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Bulletin1 adicional


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Bulletin1 adicional

  1. 1. ICF WILDWATER CANOEING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Sort, ESP 7-13 JUNE, 2010 Additional information 1st Bulletin April 2010
  2. 2. Sort, 7-13 June, 2010 1.- MASTER COMPETITION PROGRAMME Thursday 10th June: 18,00h Master Team Leaders Meeting Friday 11th June: 14,00h Master World Race 20,00h Master Race Awards Ceremony The course: Discipline for Master: Classic Race Itinerary: The same itinerary as the ICF Wildwater Canoeing World Championships Classic Wildwater Race The whole course can be followed along the C-13 local road. The river is visible from the road and there are many control posts for the technicians, ambulances, media, etc. In the boarding (la Moleta) as well as in the disembarkment area (Rialp), all the necessary services for Paddlers and for Team Leaders, Media, Security, Spectators, Collaborators and Organisers can be found. Description of the course: A class III course combining rapids areas with other ones where paddlers can accelerate the kayak/canoe to face next rapid. The length of the course is 6.800 m. The following is a description of the rapids: Starting at Pla de la Moleta, turning right and entering into a zone of continuous rapids for about 2 km (class III-IV), until Pont de Gulleri. After the bridge, the first step is Salt de l’Àngel, a stopper that can be taken through the right. The next rapid is called La Sirga, with another stopper crossed through the centre–left side. In L’illa, the river splits in two, the left arm being the fastest. The last rapid is El Quatre Espanyol. After that, there is a 2 km sec- tion until the arrival in Rialp. (More information in the 1st bulletin, February 2010)
  3. 3. Sort, 7-13 June, 2010 2.- BOAT CONTROL It will be placed in the kayak School Centre. The boat control will be on 7th and 8th June (Monday and Tuesday). Each country will have assigned a concrete hour and day for their boats control. Soon, after closing numerals entries, the organization will provide the control boat schedule to national federations. 3.– NUMERAL ENTRIES The Organization would thank the Federations if they could advance the numeral entries in order to provide a provisional list of countries which will take part in the ICF Wildwater Ca- noeing World Championships, Sort 2010. 4.– REFERING THE PROGRAMME The Meeting on Thursday 10th June will be the Master Team Leader Meeting The Awards Ceremony on Friday 11th June at 20,00h will be the Master Race Awards Cere- mony. 5. BOOKING ACCOMODATION A professional service has been hired to centralize all bookings for accommodation in rela- tion to the international event. You may contact the aforementioned service through the link on the web site
  4. 4. Sort, 7-13 June, 2010 Official Website You can reach the official website of the competition through the homepage of :