona (4hrs80’aprox), 119,20km from Lleida(2hrs aprox), 235km from Toulouse(3hrs23’). It is possible to go to Sort by public transport or by taxi. Public transport ALSA bus regular services Main itineraries round trip: SORT-BARCELONA (28 km.) LA POBLA DE SEGUR-BARCELONA (45 km.) LA SEU D'URGELL-BARCELONA Telephone information: + 602 422 242; Web site: RENFE Railroad service Itinerary: LA POBLA DE SEGUR-LLEIDA RENFE information: +34 902 240 202 Please contact with organization for more details about Haw to get here. http://
  5. 5. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 2. THE COURSE The competition The three disciplines of the competition will take place along the river from a distance of 6800 m, with rapids from several grades of difficulty (III and VI). The Classic Race will be reachable and visible from the C-13 road, along which there will be meeting places for media, spectators, and the organization security. A strategic position to follow the races from a privileged view point. The Sprint Race will take place in the Aigüerola site, built in 1993 in the village center of Sort with a grade III of race difficulty. Infrastructure, which also counts with electrical installations, a step to reach the audience, sound equipment, telephone connections, electronic clock and artificial illumination. Technical information of La Noguera Pallaresa TRAINING Water Flow Timetables From 15 March to 15 October Llavorsí from 10.00h to 14.00h Moleta de Roní from 11.00h to 14.30h Pont de Gulleri from 11.30h to 15.00h Sort from 12.00h to 17.00h (Aigüerola Wildwater Course ) Gerri de la Sal from 14.30h to 18.00h Temperature and Water Flow (average) T ºC M3/seg. T ºC M3/seg. January 4.2 15.4 July 15 32.7 February 3.7 15.3 August 15.6 16.5 March 5.5 23.6 September 15 14.9 April 6.8 33.6 October 13.1 19.3 May 8.9 71.7 November 7.8 24.0 June 11.6 66.1 December 4.4 19.4 Overview of La Noguera Pallaresa Llavorsí: after the confluence between La Noguera de Cardós and La Noguera Pallaresa, the river turns to the left. At this point, on the right bank there is a put-in, going to the left bank of the river. RAPIDS: • 2 km later, “La Rentadora”, class III rapids with not much water, some stones in the middle. At the end of the rapid, when there is water, a stopper is formed. • A quiet stretch up to the beginning of the race. • Starting point from “Pla de la Moleta”, turn right and we start some more continuous rapids for 2 km(class III-IV), up to “Pont de Gulleri”. • After “Pont de Gulleri”, the next section is “Salt de l’Àngel”, a stopper that can be easily taken by the middle to the right. • The next rapid is “La Sirga”, a stopper easily taken by the middle to the left. • “L’Illa”, where the river splits in two, taking the right arm; when arms meet, there are plenty of rocks. • After “L’Illa”, an easy rapid by the middle. • Last rapid, “IV Espanyol”, with two different parts. The first section is wavy and has rocks at the end, easily achieved by the right or left. The second section is easier on the left. • After that, a 2 km stretch up to Rialp. • Between Rialp and Sort, there is a 3 km class II section, with a dam easily taken by the left bank.
  6. 6. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010
  7. 7. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 AIGÜEROLA” WILDWATER COURSE 3. THE SPORT FACILITIES.
  8. 8. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 4. DATE The WildWildwater Canoeing World Championships will take place on 7th—13 June 2010 5. COMPETITION PROGRAMME Saturday, June 5: Arrival Teams Free Training Sunday, June 6: Accreditation Free Trainings Monday, June 7: Accreditations Official Trainings Team Leaders Meeting Opening Ceremony Tuesday, June 8: 14,00h Individual Classic Race (C1 Women, K-1 Men and C1 Men) Team Leaders Meeting Awards Ceremony Wednesday, June 9: 14,00h Individual Classic Race (K-1 Women and C-2 Men) Team Leaders Meeting Awards Ceremony Thursday, June 10: 14,00h Team Classic Race all categories Team Leaders Meeting Awards Ceremony Friday, June 11: Free day for competitors Free Sprint Training 14,00h Master World Race Team Leaders Meeting Awards ceremony of the Masters Race Saturday, June 12: 10,00h Team Sprint Race, all categories 1st run from 10,00h to 12,00h 2nd run from 12,30h to 14,30h Team Leaders Meeting Awards Ceremony Sunday, June 13: 10,00 h Individual Sprint Race, all categories 1st run from 10,00h to 12,00h 2nd run from 12,30h to 14,30h Awards Ceremony Closing Ceremony
  9. 9. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 6. RACE SHEDULE: Monday 7th June 18,00h Team Leaders Meeting 19,30h Opening Ceremony Tuesday 8th June 14,00h Individual Classic Race (C1 Women, K-1 Men and C1 Men) 18,00h Team Leaders Meeting 20,00h Awards Ceremony Wednesday 9th June 14,00h Individual Classic Race (K-1 Women and C-2 Men) 18,00h Team Leaders Meeting 20,00h Awards Ceremony Thursday 10th June 14,00h Team Classic Race all categories 18,00h Team Leaders Meeting 20,00h Awards Ceremony Friday 11th June Free day for competitors and free Sprint Training 14,00h Master World Race 18,00h Team Leaders Meeting 20,00h Master Race Awards Ceremony Saturday 12th June 10,00h Team Sprint Race, all categories From 10,00h to 12,00h 1st run From 12,30h to 14,30h 2nd run 18,00h Team Leaders Meeting 20,00h Awards Ceremony Sunday 13th June 10,00h Individual Sprint Race, all categories From 10,00h to 12,00h 1st run From 12,30h to 14,30h 2nd run 20,00h Awards Ceremony Closing Ceremony
