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Printing service = job for disabled people


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Printing service = job for disabled people

  1. 1. Printing service = jobfor disabled people Juris Pabērzs An organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons”
  2. 2. MissionIntegrating people with disabilities into the labor market by giving them job opportunities.
  3. 3. Why people with disabilities?• It’s more difficult to find a jobe• Low work experience• Low level of education• Low self-esteem• Working places are not accessible• Pension is their only incomes
  4. 4. What we want to doCreate social enterprise where could people with disabilities work and get job experience.
  5. 5. HowCreating printing service and other services what could do people with disabilities for others companies, people, etc.
  6. 6. In futureDevelop new services and profit invest in people with disabilities integration in society
  7. 7. Thank you for your attention!