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Export of handmade high quality textile goods


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Export of handmade high quality textile goods

  1. 1. RISE AuthenticExport of handmade high quality textile goods
  2. 2. Questions How can we help others? What resources do we have?Is there a way to create business from this?
  3. 3. Opportunity for social business Highly skilled weavers
  4. 4. Opportunity for social business Lack of desirable work
  5. 5. Opportunity for social business No distribution channels and no business model
  6. 6. Thats where we come inRISE Authentic is a bridge between Artisans and customer
  7. 7. Business modelInventory, ready 20 weavers in to be sold single workshop + 80 contacts
  8. 8. How to get there?Scandinavia USA S Asia
  9. 9. Examples and contactsHas anybody done this before? Who are they?
  10. 10. Where we excel? Understanding Management andof product design entrepreneurship skills
  11. 11. Where we excel?Team willing to Broad experiencehelp others by in different sectorsdoing business
  12. 12. Q and A Janis Miezitis, Board member of RISETwitter: @janjissMobile: (+371) 20330344E-mail: janis@conceptichq.comWeb: