Video SEO Strategies | ThinkVisibility Leeds 03/03/2012


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The importance of video in SEO is set to explode in 2012. It isn't enough to upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo and hope for the best - you need to know how to optimise it, distribute it and squeeze every last drop of marketing juice you can from it.

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Video SEO Strategies | ThinkVisibility Leeds 03/03/2012

  1. 1. VSEO Strategies:Why YouTube is so muchmore than kittens & carcrashesCarla Marshall | Sorbet DigitalThinkVisibility03/03/12
  2. 2. OverviewWhy video is a bloody big dealWhat video seo is (and isn‟t)Hosting vs PostingBest Practice for self hosting videosAll about YouTubeTop tips
  3. 3. Why rank for video?
  4. 4. Video is getting biggerVideo views on YouTube have increased by 25 percent in the past eight months, to anastounding 4 billion per day. (Reuters 2012)With 71% of all online adults participating on platforms like YouTube, video sharingis up 38% since 2006, 28% of which share on a daily basis (Treepodia 2011)52% of B2B Marketers are planning on using video as part of content marketingstrategy in 2012 (Marketing Profs 2011)
  5. 5. Stats a gogoVideo results appear in about 70% of the top 100 listings, the type of content mostoften displayed in universal or blended search results. (Marketingweek, 2011)Q4 2011 saw video views on retail and brand sites increase by more than 3x over Q3(Invodo research, January 2012)According to Cisco, video will increase from 30% of Internet traffic to 90% of Internettraffic by 2013. (Cisco, 2010)90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video - YouTube‟s Robert Kyncl (CES 2012)
  6. 6. What is video seo?
  7. 7. Video seo is...........•Optimisation of the video content on your site•Optimisation of your video content on other sites – video sharing sites etc• An extension of SEO
  8. 8. It isn‟t a standalone – works best as part of an integrated marketingstrategy:
  9. 9. Video seo is not...........• Throwing a video on YouTube and hopingit goes viral• Throwing a video on a home page andhoping it attracts lots of lovely customers•Smoke and mirrors•A dark art
  10. 10. Video is SEO friendlyStickiness – Visitors spend an average of two more minutes on websites that host videosthan on sites that don‟t. Video helps to increase a website‟ quality score too. A „long click‟,which leads to more time spent on site, results from higher quality content, ultimatelyenhancing user engagement.Ranking – According to Forresters, your chances of getting a page one listing on Googleincrease 53 times* with video because there is still much less competition for videopages. (53 times IF other SEO is working – it‟s not a miracle worker)CTR – A video thumbnail in the SERPs attracts attention
  11. 11. “Videos in universal search resultshave a 41% higher click throughrate than plain text“ (AimClear2011)
  12. 12. Video is Panda friendlyVisit depth and length – If Google is using data it has on visitdepth and length to your site to evaluate your rankings it‟s easyto understand how video would have a positive influence – Yourvisitors are prone to spend a longer time on each page and visitmore pages if they know they can expect to see videos there .Video requires a bigger effort = less likely to be spammy -Another reason Google would give a preference to video issimply because of the extra effort involved in adding it into yourpages and curating it. Having video on your pages pretty muchearmarks you as being less likely to be a low-end quality spamwebsite.
  13. 13. Your video on the web
  14. 14. To Host or Post?Hosting:Hosting a video on your website and optimising it for the search enginesPosting:Uploading your video to a sharing/syndication sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion,MetaCafe etc and optimising it for search engines/users of those sites
  15. 15. Self Hosted Videos
  16. 16. Benefits of Hosting Video•You can control on page factors such as metadata, CTAs etc•You can fully customise your own landing pages•You can measure effects via Google Analytics (Event Tracking), CrazyEgg etc•Can strengthen overall site SEO•Great for driving traffic to the site and (hopefully) converting that traffic
  17. 17. • Make sure video is enabled for all devices (mobile phones, tablets, iOS5 (HTML5)• Use JW Player (WP plugin available) or Wistia. Both provide cross platform support
  18. 18. Benefits of Hosting Video Host on your site then create a distribution strategy (including blogger outreach). Video is great for blogs! - MRSS feeds - Embed Codes - Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc etc - YouTube - Vimeo
  19. 19. You need unique landing pages•Each video needs its own landing page & URL!!!•Use SEO best practice for titles, descriptions, header tags etc•Provide context/focus around the video• Allow easy sharing•Link to other relevant pages/videos
