In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions?Looking at my media product, I personal...
used trial and error, as I didn’t think my newspaper looked quite realistic, so I researchednewspaper fonts, I selected on...
When researching my poster I found loads of different examples of newspaperadvertisements. One that really caught my eye w...
too much space for one section and so on, and then was able to make adjustments. Suchas gaps, when I first drew it up, my ...
I believe that the audience feedback that I received for my paper really helped me tocreate the best paper I could, becaus...
internet to get on to Youtube, I would not have been able to fully research and plan myradio advert.My whole project has b...
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  1. 1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions?Looking at my media product, I personally think it fits in with conventions used by otherwell established local newspapers, however at the same time I think mine is controversialas it offers different things to these newspapers as I have a much younger target audience.My newspaper follows the features of a standard tabloid layout, which is similar to nearlyevery local newspaper. I chose to have a tabloid layout as I thought it would be the mostsuitable and interesting for my target audience. Most of my inspiration for my productcame from the local newspaper ‘The Metro’. I liked their layout and the way they hadtwo main stories on the front of their newspaper, one with a picture and one with justtext. I adopted this idea for my own newspaper, I also liked how big the masthead areawas, as I imagined this was the type of masthead I would like, therefore I also adoptedthis idea. Thought the metro had a five column layout, I decided to use a four columnlayout, as I preferred the even number style. I decided like the Metro to have a photostory, and a main text story on my front page, though I tried not to make the story to longand boring, though when I had finished there were too many blank spaces, so I had towrite more, and change some things around to make it less gappy.Before I started to create my media product I looked closely at the detail of other localnewspapers. After looking at some, I realized all newspapers have a white background,this is a convention I followed, however a lot of newspapers are also identified by thecolours of their mastheads, such as The Sun, which is red, and the Metro which is blue, Idecided to make my newspapers masthead blue, to stand out. Another convention I reallyliked from The Metro newspaper was how the date was set 90 degrees clockwise, so itwas on the side. I thought it gave the newspaper a more modern look and a more moderncharacter and it shows their attention to detail, I also think its looks very professional.While doing my research, I also took measurements of the height, width, border width onthe left and right, top and bottom, picture length and height, and the mastheadmeasurements. I also looked the alignments of the columns and advertisements. I then putmy measurements into Indesign, which is a programme on Mac and this helped me tocreate a professional looking newspaper. I took most of my measurements from TheMetro and The London Paper, as I liked the conventions they used and the way theirdesigns looked. I used measurements from other local papers to construct my ownbecause I thought it would help to make my product look professional and conventional. Ialso think that it helped my product to look like a newspaper and not a magazine.When designing my masthead, I had a look at other newspapers, The Sun uses a redbackground, however the Metro uses a blue background, I thought that blue would suitmy newspaper better, I also thought that if I put the word ‘Noise’ in red, it would standout more over the blue, however the words ‘The’ and ‘Bromley’ are in black. My masthead is quite large, however I wanted it to stand out and grab my audiences attention.As for fonts I used mainly the same fonts, as I wanted them to be quite modern and bold.When it came to actual articles, I kept the font quite standard and modern. As at first I
  2. 2. used trial and error, as I didn’t think my newspaper looked quite realistic, so I researchednewspaper fonts, I selected one called ‘Old Newspaper Types’ as I thought it would makemy paper look authentic. However when I looked at my newspaper with the new font, itdid not look quite right, and I realized it was because I was trying to go for a modern lookwith an old fashioned traditional font. Therefore I changed it to be more modern and sansserif.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?Our main task was to create a newspaper; however we had to create two ancillary texts tohelp us to advertise our product.I enjoyed this part of the project a lot, probably more than actually creating mynewspaper, as designing things using programmes such as photoshop, I find veryinteresting, as well as easier to use than In Design. I chose to do a radio advert and aposter for this task and they were both great fun to do. After researching these for a whileI realised it might have been a bit harder than I had first thought, as when I was trying tofind radio adverts about newspapers, I couldn’t find any. However, I then went onYoutube, and researched newspaper adverts, and tried to get some ideas, most of themshowed you a glimpse of what was inside or a feature on a story or tried to advertise allthe different subjects they cover. I tried incorporating all of these ideas into my own radioadvert. However as my newspaper is for a younger audience and mainly about music andthe happenings of the local society, I had to make sure I was specific with what was beingsaid, as my newspaper is not a well known brand yet, therefore I needed to advertise withsomething that would catch the listeners attention.I decided that since one of