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Soroka New CT Scanner project description


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Soroka New CT Scanner project description

  1. 1. Remarkable scientific and technical developments in diagnostic imaging profoundly improve our ability to diagnose and treat disease and to save lives in cases of severe emergency and trauma New CT Scanner Needed at Soroka Medical CenterThe NeedEnormous technological advances have been made in computer tomography scanners (CT) in thelast few years. They have become a major diagnostic tool for emergency and ambulatory medicine thatrequire highly sophisticated imaging. This advanced imaging is often used in scanning the heartand brain where speed and accuracy are critical as in the case of stroke, and is used as well for other scanssuch as intestines and the vascular system.The Emergency Department and Trauma Unit of Soroka Medical Center, where lives are savedevery day, are generally well-equipped. Soroka’s Trauma Unit is the largest and busiest in Israel, alwayson call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Soroka serves as the regional trauma center for victims of terrorand for all Israel Defense Force bases in and near the Negev. The need is constant and increasing. Morethan 3,000 trauma patients are admitted to Soroka annually. The need for Emergency and Trauma medicalservices will increase even further as major IDF bases are being moved to the Negev.Sorokas lone advanced 64-slice CT is located in the Emergency Room. It provides service for allemergency medicine and is used 24/7 in Emergency and Trauma. This CT is stretched to its limitand therefore cannot provide proper service for cardiology and neurology and other ambulatorymedicine needs that also require advanced imaging.Soroka Medical Center is the second largest and busiest hospital in Israel, the only major medicalcenter in the entire Negev, serving a population of more than one million inhabitants, including 400,000children, in a region that accounts for 60% of the country’s total land area. Each year, Soroka cares formore than 500,000 outpatient clinic visits and 200,000 emergency cases, 80,000 hospitalizations fill its1,000 beds, over 32,000 surgical procedures are performed, and more than 14,000 babies are born.The new CT which is needed to serve the patients of Soroka Medical Center will be located in SorokasImaging Institute. It will significantly improve critical diagnostic capabilities for cardiac and vascularsurgery and stroke imaging.CT, Computerized Tomography, is a sophisticated technology which applies modern computer science toX-ray procedures. CT has become the procedure of choice for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range
  2. 2. of serious medical conditions. Multi-slice CT represents a generation of fast scanners that have importantapplications in managing trauma patients, in angiography, cardiac imaging, virtual colonoscopy, and more,allowing significantly earlier comprehensive diagnoses. CT uses modern computerized reconstruction toview extraordinary slices through the body.Cardiology: Computerized Tomography of the heart has made great strides in the last decade, applyingup-to-date research to diagnostic tools, proving to be of extraordinary clinical importance for diagnosingcardiac disease. Multi-slice CT equipment is constantly undergoing changes and improvement. New CTtechnology has reached the market with the ability to provide a larger number of slices, equipped withstate-of-the-art technology that enables extremely high definition images that often replace the need forinvasive catheterizations, with ever-decreasing exposure to radiation.Vascular System and the Brain: Advanced CT scanning provides rapid and precise imaging of bloodvessels, particularly those in the brain. It enables physiological imaging of the brain to make possibleprecise diagnoses with relatively low exposure to radiation. Thanks to the speed in which these tests areconducted advances become possible such as avoiding the use of general anesthesia on children andeliminating superfluous diagnostic catheterizations.Intestines: Cutting-edge CT technology can identify miniscule tumors in the intestines, playing animportant role in preventive medicine especially for patients with high risk factors. In some cases it eveneliminates the need for colonoscopy.In order to make all of this possible, to provide the quick and precise high quality imaging that willfacilitate faster and more exact diagnoses and ultimately save lives, there is a very real need for anadditional advanced CT at Soroka Medical Center, a new 256 slice CT scanner.Donation and Donor RecognitionSoroka Medical Center is currently seeking the gift or gifts that will make possible the purchase ofa new state-of-the-art 256-slice CT and peripherals at a total cost of $1,400,000.To match the gift or gifts dedicated for the new CT, Soroka Medical Center will provide thenecessary infrastructure for its operation, as well as the physicians and radiology personnel neededto operate the new CT.Prominent donor recognition will be provided on site and on Sorokas Donor Wall of Honor.We greatly appreciate your consideration of this request.The immediate measure of success will be the additional lives that have been saved by the availabilityof this vital equipment. Thank you!
  3. 3. Soroka Medical CenterSoroka Medical Center is among Israel’s largest and most advanced hospitals, also serving as the teachinghospital of the Ben-Gurion University Medical School, whose Faculty of Health Sciences is located onthe hospital campus.On par with leading international institutions, Soroka is a recognized specialist in areas including earlydetection and treatment of breast cancer using minimally invasive procedures, revolutionary treatmentof myocardial infarction involving genetic engineering, non-invasive removal of malignant tumors,pediatric infectious diseases, trauma rehabilitation of children and adolescents, and much more.Soroka’s staff is dedicated to providing the best medical and emergency care, while treating the patientas a whole human being. Soroka Medical Center combines medical excellence, dedication, and theachievements of pioneering Israel, with significant opportunities to partner in meeting very immediateneeds and having a very real impact on the lives of families and children.Success at Soroka is measured by the numbers of patients we are able to serve, by the quality of thehealthcare they receive, and by the survival rate of pediatric and adult patients brought to Soroka in themost severe medical condition. More difficult to measure is the significant impact of our efforts in theareas of education, preventive medicine, and public health.We are proud to say that despite the great severity of cases treated at Soroka Medical Center, the survivalrates of our Emergency Department and Trauma Unit, like that of our Neonatal, Pediatric, and AdultIntensive Care Units, is equal to that of the finest medical centers in the western world. Medicalcare and survival rates could be even better with appropriate state-of-the-art equipment.