  20. 20. Re-purpose content•Transcriptions (•Presentations ( etc)•PDF downloads•Screenshots as images (Flickr, Pinterest)•Podcasts
  21. 21. How do you know if your video isbeing indexed in Google?
  22. 22. Getting found in Google search• Google has to find your video to be able to index it – it has to be told where it is• Google uses video sitemaps to be able to do this even if your video is hostedelsewhere (Vimeo, YouTube) and embedded on your site• Don‟t rely on YouTube - Google will NOT index a YouTube video with your DomainName, it will always go back to the YouTube page• You need a.............................
  23. 23. Video Sitemap
  24. 24. Video Sitemaps•Lets the search engines know about your video content• Tells the search engines what the focus of the video is• Automatically adds a Thumbnail – good for CTR• XML Sitemaps for video – supports mpg, mp4, mov, wmv, flv, avi, ram, asf• Allows you to specify player• Can be used alongside regular sitemap
  25. 25. The Technical Way
  26. 26. The Easy Way•Use a video sitemap generator – add to Webmaster Tools••• ($49)
  27. 27. The Easiest Way• Upload Video• Confirm URL• Gives you an embed code (wrapped in JW Player)• URL/Video indexed within 12 hours
  28. 28. Breaking News• Google announces official support for videos• This is great news!• Rich snippets & less issues with indexing
  29. 29. Posted videos
  30. 30. Benefits of Posting VideoTake advantage/leverage traffic of larger sites –including their authority and rankingsEasy way to get into blended search results – usingthumbnailsBuilds brand awarenessNo extra indexing needed
  31. 31. Be aware that....80% of the video results shown in Googleare from YouTube and a lot less than 20%are self-hosted. (Wordtracker 2011)CTR of YouTube to original site – 0.03%
  32. 32. YouTube
  33. 33. • 2nd largest search engine in the world•The „how to‟ video category is the fastest growing vertical on YouTube•1 hour of video is uploaded every second.•YouTube says that on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containinga YouTube link
  34. 34. Google ‘sYouTube video
  35. 35. YouTube is strongly influenced by:• Title tag• Tags – remember to use “xxxxxx“• Engagement /Interaction (views, likes, comments, being added to playlists, shares etc)• How many people use the embed code on their own site• Subscriber numbers• Inbound links to the video
  36. 36. Also: Was video found via GoogleSearch?Top 3 videos on Google Video Searchcompared to Top 4 listings on YouTube
  37. 37. YouTube General Tips• Create a branded channel• Post the videos to YOUR channel (not your agency)• Allow comments and likes• Use a keyword rich file name for the video• Use the description feature!•Use CTAs, captions and annotations (In Video Overlays)
  38. 38. In Video overlays
  39. 39. YouTube annotations• Link to other videos from within YouTube annotations (rewards the other video). Links to videos from other videos/users in Youtube matters a lot. Use annotations to add CTAs, instructions, links, comments etc
  40. 40. YouTube open captionsCaptions are a bit of a silver bullet for video SEO, giving searchengines detailed information on the topics, content, and commentswithin your video.
  41. 41. YouTube closed captions155 different languages supported!YouTube now has a capture search
  42. 42. YouTube CTAsRegister your video withYouTube Paid Promotions toenable your “Call To Action”Overlay feature.
  43. 43. YouTube metadata
  44. 44. YouTube titles •Keyword rich (not keyword stuffed) •Use YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool •Make the first 27 characters count
  45. 45. YouTube tags •Use the right keywords •Use “.......” otherwise all the tags would be separated •Forget „the‟, „and‟, „it‟, etc
  46. 46. YouTube descriptions•URL first!•There is plenty of information you canput in the Youtube descriptionincluding calls to action, text thatframes the content or providescontext, links to similar content orwebsites etc
  47. 47. YouTube descriptions •Use in place of a non- SEO friendly URL •Use the http://!
  48. 48. And finally...
  49. 49. Best Practice• Offer multiple video formats - .mov, flv, mp4, mpeg• Include target keywords in the video file name – also use“video”• Encode your video files with relevant, targeted metadata• On site – unique landing page per video & SEO the page• On site – use embedded video players, not pop ups• On site – build internal & external links to the video landing pages• Off site – link build to the video pages
  50. 50. Oh and remember to.....Make your videos as engaging andinformative as possible
  51. 51. Make sure they add valueAnswer questions, provide information or entertainmentQuality content is king (yes, yes) but so is quantity. Post regularly.Google wants relevant, quality content – if thevideo ISN‟T relevant, it won‟t show in the SERPS(not on the front page anyway)
  52. 52. Any Questions? @Carla_Marshall