my stories on the front page was about the Band ‘Weather theStorm’, I could use this to create my advert. I decided that I wanted to use some of theirmusic to introduce my advert, then have it playing quietly while Ben, the front man of theband talks about their ‘exclusive interview’ within the paper. I decided after thinkingabout it, that I should probably also include a slogan to go with my paper. I decided tohave another voice say this slogan. I never had an issue with the timings of the advert, aswe were allowed 30 seconds, and this was perfect amount of time for me to get in whatwas needed to be said. While creating my script, I kept the timings in mind.I created my advert using garage band as it is an easy programme to use and I thought itwould be simple to record, edit and put together my radio advert to a good standard. Istarted by getting hold of a song by the band, once I had this I asked Ben to come andrecord his part of the advert. I showed him my script and said he was welcome to changeanything he wanted, however he was fine with it, and we did a few takes of the audiorecording, and then chose the best, I then asked Tom, a media technician, to say the lastpart of my advert, which was the slogan. We took several audio recordings, so that I hada wide variety to choose from, with him saying the slogan in multiple different accents,tones and speeds. Once I had chosen the right one for my advert, I began to put it alltogether. I added the music underneath, and then faded it in and out when there wasspeaking.I thought on a whole the advert went well, and fitted in with my paper being about thelatest trends and music and whats happening at the moment, as it is advertising mynewspaper, as well as new and upcoming band ‘Weather the Storm’.
  3. 3. When researching my poster I found loads of different examples of newspaperadvertisements. One that really caught my eye was one by the sun that looked like areceipt. I loved the simplicity of it, and decided I wanted to do one just like it, advertisingall the things my paper includes, and then stating that it is all for free.I used photoshop to create my poster, and started by creating the receipt, I had to find areceipt font online, to make it look authentic, and receipt like. I then added my logo,which is also my masthead, I then added my slogan to the bottom of the poster. Howeverwhen looking at my poster, I realized it was a bit plain, and though I was going forsimplicity, it was too simple. So I decided to add a background, as I thought this wouldmake it more interesting. I added a wooden-look background to make it look as thoughthe receipt was placed on a table. I liked my poster as I thought it got the right messageacross, and would attract my audience.I think my poster and advert are coherent and believeable as a brand, as I believe that thatI researched thoroughly and indepth into my target audience and believe that I havecreated advertisements that fully appeal to them. I tried to use conventions used by otherbrands, such as elision and alliteration, however I also tried to challenge some of these bybeing different, such as in my radio advert, by not using mainstream music in thebackground, but using a local band that feature within my paper.What have you learned from your audience feedback?Whilst in production of my media product, while designing and creating my newspaper, Iwas constantly asking for feedback, even on my paper drafts. I would then gather myaudience feedback, and make adjustments to fit accordingly with my target audience. Theaudience feedback helped me to see where I was going wrong and what I needed toimprove on.When creating my mast head, I designed a few different styles of different mast heads, Ithen showed them to some of my peers and asked which one they preferred, once I hadheard what they thought I then looked at them myself and decided I agreed. I then beganto design my masthead in Photoshop. Once I had created it the only criticism in myfeedback was that it was too large, however I tried to use similar conventions andmeasurements as ‘The Metro’, and therefore decided to keep my masthead bigger, as Ithought it stood out and drew my audience in. Good feedback I got was that the coloursstood out, it was well designed, and the word ‘noise’ in red really caught people eyes. Myaudience feedback also told me that they liked the way that ‘The’ was on its side, as theythought it was very modern.When deciding on the layout of my newspaper, I looked into many different newspapers,and noted down measurements and content. I tried to follow some conventions of localnewspapers, such as measurements, and the use of advertisements; I decided that due tomy paper being free, I would need to have a fair amount of adverts to fund mynewspaper. I decided to draw out a layout of my newspaper with measurements, so that Icould then put them straight in to In Design, with boxes to lay out where everythingwould go. By getting feedback on my plan, I was able to see if my measurements allowed
  4. 4. too much space for one section and so on, and then was able to make adjustments. Suchas gaps, when I first drew it up, my feedback told me that it would be too gappy, andthere would be too much white space.When analyzing my photos, most people that gave me feedback thought they were good,and really appealed to my target audience. It helped that my photograph on the front pageis of a boy who is within the target audience age range of 16-24, as he is 18 years old. Ialso think that it appeals to my audience as it is to do with music, and music is a popularsubject with the youth of today. I took my photos at a bar in Bromley called TP’s whereBen, the boy in the front of the photograph, played with his band ‘Weather the Storm’. Itook many photos, so that I would have a good range to choose from. I then looked at thequality of the photographs and chose the photograph I did because I thought it was ofgood quality and quite clear. Feedback agreed with my decision as my peers thought itwas quite an attractive photo. By having appropriate photographs that help to representwhat my paper is about and of a good quality, it helps my newspaper to look professionaland to a good standard.When choosing my stories for my newspaper, I first researched ten possible stories that Icould use for my newspaper, and then cut them down to three that I thought wererelevant. I also decided to create my own story about a local band, as my paper is meantto be about what is happening in the society of youth today. I also chose to do a storyabout Universities tackling the social divide, as I thought this would be very relevant tomy target audience as some will be going to university, some may already be there andsome may have already been. When I got feedback on my stories, my audience believedthat it was nice to have a contrast of a hard hitting story about University, and a moreinformal story where I interviewed a local band member. I believe I chose the rightstories for my paper, as they suit my target audience, and have a nice contrast as they arecompletely different, as one is formally written like an article, and the other is informal,and written like an interview in a magazine.After we had done some work in In Design on our newspapers our teacher decided weshould all give feedback on eachothers, so we printed them out and put them on the boardso all our peers could see. We were then given the grading criteria and green and orangesticky notes, and asked to write positive comments on the green ones, and negativeconstructive criticism on the orange. This was to help us understand what we needed toimprove on our newspapers. My positive comments were the design of my masthead,they thought it stood out, and my photograph. My negative comments were that there wastoo much white space, and that I needed to close up some of the gaps, as well as thinkabout the colour of my advert in the top right hand corner, as it is red, and so it my title.After reading my feedback I then decided to change the measurements of a few things,and move things around and make them bigger or smaller to close up gaps, and make ittidier. I also changed the colour of the advert to orange as I thought orange was quite abright and vibrant colour which is also summery, and relevant to the advert.
  5. 5. I believe that the audience feedback that I received for my paper really helped me tocreate the best paper I could, because it made it so specific to my target audience as I gotmost of my feedback from my peers, as well as my ‘client’ which was my teacher. Ibelieve that all the feedback I got was positive because it helped me to create abelieveable more appealing product.How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planningand evaluation stages?I relied on new media technologies a lot within the construction, research and planning ofmy product, as well as the evaluation, without them I would not have been able to createmy product with the creativity and information I did. I do not think my product wouldhave developed as well as it did.For starters, the internet really helped with my research and planning, because I was ableto look at conventions of other newspapers and see how they attracted their targetaudience. I looked at newspapers such as The Metro, The Bromley Times, London Liteand the News Shopper. I decided to look at these papers because they are all free tabloids,that rely on their adverts to fund them. They also all had local stories which attracted alocal audience, which is what I was trying to achieve. It also made me able to findmeasurements and look at conventions in which I could use for my product.I also used the internet for websites such as Google, to research posters and adverts formy advertisements, as well as photos for my plugs and adverts on my newspaper, as wellas look at newspapers online for ideas.Also, using the website, helped me to keep all my work neat and organized,and easy accessible from wherever I am. It also helped me to keep track of where I am upto in production, and help me to relate back to my planning whilst in production. Thiswebsite also helped me to look back at other peoples blogs from previous years and seewhat the standard was and if I was the requirements, it also helped me to see what kind oflayouts they were using, and how they set their work out.Another website I used was, I used this website to keep my work neat andorganized within my blog. It allowed me to upload my work in a slide show format,which looks more professional as well as being easier to access and read.I also used the internet to research fonts and download new ones, such as for my posterwhen I downloaded ‘fake receipt font’, to make it look genuine. I wanted it to lookgenuine as I thought it would look more professional and appeal more to my audience. Ithink presentation is a very important factor of production. Therefore I wanted mypresentation to be very accurate to my target audience.When doing the research and planning for my poster, I used Google to find othernewspapers advertisements, if I hadn’t had the internet it would have been really hard toaccess all the different advertisements, just like the radio advert, if I didn’t have the
  6. 6. internet to get on to Youtube, I would not have been able to fully research and plan myradio advert.My whole project has been based around new media. If I didn’t have access use to theinternet there’s no way this work would have been possible. A majority of my researchwould be internet based and research I did into other newspapers all came from their ownwebsites. Without having the internet, without buying the various newspapers daily, Iwouldn’t have been able to carry out my production as well as I did. I also don’t think thestandard of my work would have been nearly as good.