  10. 10. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 7. ENTRIES AND OTHER INFORMATION All entries, including athletes, coaches, officials and other staff, must be submited by e-mail/fax and regular mail to the following address: Royal Spanish Canoe Federation C/Antracita, 7-3 28045 Madrid (Spain) Phone: +34 915 064 301; Fax: +34 915 064 304 E-mail:; Website: Other reservations, press forms, rent cars, etc, must be submited by email to the organization Preliminary Hotel Reservation: 16th April Preliminary Booking Form/ included officials 16th April Final Hotel Reservation 30th April Boat Rental 7th May Numerical Entry 7th May Nominal Entry 21st May Press Accreditation Form 21st May Final Travel Info 21st May Official website at Email of the organization: Email for press: Email for accommodation: 8. HOTEL RESERVATION Board and Lodging You can get all kind of accommodation less than 15 kilometres from the race place. To send the accommodation form organization: More details about Hotels, Camping or other accommodations in the web site: Accommodation prices (VAT, 7%, is not included in those prices) In Sort Category 1: 3 star Hotel Double room Bed and breakfast: 40,66€/Person Half board: 51,36€/ Person Full board: 64,20€/Person Category 2: 1 star Hotel Double room- Bed and Breakfast: 38€/person Single room- Bed and Breakfast: 45€/person Room three people– Bed and Breakfast: 35€/person
  11. 11. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 Category 3: Apart-Hotel 4/5 people: 70€/apartment/nigth 6/7 people: 85€/apartment/nigth Double room: 70€/apartment/nigth Category 4: Apartments 2/4 People- 62,06Eur/ Apartment/night 4/6 People- 83,46Eur/ Apartment/night Category 5: Youth Hostel Multiple rooms- Full board: 34€/person Surrounding of Sort (less than 15 kilometres from Sort) Category 1: 1 star Double room- Bed and breakfast: 36€/person Half board: 50€/ person Full board: 66€/person Category 2: Pension Hotel Double room- Bed and breakfast: from 26€/person Half board: from43€/person Category 3: Youth Hostel Multiple room- Bed and breakfast: 20€/ person Half board: 30€/ person Full board: 36€/ person Category 4: Rural youth Hostel Multiple room- Bed and breakfast: 25€/ person Half board: 35€/ person Full board: 45€/ person Category 5: Country House Housing: from 16€/person/ night Category 5: Campsite Bungalows 6 (4 people capacity): 60€/ bungalow/day Bengalis 8 (6 people capacity):50€/ Bengali/day Plots (available): 5,30Eur/day/ person/day 9. AIRPORT TRANSFERS AND LOCAL TRANSPORT Price per person / VAT included Transfer price between Barcelona airport and Sort by taxi is: Prices per person: 45€ (minimum 5 people). One way. Price per person: 90€ (minimum 5 people). Return trip. Send your request of transfer to the organization: They are also available the transfer from Girona and Lleida
  12. 12. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 10. PARTICIPATION FEE The participation fee is 30€/person and includes the following service: • Accreditation • Medical care at the course • Participation in the Opening Ceremony • Security Service at the Course • Access pass and parking for one trailer in the venue and accredited vehicles outside the venue • Organization Fee • Mineral Water during the competition 11. TERMS OF PAYMENT The participation fees are to be paid in the following terms: 100% 21 May Last details can be arranged upon arrival at the Accreditation Centre. All payments must be in Euros to: Beneficiary: Organizing Committee Sort 2010 Bank: La Caixa Account Number: 2100 0043 97 0200218533 Swift Code: CAIXESBBXXX IBAN: ES28 2100 0043 9702 0021 8533 All bank charges from the bank transfer will be assumed by the sender. You are kindly requested to send a copy of the bank transfer (make sure to indicate your Federation), after deposit, to the organization. (; fax: 034 973 620 064). Ref: Sort2010 12. CANCELLATION TERMS: No refund will be made for cancellations after 21st May. 13. INSURANCE All participants are strongly advised to have appropriate medical insurance policy from their respective countries. 13. SECURITY The security service for The Wildwater Canoeing World Championships will work from June 7th to June 13th. This device will guarantee the security in all areas and facilities of the event. 14. MEDICAL SERVICE A medical service will be available at the course, and will have all necessary equipment to care for all possible emergencies: first aid equipment, ambulance, from June 7th to June 13th to everyone requiring medical assistance.
  13. 13. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 15. BOAT RENTAL The organizing Committee has a limited number of plastic and composite boats to the athletes who need them. You may request boats by sending the corresponding forms to the Organization. 16. VISA Team members coming from countries, needing to obtain a Visa to enter Spain, upon corresponding request, will receive a confirmation letter from the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation, once their participation is confirmed. 17. PHOTO- CACCREDITATIONS In order to speed up the accreditation process for your team, your are kindly requested to send us a recent (within 6 months) head shot colour photograph of the bearer of every team member, (athletes, coaches, officials, etc.), before 21 May, indicating their respective names. The photo can be digital or a hard-copy size of 45 mmx35mm (1.75’”x11/8”). E-mail: (If finally we can provide the online registration process we will announce it you before the end of February)
  14. 14. Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Sort, 7-13 Jun, 2010 Official Website You can reach the official website of the competition through the homepage of :