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Contact:                                       Background                                               A new Endoscopy In...
The Need                                                                             The New Endoscopy Institute    Gastro...
Plans   Costs            The total cost of designing, plans, construction, equipment and furnishings            for the ne...
Soroka Medical Center                ‫המרכז הרפואי האוניברסיטאי סורוקה‬POB 151, Beer-Sheva,                               ...
Soroka Medical Center Endoscopy Center
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Soroka Medical Center Endoscopy Center


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Soroka Medical Center Endoscopy Center

  1. 1. Contact: Background A new Endoscopy Institute is needed at Soroka Medical Center, as a criticallyDr. Gerry Showstack important component in the comprehensive gastroenterology services SorokaResource Development provides to families throughout the Negev. In the framework of gastroenterologyTel: 972-8-646-7435, Mobile: 972-54-220-2608 services, Soroka Medical Center diagnoses, treats and monitors patients withemail: gastrointestinal and liver disorders and performs invasive and noninvasive treatments and endoscopic examinations to diagnose, treat and prevent diseasesSoroka Medical Center in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract and in the gallbladder and pancreaticExternal Affairs ducts.Tel: 972-8-640-3963, Fax: 972-8-640-3901 Gastroenterology services at Soroka Medical Center include:email: Endoscopy InstituteAmerican Friends of Soroka Medical Center Gastroenterology ClinicP.O Box 184-H Scarsdale, NY 10583 Clinic for Early Detection of Colon CancerTel: 914-725-9070, Fax: 914-725-9073email: Hepatology Clinicwebsite: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Clinic Clinic for Digestive System Motility Disorders Thousands of consultation hours are also provided annually to the inpatient hospital wards requiring gastroenterology expertise. Soroka is one of the leading and most advanced centers in Israel for gastroenterology in both the types and scope of the treatments it provides, surpassing the patient scope of other Israeli medical centers by dozens of percents. Every year about 500 new cases of colon cancer are discovered at Soroka, of the total 4,000 discovered throughout Israel annually. In 2009 more than 14,000 endoscopic procedures were carried out at Soroka, in addition to attending to more than 12,000 outpatient visits to the clinics. The gastroenterology staff of 10 physicians consistently seeks and achieves excellence in their clinical work, scientific investigation, and teaching. The medical staff is involved in academic research at both the clinical and basic science levels. Eight registered nurses comprise the nursing staff, most with advanced academic degrees. The clinical staff is highly motivated and provides the most advanced professional service and patient care. Medical and nursing students are assigned to gastroenterology rotations throughout the year. The Chair of Gastroenterology at Soroka, Prof. Alexander Fich, currently serves as President of the Israel Gastroenterological Association. 1
  2. 2. The Need The New Endoscopy Institute Gastroenterology was established at Soroka 20 years ago, occupying a total area The proposed new Endoscopy Institute, a component of the gastroenterology of 350 square meters for all gastroenterology services at the hospital, when the service, will occupy 500 square meters. It will be located in an area of the medical population of Beer Sheva and vicinity was approximately 330,000. What once center undergoing an impressive process of renewal, and will be five times larger was adequate has long since failed to keep pace with a rapidly growing population than the space allocated to it today. - the population of the Negev for which Soroka is responsible currently stands at The new Endoscopy Institute will contain the following facilities: 1,000,000 including 400,000 children - and increased medical needs which have grown substantially as well. 4 examination rooms As a result and to meet the increased needs of this 6 rooms for medical procedures growing population, gastroenterology post-operative and post-procedure recovery areas activity has increased several fold and Soroka leads the country private dressing area for patients in the number of intakes pharmaceutical room and procedures performed room for sterilizing equipment annually. a spacious reception and waiting area Unfortunately, the physical conditions in terms of space The new institute will make it possible to carry out medical procedures in a and equipment have not kept up facility able and much better adapted to fulfill the total medical needs of the with the ever-growing demands for population. It will increase the quantity while maintaining the high quality of medical services of the highest quality. procedures performed and also ensure patient privacy. The field of gastroenterology at Soroka has a long tradition of commitment to the highest standards of medical treatment and academic achievements, and in order to maintain this important tradition significant investment in infrastructure and equipment is mandatory. The existing number of rooms for physicians, procedures, and labs falls far short of that required to serve current and future needs, while providing privacy and jealously guarding the dignity of patients.2 3
  3. 3. Plans Costs The total cost of designing, plans, construction, equipment and furnishings for the new Endoscopy Institute will be $2,500,000. Of these stages and components, design and initial planning have already been executed and the structural framework has already been constructed. Donation and Donor Recognition Soroka Medical Center is seeking a donation of $1,000,000 to complete the new Endoscopy Institute project. The Endoscopy Institute can be named by the donor. Prominent donor recognition will be provided at the Endoscopy Institute, including signage on the façade of the building and on the Donors Wall of Honor at Soroka Medical Center. All publicity and publications will also acknowledge the donor. A dignified public dedication and naming ceremony will also be held. Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity and request4 5
  4. 4. Soroka Medical Center ‫המרכז הרפואי האוניברסיטאי סורוקה‬POB 151, Beer-Sheva, 84101 ‫ת.ד. 151 באר-שבע‬84101 Israel 08-640-3963 :‫טל‬Tel: 972-8-640-3963 08-640-3901 :‫פקס‬Fax: 972-8-640-3901 email: :‫אינטרנט‬website: American Friends of Soroka Medical Center P.O Box 184-H Scarsdale, NY 10583 Tel: 914-725-9070 Fax: 914-725-9073 email: website: